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      It started in the mid to late 80's. Five guys were sucked into the rap world. After going to live shows in the parks seeing Grand Master Flash and The Cold Crush Bros, the Imperial Bros were convinced that was there calling. Performing in the streets with artist like Dougie Fresh and the Rock Steady Crew and The Fearless Four etc...It was time for the Imperial Bros to perform. Routines and singing and rap combined, these guys were making a name for themselves and gaining respect in the streets. After a few years of performing in the parks the group was signed by a record label called Cutting Records. Their first single" We Come to Rock " was a smash hit after being imported to the states from london on a label called Electro Street sounds. The record was so big it was landed another deal on a label in France called streetwave. There was no stopppin these guys. But through trials and tribulations and contract issues they parted ways to reunite a few months later and record again. The second single wasnt as big as the first but they were still gaining respect . After years of performing and touring cities, the group split ways again. After years of parting two of the members El'Don and Chedda aka Mean Gene reunited and are performing together and have started an Imperial Bros movement.They have been in few Hip Hop contest and have always been picked in the top list showing Hip Hop artist of today( 2008 ) they still can move the crowd .They have been in Kay Slay and Diplomat contest just to see if they can move crowds and have been sucssesful.They are recruiting younger rappers and have built a foundation that is closely being watched. El'Don and Chedda are back in the streets performing and appear on mixtapes and hip hop DVD's. They are currently signed overseas to try and repeat their earlier sucsess on another level...

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