End Of The World

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  • Beeswax1
    • afaik the effect of a modern day Carrington event has been much over-played. Satellites can be turned off, power grids can handle surges.detritus
    • that said, i have been meaning to make faraday shields for my computer and tech...detritus
    • you're going to cover your computer with some mesh?Beeswax
    • I have a faraday hat... it's handmade from the finest Reynolds WrapPonyBoy
    • as long as this doesn't interrupt my Netflixprophetone
    • these explode capacitors wether your shit is on or off, satellites are fucked.moldero
    • this happened in the late 1800's, when it happens again we're all fucked.moldero
    • i will bet money this thing won't do shitscarabin
    • Iam with scarabinBennn
    • Daily Mail you fukkin twots.zarb0z
    • ^ Yep, never believe anything the Mail releases. Complete shithouse of a newspaper.face_melter
    • The NASA site had nothing to say other than they observed it, and the last one a few years ago created auroras for several days.ETM
    • soon.utopian
    • armageddon closing in.sureshot
    • http://www.n3kl.org/…
      see that peak there on 16, now that's the DailyMails solar storm
    • what moldero said.fadein11
    • yup, major fuckage. north american electrical grid is old and fragile.Gnash
    • Do you remember the chaos caused to the satellites and computer/power networks in the 18th Century too?Ianbolton
    • yes the satellites in the 18th century were fucked, my mobile morse code device stopped working for months.moldero
    • as long as this doesn't interrupt my kerosene oil lamp-flixprophetone
    • i'm ready for the northern lights! bring it on!jaylarson
    • ^ I grew that, nice strainMaaku
    • G1-G2 (you can see that in the chart I posted) still nothing close to M-class. but hey G2 creates some nice northern lights for many hours:Dsted

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