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  • kona27

    A little update on a Tuesday afternoon while I sip coffee outside on our deck.

    I was let go on a Wednesday, had 3 interviews Thursday, 3 on Friday, 2 more on the following Tuesday. By Wednesday I had landed a freelance from home job for 40hrs of my time. By Thursday I had accepted an offer at a household name company 15min from my home.

    I busted ass and finished the freelance job so this week I get to relax and finish a few small to-dos around the house while I wait to start my new contract on the 18th.

    I guess I didn't realize how shitty I felt working at my last gig. I was irritable, restless, anxious,... now, I'm a totally different person and I feel absolutely amazing.

    Bonus point... I still get 6 more weeks of severance while I get paid for the freelance and new job. And yes, I'm enjoying watching my old company drown. :)


    • CongratsHayoth
    • Although, painting our new closet turned seating area is straight bullshit and I'd rather pay some college dope to do it for $50 and a case of Bush Lightkona
    • Thank you Hayoth!kona
    • nice!monospaced
    • nice job kona. things sometimes happen for the better like right now for you.capn_ron
    • sweet!pinkfloyd
    • awesome! well deservedGnash
    • Don't worry... you'll feel shitty again in a few months! (just kidding maybe).BK
    • great!!sureshot
    • Now is the part where I get to say "I told you so!"nocomply
    • Selling candy, getting money.jaylarson
    • damn bro...couldn't be happier for you!!!!exador1
    • I, for one, am glad to your old gruff but lovable self!robotron3k
    • *you're backrobotron3k
    • nice - congrats!pedromendez
    • Nothing's beats watching them fall.
      *cuz "drawn" is a bit too soon...
    • fucking a - well donemugwart
    • Congrats.Longcopylover
    • thanks all!
      I just got the box of my stuff after 3 weeks and I open it to find quite a few pieces broken and pictures bent... fuckers
    • kept my jambox and iphone 6 too. time to throw a flaming bag of poo at their officekona
    • right on man. congrats.fyoucher1
    • Loving your selfrobthelad
    • Nice one Broham! Knew you would land on your feet! You have come a long way from the hobo stabbin days!spendogg
    • awesome Kmoldero
    • I shouldn't be, but i'm actually genuinely annoyed on your behalf about the treatment of your personal items.
      Glad to hear you're feeling the benefit

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