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  • SoulFly

    Dear friends,

    I am putting together some sports articles together. Not sure where they will be published yet, possibly magazines or online. A copywriter already has the material finalized and I will be putting together the layout.

    What are the rules as far as using photos or video footage? Anyone has any experience with this? Photos of players or events that you find online.

    Thanks for all your help

  • vaxorcist0

    firstly, thanks for actually asking the question, rather than just assuming all photos are free.... we all need to make a living....

    1. where did you find these photos/videos?

    2. is there a byline there? is there a photo editor or art director listed on the masthead or about page there? If you google the name of the photographer/videographer, what shows up? (or is the name generic, like john smith?)

    3. what's your aimed publication list like? Some pubs want exclusives, so if the image is already published, they may want to find new images, other pubs don't pay shit... it's all over the place unfortunuately....

    4. Some images are licensed by publication circulation, i,e, if it's a large-circulation magazine, it's a higher price.... photoquote has info on this.... also size of page....

    5. video is licensed differently from photos, often bookended with ads and sometimes free, sometimes expensive, or only allowing a few seconds excerpt... youtube has exploded this too....

  • vaxorcist0

    fotoquote, not photoquote... here's the link:…

    I'd first try to contact the actual photographers/videographers....

    Some athletes have all sorts of contractual stuff if they're sponsored....

    • you can download the fotoquote pro demo, just to get an idea of licensing...vaxorcist
  • SoulFly0

    Thanks vaxorcist.

    I did not select or find any photos just yet. I just got the article. The article has to do with MMA. The headline is "the top 10 fights that never took place". (there are a few of these already running around)

    In any case, I have to get the action shots of the specific fighters in question, and I believe what you pointed out makes sense, as a start.

    Thanks, this is very clear and points me to the right direction.