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Hello qoob

I haven't been around lately.


Pacific Coast Highway Roadtrip

At the end of August, I'll be driving down from Seattle to San Francisco with my father-in-law on the PCH. We'll have roughly four and half days to get from SEA to SFO, and am super excited about the trip.

Has anyone done this trip before? Any advice / suggestions? Looking for anything relating to night sky programs, or must sees that are not quite the normal stopping points.


960 / 980 / 1000?

Is 960 the best grid for web?


WP Theme Suggestion Needed

I need a suggestion for a new wordpress theme for my portrait series.…

I'm looking for a single page with infinite scrolling or something that will suit 500 different portraits and captions. I want them all displayed on the homepage and when you click on them they enlarge and show the caption.

Thanks in advance!


Data Recovery from server

Hi Guys,
I need to recover a bunch of files from a LaCie server I have at my studio, I tried to recover them but apparently they're stored in the "root" directory for some reason. Any suggestions on good Computer repair/recovery shops in NYC (Wburg, Bushwick, LES, EV) that specialize on this type of stuff?


Finding programmers?

I designed a wordpress template for a client and need it programmed on the cheap.

Where's a good source to find coders? Do you think you can trust people in far off countries that charge less per hour?


HQ Photo Prints in Canada

Can anyone please recommend a good quality printing service for a photo print (40 x 60 inch) in Canada?

I am searching for an online service to upload a photo and get it delivered to an address in Canada.

Thanks a lot!


Illustrator, scroll left + right.

On older versions, if I held CMND and scrolled w/ my mouse, the window went from left to right.

I updated to CS6 and it doesn't do this anymore.

How do I get that?


Happy Memorial Day


theme like this?

possibly a "piece of string" question for you folks - so apologies in advance for the vague nature of it!!! but does anyone know of or used a wordpress theme that is similar to this cms...

gone blind from googling it - so wondered if anyone knows of the right place to find it?


Google Keep

not sure how long this has been around but it's handy!


Public Choice thumbnails


Save for web, embed profile, not too large... why doesn't it work?

Scene360 manage to post utter shit once a day and I can't get a thumbnail working.

Is there a secret. This is a damn conspiracy.



Crème Caramel (nsfw)

too good for the CoD thread.


contains boobies so I don't expect this YT repost to last long:
https:// width="425" height="355">


Change Adobe Opening Graphics?

Did you know you can change the opening graphic for Adobe programs?

Go to applications > adobe illustrator cs6 > adobe illustrator > contents > resources and REPLACE ai_cs6_splash.png

Got to change each program individually of course.

Good if you want to waste time.




Bye Bye HAARP…



Storage Hunters

I can't stop watching this crap, its so addictive despite being clearly fake and staged.

This was the funnest though


Song game

Lyrics then you guess song, i'll start :
"Yes, his name was Bill"


Designing for web?

I am not usually a web designer, but am working on a new site for a client.

I am used to Illustrator and InDesign, designing in Photoshop is foreign to me and much harder. It's easier to play around with shapes and adjust type when it's vector.

Do you all start in PS and do everything in the program?


Lightbox that works on mobile?

I'm looking for a jquery lightbox that also works well on mobile. So far I've found a lot that won't even load the images on iOS. Others have controls that are tiny or only visible on hover which makes it a bit useless/confusing for mobile users.

Just need a simple lightbox that looks good. Seems like there would be a ton of these, but I've had no luck.


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