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US Airways Tweet (NSFW)

So, Alex complains on Twitter. Then, US Airways responds, apologizes, and sends her a NSFW photo. (And leaves it online for a while...) LOL!…


QBN Book

What happened to our "A Better Tomorrow" book? It's been long enough, so I think it is safe to try again?


Kanye/Kim Selfies PSB

So much PSB potential!


News Twitter Fail

Still can't believe the fools at these TV stations never check or set up phones before going live.

Here's a photo of the crash... a penis... oh crap! - Their reaction is golden.

https:// width="425" height="355">


WTF pls?

Any idea what font this is? I'm an idiot and outlined it without saving a name/copy :s



Good work cities - US

So, I know NY and SF are up there, but what other US cities are busy right now with good agencies, good work, etc. Chicago? Denver? Austin?



Creating Fonts

Hey peeps! What are some of the best and simplest (free) sites/apps to create custom fonts? Thanks!


Happy Birfday Jaline!!!!

WTF people!!!

It's Jaline's birfday, so we still have some time to celebrate and post awkward photos!


$50 Logo Contest - Law School

It's been a while since we do a PSB so I figured we can have some fun with this post from John Marshall Law School, looking for a new 'original' logo...

We are looking for an original logo design done for a law school.

1) it needs to be a coat of arms
2) it must have something to do with Law and Atlanta
3) the name of the school is John Marshall Law School

Please send us a sample so we can select a winner.

Please visit to get an idea for the website

Please google University of Pennsylvania Law, or Yale Law or Harvard Law to get an ideas of what their logos look like.

Again the work must be original and brand new.



Happy Birfday lvl_13!!!

Happy Birfday sexy!


Happy Bday Jaylarson!!!!

Happy Birfffday you hippie!



The last thing you want when dealing with fans and twitter is... 'technical difficulties'. Are there safe and reliable guidelines to organizing and hosting these events to avoid hang ups, disconnects, freezing, etc... Any providers that handle this out there?


Buying a used Camera

Hey gents,

I need to get a new camera as mine died :( Thing is, I am looking for a 7D but to be honest, don't want to spend $1500 on it. I've been thinking about getting a used/refurbished one from online selleres like BH, Adorama, Keh, etc.

Have any of you bought used cameras or equipment from these sources? If so, which one is the most reliable one? Any suggestions?


Font help

Dear gents,

Is there a better option for Trajan? Client loves it but I want to propose and use a better font that maintains the 'look' and has similar characteristics... I know...


Buying prints

Is there a site you guys suggest to buy cool prints to decorate the walls at studio and office?

Society6 has some cool stuff, but are there any other sites?



Album covers + Good type

What are some of the best?



Any idea what font this is? Thanks!


Iron Man 3 - Ash Thorp

Lovely concept titles for Iron Man 3 by Ash Thorp. So good!


Decorating the office

So, agency is moving to a sweet new office and I'm heading the decoration/setup team. What are some must-haves? Any ideas, suggestion or inspiration from cool agencies out there?

Want to make sure it comes out great... Thanks!


Stock footage?

Hey there gents!

Question. Need to put together a presentation video and need some RF stock footage of historic figures and events like Einstein, Moon landing, etc.

Any suggestions? What sites should I check? Thanks!


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