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IPS monitor

Hi all!

I'm on the look out for a new 2nd monitor. Thinking a 22/23 inch ips. Mostly used for designing shizz, photo editing etc, bit of gaming too so good response times are welcomed.

Ive read around and seen that dell do some nice ones, viewsonic and lg too. They aren't too pricey either, like under £150.

Anyone care to recommend any? Thanks! :D


Moto Hint

Not sure if I want something in my ear all the time. I guess it's basically a hands free device.…


Designing interiors for Starbucks

Interview with Vice President of Store Design for Starbucks EMEA, creating individualistic spaces for a global super brand


Mac screen capture Q

Hi all, what screen capture software do you recommend for Mac (preferably free)

Many thanks!




Diggin' in the Carts

Get your 8-bit groove on with the originators of video game soundtracks in RBMA’s new web series.



Ikea mocks Apple


Rounded Typefaces

Some of your favorites please (e.g. DIN rounded, Gotham Rounded)


What the SLAB?

What font is the TORTA headline on the right?


inDesign Help 2.0

I'm trying to figure out why when I export a PDF or view in Overprint Preview mode one of the illustrator files that I have in the document disappears. I tried putting it in it's own layer, the same layer as the rest of the art, in the type layer. It doesn't have any effects or blending modes....

I'm thinking it has more to do with the illustrator file itself.
Any ideas?


NAS or Drobo Recommendation

I know, its been asked a bunch of times and I look at those threads. But maybe I don't need a NAS drive. I am looking for external storage solution that i can pop two drives in, one primary and one back up that has a Gigabit Ethernet port. I don't need it to manage anything since it will be connected to a OSX server. I would like the ability to swap out drives as needed.

Most NAS drives i see have a lot of capabilities I don't need and want.

Maybe a Drobo?

And before anyone goes there, ill save you the trouble:



InDesign HELP

So whilst having a fight with my GF over text - my pages in InD seem to have 'moved'...

Any one know why and how to make them both align?

<a href="">



RIP Joan Rivers…

RIP loudmouthed funny lady


The Core

My friends at Mass Fidelity announced their new revolutionary wireless speaker system. They make excellent products.…...


Am I data, or am I human?

This is fun, and terrifying.


RIP Gustavo Cerati



iPhone Storage Help?

This may sound like a stupid question BUT...

My iphone is near on FULL of pictures... Near on 5,000.

What is the best way to get them OFF the phone but still have them available in the cloud so I can have them to hand as and when?

I understand I can have them in iPhoto on my mac but I don't want to use up ALL THAT STORAGE on my mac...

Any help would be great



Comic Book Artist

Anyone know any comic book artists? Do they make a decent living?


Hacked of the Day…

Data shows Home Depot breach could be largest ever


Gender & orientation please.

Multiple choices allowed


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