RIP Chris Cornell

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  • BuddhaHat8

    My brother put me onto Soundgarden when I was just a kid, and Black Hole Sun & Superunknown were huge for me as a youngster.

    Right now I'm lying in a hospital bed having been violently ill for the last 2 weeks, and feeling really old & shit, and then I saw the news about Chris Cornell, and that made me feel even older and shittier =\

    RIP to a master of grunge.

    • Hey Budda, I didn't realize that you were sick and in the hospital. Get well soon.utopian
    • Motherfucker, pls don't feel 'old and shit' —
      we're mostly here your age. Get well and survive, motherfucker. We're.. I'm counting on you.
    • lol utopian, but yeah get well Bud!moldero
    • thanks guys, i've been through the wringer... appendicitis, diverticulitis, intestine removal, surgical error that almost killed me... it's been rough...BuddhaHat
    • can't wait til it's over.... oh, and this is all happening in a Spanish hospital in Andalucía just to add that extra level of difficulty =\BuddhaHat
    • wow buddha, sending well wishes your way.sea_sea
    • no truer words every said....
    • Get well soonGM278
    • good vibes from Holland..get well.sureshot

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