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  • face_melter7

    ^ you should all try sill if you can

    Marinaded/pickled raw herring, in a jar with various flavourings - mustard, shalot, tomato (my favourite, actually). eaten with boiled new potatoes and hardbread for the occasional bone. Simple to make and tastes great, like a lot of Swedish food - made with basic, plentiful, ingredients.

    • wow! maybe i will give them a try, but fuck man I don't think my tastebuds were built for this. I'm Mexican!HijoDMaite
    • oh they are lol :D we ate these with some mustard and spicy pepper.sted
    • herring is good. never tried the flavoured onesGnash
    • +1fadein11
    • It's definitely an acquired taste but it's delicious.martinadolfsson
    • Dancing Queensureshot
    • I was given it to try one of the first times I came here and was like WTF, but it's genuinely great. Man, now I really want some. I'll have it at the weekend :Dface_melter
    • Had pickled herring in Copenhagen last year, part of a smorresbrød. It was... interesting.i_monk
    • No thank youutopian
    • Don't forget: fresh potatoes, eggs in half, sourcream and dill.Peter
    • And chives. Is that the word?…
    • ^ yup, chives. looks goodGnash
    • I had this in Bremen a couple years ago, tasty!maquito
    • wow. I am literally so tired I read the bottom middle one as "Abba TOTALSHIT" even after a couple glanceskona
    • Shit like this is why I'm terrified of the idea of going on holiday to Norway, Sweden or Iceland. I'd starve.detritus
    • detritus, I agree. every tim i see food from Scandinavian countries i'm grossed out. cold fish and this? https://i.kinja-img.…HijoDMaite
    • Yes. There's definitely only one kind of food of food in those, and other countries.Peter
    • When your partner only goes to fucking fish restaurants there is.detritus
    • All they serve in Norway is bubblin' crude in a viking longboat and they kill you if you don't finish it all. Even at the 7/11.face_melter
    • I think I see the problem nowPeter

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