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  • kona6

    This probably sucks I know, and I shot it on an iPhone 6. But I really like it and it's inspired me to buy a camera that can take really great photos. This is out at my folk's house.

    • Do you want to buy a camera that can take really great photos from me??? :)mg33
    • Hmmmm.... perhaps!kona
    • I've been trying to sell my Nikon D610 + a 50mm 1.8 and a 24mm 2.8 lens, along with all the filters I have for those lenses.mg33
    • Holy shit, kona is Clark Kent.detritus
    • great shot! sunrises/sets are my favorite! especially when the clouds just allow the sun to peak through on the horizon—everything becomes fire/magenta!jaylarson
    • snapshots like these are a gateway drug to spending money on expensive gear. good luck!jaylarson
    • spend the money buy the gear! btw that camera mg33 has is so good you may not need to upgrade ever. it's fantasticHijoDMaite
    • lol detritus. Inside joke on that within the fam. Needless to say I have maybe 50 superman tshirts. Every xmas. Every Birthday. Same gift, lolkona
    • @mg33: That might be a bit much for me to be honest. Let me think it over.kona
    • Thank you jaylarson!!!kona
    • noiceRamanisky2
    • Nice! Any ideas on what camera you are looking into?futurefood
    • I always liked to think that kona lived in Kona on the Big Island. :(HijoDMaite
    • @futerfood: I'm thinking a Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II. Thoughts?kona

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