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New 2advanced work



Blackbook sign up

if you would like to be a part of the NT blackbook rotation post here. your names will be added to a list i will post the url to in a moment.

names will be added in order of the posts.


Designer Question

Can all good designers draw well?


New PacSun Site
New online campaing launches at PacSun Design and development was done entirely inhouse over the course of 7 months.
We conducted approximately 50 usability studies and based much of our new design and development on that research.


I got no women skills

Yeah so i just tried to talk to this new girl here at work, shes training in my friends cube so i go to get some water from him, hes not there and shes chilling reading abook. So i getting my water, and say 'man you look bored', she was, we smiles laughed bit, my water glass was full, i smile she smiled, i walked back to my cube. didn introduce myself, all while my friend walks by and gives me a thumbs up cause hes the one that told me to go talk to her. so do i go back for more water in a bit and try again, or do i just sit here bitching bout women and shitty designers????

BTW 2advanced still fucking sucks.


Fat people @ McD's

Dammit. I may come of as a total bastard here, but what the hell... I just want to say that walking into McDonalds and seeing some extremely obese person ordering a carrot cake, an extra large Big Tasty meal and a large mlkshake just pisses me off. It's MY gawddamn tax money that pays for their treatment when ther arteries clog up and they need thousand operations because they are eating themselves to death.

Don't go eating fucking McD food and then complain about being too fat, fuckers.



are they really back together, and are they workin on new stuff?! =)


RIP Robin Williams :(

Oh uh


Film Swap

We should do a QBN film swap. Who's down?…




NTPE4 *official thread…

we need 4 more people



I don't care if I get banned for this, but now you're the one who is lying Rick.

Your timetable of events is a flat out lie.

You said...

You said you sent me your resume (which was a lie, you never sent me your resume, I worked at a company where we received it) and the reason you didn't get hired was because of our disagreement on the war in Iraq.

You sent your resume Summer of 2005 as an intern was running the project you applied for.

The Iraq war started March of 2003.

Then you stated "To think that when you were unemployed I was sending you job leads and shit and was generally worried about you."

I was unemployed from August 2003 - January 2004. (Funny thing about saving all of your tax information since 2000, it's good for records)

So in your timetable we started fighting/hating each other March 2003. You somehow felt sorry for me again by August 2003, then a full 2 years later you still think we're mad at each other over a war. Or occupation as you call it.

You're lying.

You're timetable is fucked.

Don't think sending me job leads and feeling sorry for me = posting on Newstoday. You're stretching your lie to work for you and only telling half the story.

Your hatred for me has blinded you and you're living the lie about it with your posts.

You say I said some mean and hurtful things to you, but what do you think you've been throwing my way since 03? You can dish it out but can't take it. Instead when I dish it back you try your hardest to call me out for being the bad guy. Again, skewing the facts and only telling half the story to make it work for you.

There is a reason why you're only one in a handful of guys who's always on my case about the 'lies' you say I'm guilty of. You're the only one who believes them. The rest of the handful are your partners in crime Jesse, pavlov and lemmy who are actually the same person, who btw have gone MIA since the IP Address recognition hubub has been thrown around NT for the new site.

You tell me I'm playing the victim in the same thread you're playing the victim pulling lies from your ass to try and make yourself look good. It's not working.

And Jesse, no one remembers what I said to you about the Wizard Robe and Hat and quite frankly it's so fucking rediculous even mentioning it it's beyond me why the hell it bugs you 3-4 years later. If it bothers you so much like I said, email me and at least tell me what I did, because I've asked NT twice now and no one knows.

So Rick, I feel ashamed having to post this but if I emailed it to you you'd probably respond with 'gfy' like you did when I asked you to come to NT and apologize for getting the whole metadata thing wrong, or at the very least tell NT you were wrong. Now you're on my ass about 'manning up' as you put it in one of the 5 hatemails you sent, yet months ago you couldn't 'man up' to being wrong about the metadata.

That's being a Hypocrite with a nasty double standard.

Hope at least a few people read this before it gets pulled, and if I get banned so be it, at least I cleared up your lies.

Oh, and you calling me a liar while lying in the same breath... irony.

Your hate has skewed your history and you have no idea why you hate me anymore, you just know you do.

If I get banned so long NT. Some of you made this place great.



Jessica Biel

I love you

but you gotta stop working out…


Blondes or Brunettes?




Resistance to the suppression and intimidation of free expression spreading...…


Best MC

I think MF Doom might be the best mc ever.

He has been around since the 80's and finally reached his peak in the late 90's and is completely excelling right now. His lyrics would destroy any popular rappers and so on.


Greatest Full Album Ever

Best *FULL* album ever. Not best single you've ever heard, or best band with a couple of good tunes. Best FULL album ever. No wrong answer.



Hit the sack. Do it now!


FMT 033105

Sigur Ros - ( )

Hey Jevad, Fuck off!

(Feb 24 05, 09:37)


hey Jevad...

you know this guy?…


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