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    it's funny when people point to the violence and poverty of venezuela as an argument against socialism.

    They ignore the violence and poverty of other non-socialist states and fail to explain the failure of those states.

    States fail for many complex reasons and overly simplistic socialism v.s. capitalism arguments are a waste of time.

    • i don't have what happening funny. it's sad. and the poverty they are experiencing now is directly related to their economic policies.hotroddy
    • which were once praised by bernie sanders and other western liberalshotroddy
    • can be a bit more specific? which policies proposed by sanders, how were these implemented in venezuela and what contribution did these make to situationlowimpakt
    • price controls - gov't put price controls on goods. companies go out of business. there is a huge food shortage currentlyhotroddy
    • expropriation and nationlization - gov't seized evil multinational corporations to nationalize them- they ran them into the ground and are no longer operatinghotroddy
    • hyper inflation - in order to keep up with all there social spending they printed money- more and more of it- the bolivar has devaulated by more than 2000%hotroddy
    • it's worth nothing... they use it to clean their ass b/c there is no toilette paperhotroddy
    • hotroddy - you are discussing a poor administration not socialism. stop generalising.fadein11
    • and yes lowimpakt +1fadein11
    • agriculture/cattle - they seized productive land which was run by 'Corporate farmers'... these lands are now arid b/c they didn't have expertise to run themhotroddy
    • did sanders propose price controls on food that would push price of purchase below cost of production?lowimpakt
    • it didn't happen all it once - it has been a slow domino effect over 18 yearshotroddy
    • implement 'popular policies' to stay in power. fuck the consequenceshotroddy
    • can you point me to sanders' most recent speech on nationalisation or the plan he had for this during his campaign?lowimpakt
    • did sanders advocate or propose and specific policy that will lead to hyper inflation?lowimpakt
    • i know what you are saying - 'not in my country' - we can administrate with more efficiency.hotroddy
    • where did sanders advocate seizing farmland?lowimpakt
    • hotroddy, can you show me where sanders praised any of these policies you mentioned?lowimpakt
    • maybe in well educated countries like UK, Canada, Sweden.. but not USA, we are too big and backwards and too many mooches who will never get off the gov't teathotroddy
    • Sanders... has built his campaign on Chavez-esque class warfare and has similar proposals to massively expand the size of government.hotroddy
    • bullshitmoldero
    • class warfare has been in full effect by the rich since wwIImoldero
    • ease off the state tvmoldero
    • we have the potential to become the greatest country on earth, if the US wasn't filled with a bunch of institutionalize idiotsmoldero
    • ummm... you guys are arguing with a person who takes slogans for wisdom...pr2
    • Socialism is an idea that doesn't work in practice.Salarrue
    • moldy, right the wrongs of something that happend 70 years ago? How far back should we go? Are you willing to return your apt/land to AZ pueblo indians?hotroddy
    • populist politics and class warfarehotroddy
    • trump is guilty of it too. but his policies will keep people working not making them dependant on gov'thotroddy
    • you are an idiot.Hayoth
    • haha fuckin a its actually quite simplistic. socialism simply fails. it is its nature. this is why people need to learn a little philsophy. so they dont getdeathboy
    • caught up in the branding of it all. collectivism vs individualism. high point with humans is ascending from collectivism to individualismdeathboy
    • and lowimpact socialism is a cancer that grows. all of vene policy wasn't initial. Its slow growth cancer. Why ppl like bernie think i can take the same metholdeathboy
    • ogy and produce different results. Look at the ambitious hitler. the stalin. history repeats itself, and most don't learn. unlearn what they tell udeathboy
    • I'm still waiting for an answer to my questions. specifics and references please.lowimpakt
    • Well, he is a populist. He praised chavez and said Chavez' Venezuela was living the american dream better than USA.hotroddy
    • Apart from populist politics - I don't have specific parralels.hotroddy
    • That comment alone should be huge red flag.hotroddy
    • if you are looking for a 4 line explanation you wont find it. low. If you actually can;t see it you probably need to read books. check road to serfdomdeathboy
    • hayek pretty much explains in many facets why collectivist gov always fail looking at where the idea came from and what happened to those who employed it in hisdeathboy
    • time. Also a little history on terminology and how it changed over time to mean the exact opposite.deathboy
    • if i had to sum up its failure briefly. Do you thin one man or sm committee can plan and tell everyone who to live successfully? Have u experienced micro managedeathboy
    • ment and poor leadership in a workplace. A boss tellign you what to do which u fully disagreed with, but he tells u to be happy u do it for the greater gooddeathboy
    • which is company. would u like all of your life that way. ran by failing turds who floated to the top? and when their decisions start hurting your belly for thedeathboy
    • greater good you will be cool. u will agree. u will serve anyone in charge who is democratically elected. be happy we arent as socialist as othersdeathboy
    • if we were you'd get what ever trump wanted. either he is a wake up point, or ppl fold into full blown dictatorship/sociali... mode to usurp him.deathboy

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