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best BASS tracks

the kind that rattle the dishes and make the neighbors complain. if it can be played at any volume below "11" it doesn't go here.

post your favorite heavy hitters and lets try and destroy each other's speakers.


Copa America 2011

Finally! Any predictions? bets?


Android to own 50% of smartphone marketshare by 2012

Hate to tell some people who were telling me how Apple will rule this and that, I told you so.. but Gartner just came out with a report that says that it's expected that Android will have 50% of worldwide smartphone market-share by end of 2012..

Guess what.. second place with almost 20%.. Windows Phone 7..



Two Words

Right there.


My Dream Car


It's not easy being metal


Are brits better?

"I love the English lifestyle, it's not as capitalistic as America. People don't talk about work and money, they talk about interesting things at dinner. I like living here because I don't fit into the bad side of American psychology. The British are much more intelligent and civilized than the Americans."

- Gwyneth Paltrow told Portugal's Diario de las Noticias on Saturday……


2advanced Hosting

I'm looking to get hosting but i can't decide, MT or 2Anet.

Anyone know of any experience with these guys? The data center 2A has looks HUGE!!!…

I didn't know they were that big, what is the difference between them and Media Temple?


NT NHL playoff pool?

anyone interested. If so I might be able to set one up. Probably a play pool where you pick 10 players and the team with the most point win. I can explain it later in detail if anyone has questions. 10-15 people should be good. We can any cash amount you like if the majority agrees or we can do something like framed artwork and you mail it to them like an NT print exchange thing. anyways anyone interested?


Your username

Why and what does it mean?


turned on

my wife was reading 'health' magazine and pointed out an interesting column written by Sara Miles, of which i wanted to share a little with you.

the column was about a scientific study to determine what turns men and women on.

"Straight men were aroused mostly by images of women. Gay men were aroused by men. But women -- straight or gay -- were equally turned on by imagesof women with men, women with women, and men with men.

"And so science supports one stereotype, at least: Women, and sex, are mysterious."


gta san andreas

who was a bad ass like me and picked this up today?



Any discussion?

Have you seen me there? I know most are anti-drug here but this is a bit different. Just wanting to hear others opinions.



what should my 1000th
PBS post be?

i almost posted this

but thought maybe i'd better
ask you all first ....

thoughts ?


Tomorrow will be AWESOME!

Tomorrow i have lunch reservations at Michael Jordan's restaurant in DC…
with this lovely lady:

((freak... i would put the link to the pic of the lady but my stupid host MCHost is completely down... i need a new host!)

WELL I will not let this dampen my spirits for a great lunch at a great place with a beautiful lady... which i will post as soon as my host gets back up.


Julian Assange

What do you think of all this? Will he escape or end up in jail?…


Anagram of your real name

Can Drank Gain
An Cranking Ad
A Dancing Nark


gay anti gay?

why do some people become anti gay because they're too ashamed of coming out of the closet.

the suffering of living a double life, the lies and deceptions and off course the shame of getting caught in your bed by your wife

another thing why are they almost always republicans??


name my daughter

Having a girl on January 23, not completely satisfied with our 'final' two name choices.

Your suggestions please. Its a huge decision that I prefer to leave in the hands of my online friends.


Amy Winehouse...

I'm sorry to read she's been arrested, and, apparently on a vert serious charge.

I love her music so much, it's hard for me to accept that she's got so many problems she can't think right. At least now, anyway.

:peace and a prayer for the season


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