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  • set8

    How many of you know that you can add a '+' at the end of your gmail address (before the @ obviously) and then anything after it and still receive it?

    Handy for signing up for specific things. For example you can use and redirect them, keeping them out of your main inbox. You can also add a very specific word to each thing you sign up for, so when you get spam you can see who's selling your details.

    • wtf... we can't post email addresses?

      **for example you can use name+newsletters @
    • I did not know thissinjun
    • You can do the same with period marks too, anywhere before the domain.detritus
    • Yeah, I use it to separate out my different accounts - Squarespace etc. Incredibly handy.face_melter
    • Interesting -- I'm surprise Gmail doesn't advertise this more.yuekit
    • You do this when signing up, essentially (or after, obviously)?monospaced
    • *insert mind-blown gifGnash
    • damn. that's handyGnash
    • Been doing this for years with my (icloud) account. Although as of late haven't bothered so much.HAYZ1LLLA
    • Not sure I understand the question mono my darlingset
    • fuck, it works with @mac, too?! damnGnash
    • yeah those are aliases, useful to sign up on websites and stuff like that to later create rules based on the email address to archiveernexbcn
    • I think mono is asking if one needs to register the 'alias' before using itGnash
    • Ah... nein... anything after the + goes to youset
    • I'm trying to ask if you enter this + version into an email field form from a 3rd party site, not if you have to register it. I'm not asking this right ...monospaced
    • For example, if I decide to shop at a new online retailer today, would I give them the + version of the email when I sign up with them and place the order?monospaced
    • I guess you explained it. Happy 4/20.monospaced
    • Mono. No. It's a free for all. So when starbucks asks for your email address give them address+starbucks@gm... . com.HAYZ1LLLA
    • So when you get Viagra spam months later to that address you know who is leaking/sharing your data.HAYZ1LLLA
    • And you can do absolutely nothing about it except write a strongly worded complaint. hahaHAYZ1LLLA
    • Also, if you add in "lovesthecock", Google ignores it, so "monospaced.lovesthe... is the same as "mo.++nosp.ace.d@". Go on, try it.detritus
    • that's pretty radmonospaced
    • the plus signs or cock loving?drgs
    • wouldn't you like to know ...monospaced
    • you guise are geniussureshot
    • wow the more you know...
      this is awesome, many thanks!
    • Guys... welcome to the internet in 2017... its a wild place. Stand in amazement.Al_dizzle
    • i'm in constant amazement since 1996sted
    • I did know this.MrT
    • knew thatpango

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