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I'm back too!

didja miss me?

vietnam was ace! and i've got the sunburn to prove it!

some tuesday tunes for y'all:…



how are all the girls doing? nt is so macho today with all this talk about metrosexuals, 18 year old girls, mac3 razors, etc etc etc...


PVN Anthology IV

It might as well be me.


bitcoin cams



Global warming...

must not be as bad as last year, or, have as much of an affect as 'scientists' thought as last year at this time there were 5 hurricanes/tropical storms by this day. Arlene. Bret. Cindy. Dennis. Emily.

This year. One, and it was never above a Tropical Storm.

So how about a big round of gfy's to the global warming conspicatists who thought it was affecting the weather.

haha. So funny. Choke on it.


lunch =

Stock-reduced cannellini beans with fresh pork sausage and tomotes, and fizzy water from the same country.



Champions Leauge

Match Day one starts tomorrow.

lets get this thread started.

Tuesday 18th

Marseille vs. Beşiktaş JK
Porto vs. Liverpool
Chelsea vs. Rosenborg
Schalke vs. Valencia
Real Madrid vs. Bremen
Olympiacos vs. Lazio
Milan vs. Benfica
Shakhtar vs. Celtic

Wednesday 19th

Rangers vs. Stuttgart
Barcelona vs. Lyon
Roma vs. Dynamo Kyiv
Sporting vs. Man. United
PSV vs. CSKA Moskva
Fenerbahçe vs. Internazionale
Arsenal vs. Sevilla
Slavia vs. Steaua


It's Friday!

Give me something to roll into the weekend with!



Ok ?!


Explosions at Boston Marathon…


Happy Childhood Things

I got to thinking about stuff that made me happy as a kid... ; )


Car of The Day

Post up your dream machine or the dead beat one at your neighbors! just for fun


PVN anthology

getting dumped or getting married, either way you're in for a rough time.

(Dec 14 04, 11:03)



Are any of you into it?

I know some of you graphics geeks are mining with a GPU.

Kinda crazy hit hit around $10USD per 1BTC recently.


A Better Tomorrow Book


Some of you maybe noticed 2 emails..
Sorry for the one without attachment.

So, happy submitting!


Euro Cup 2008

22 days away and counting, lets get some picks going, I created a group here if any one is interested…
group name search: Newstoday pass:qbn

That group C is going to be of the ages ...


Olympic Logo... Hmmmm?…


Champions League 08/09

Got the spelling right this year. :)

Tuesday, 12 August 2008
Fiorentina v Slavia Prague, Thir, L1, 19:45
Panathinaikos OFF Sparta Prague, Thir, L1, 19:45

Wednesday, 13 August 2008
AaB v FBK Kaunas, Thir, L1, 19:05
Anorthosis Famagusta v Olympiacos, Thir, L1, 19:00
Barcelona v Wisla Krakow, Thir, L1, 21:00
FC Twente v Arsenal, Thir, L1, 19:45
Galatasaray v Steaua Bucuresti, Thir, L1, 19:15
Guimaraes v Basle, Thir, L1, 20:30
Juventus v Artmedia Petrzalka, Thir, L1, 19:45
Levski Sofia v BATE, Thir, L1, 18:00
Partizan Belgrade v Fenerbahce, Thir, L1, 19:45
Schalke 04 v Atletico Madrid, Thir, L1, 19:45
Shakhtar Donetsk v Dinamo Zagreb, Thir, L1, 18:00
SK Brann v Marseille, Thir, L1, 19:45
Sparta Prague v Panathinaikos, Thir, L1, 19:45
Spartak Moscow v Dynamo Kiev, Thir, L1, 17:00
Standard Liege v Liverpool, Thir, L1, 20:05



Seriously, who could vote for this guy?


Creationist Lies

"Creationism was never based primarily upon scientific findings or upon a scientific approach to uncovering the origins of life. Many modern forms of creationism, particulary Young Earth Christian creationism, were created to defend the literal interpretation of the biblical account of creation in genesis, when evolution started to become scientific orthodoxy. Many modern creationists are widely regarded as 'anti evolutionists' rather than as people putting forward an honest alternative to explain the origins of life. Indeed, many creationist and anti-evolutionist arguments are directed in the form of attacks towards evolutionary theories.

Creationists sometimes minimize the explanatory power and validity of evolution theory by criticizing it as being "just a theory" implying that the word "theory" is synonymous with "conjecture" or "speculation", instead of the technical, scientifically accepted use of the word "theory" to mean a model of the world (or some portion of it) from which falsifiable hypotheses can be generated and be verified through empirical observation. In this sense, evolution is a very powerful theory.

Critics charge that Creationism is not a theory that has come about through a similar systematic accumulation of evidence. It is based on a literal interpretation of religious scripture and the emphasis of scripture over other sources of knowledge. Young Earth Creationism also fails the criteria of falsifiability and parsimony. While the hypothesis that the Earth is only a few thousand years old allows many predictions, evidence which refutes these predictions cannot invalidate creationism, because creationism itself is a belief and not a scientific theory. The belief can persist in spite of evidence to the contrary.

There is a fundamental difference between the scientific approach and the approach used by creationist advocates. The scientific approach uses the Scientific Method as a means of discovering information about the natural world. Scientists use observations, hypotheses and deductions to propose explanations for natural phenomena in the form of theories. Predictions from these theories are tested by experiment. If a prediction turns out to be correct, the theory survives. This is a meritocratic form of systematic enquiry, where the best ideas supported by evidence and positive experimental results survive. Science does not seek answers that fit a certain theory.

All scientific theories are falsifiable; that is, if evidence that contradicts any given theory comes to light, or if the theory is proven to no longer fit with the evidence, the theory itself is shown to be invalid. Evolution is a theory that its supporters say fits in with all known biological evidence, fits in with all known genetic evidence, and is backed up by overwhelming evidence in the fossil record. Contrary to some claims, transitional fossils exist that show a gradual change from one species to another. Because of this and other evidence, there is little debate within scientific circles as to whether evolution is a fact or not. It is mainly in the public sphere, where young Earth creationists (especially in America) have fought for recognition of their world view, that the debate about creationism and evolution rages."


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