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  • Bennn9

    set you are a meme! You've unlocked an important Achievement on the internet! :]

    You can now ad this to your resume. And when you meet new people you can tell 'em "oh, and I'm a meme on the web. Look for it"

    • its possible you hear people whispering in your back "i think he's a meme"Bennn
    • In his back, eh? if that's the case, less meme more like "I think I just came".detritus
    • it has been the highlight of QBN this year.fadein11
    • he will sue us all over copyright issuespinkfloyd
    • @pinkfloyd neh he knows that we all love him. why would any of us take time to do these things?sted
    • Who purse trophy in an empty room?Hayoth
    • that is a very sad looking room, hayoth,Gnash

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