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  • Bennn2

    What a bad idea.. i spend like 6 hours reading Wiki about famous plane crashes. I hate flying already. Bad idea.

    • six hours? you don't have a life?oey
    • Airplane wings are glued on to allow flexibility while flying and reduce stress on the main fuselage. Remember that. The wings are glued on.face_melter
    • https://static.giant…pango
    • glue has more surface area contact than rivetsimbecile
    • Its traumatizingBennn
    • And Drumpf want to eliminate the FAA because he never has flown on a commercial flight...fucking asshat!utopian
    • oey I could easily spend 8 hours on wiki or other media.. and I am like a sponge.sureshot
    • I used to watch Aircrash Investigation ..that shit made never wanna fly again lolsureshot
    • still the safest way to travel~!pango
    • i know but place crashes are so dramaticBennn
    • Don't watch mayday then. It always comes down to a bolt that was 1/16 of an inch too small. Happy flying!_niko
    • Being on a paved road is far more dangerousBustySaintClaire

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