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Wordpress basic cart

I need a basic cart for wordpress. v.simple just need 2 products but with inventory (well stock levels). I am using a simple cart that doesn't even have stock levels on it but v.good apart from that.
Just need a basic one - not woocommerce or anything that tries to do everything and gives client too many options - too bloaty for my needs. And don't want to spend the next 2 days customising the endless forms and pages associated with woo. Just need product - add to cart - pay via paypal. Simples.
Any ideas anyone?


Fonts like...




scrolling marquee

I am trying to do a scrolling marquee where a bunch of images scroll across the page in an infinite loop. Does anyone know a script for this?


Annual report tables

Working on an annual report for a client. Anybody know of some decent InDesign plug-ins for styling tables? They're a bitch to do manually, and figured there must be a better way.


River Movies

Looking for a river documentaries, the best ones.


Amalfi Coast + Rome + Florence + new work

Here are images from my recent trip to Italy along with some new work: Visa FIFA 2014 Samba of the World & Fashionable Selby, etc.


EC: Dave Rapoza





May You Design In Interesting Times

A long post about how design and change.



anyone use it? i just downloaded it last night and I find it interesting...


anamorphic wall vinyls

looking for a Scottish or UK company that can create anamorphic wall vinyls...

i know i could maybe do it with a projector and some paint but want a professional company that can do it.


Helvetica Condensed @iPad Retina

I'm working on some graphics for an iPad Retina App (2048 px - 1536 px). Client asked for Helvetica Condensed for Branding Guidelines reasons.

Has anyone had good/bad experiences with Helvetica Condensed on iPad Retina? Any comments / hints?


recent work

some recent update to my site



huh? any ideas? looks modified but I'm not sure


Lame client?

I have a person who gives me only the smallest and lamest work. Sometimes she needs help making a .pdf and most times she wants to make some changes to her blog site.

I only hear from her every couple of months, but it's never anything worthwhile.

She's a friend of an old co-worker, so I don't know her, but I'd feel like a dick if I quit. What do you do with clients like this?


Flash Useful Timeline Helper

I know there are a few of you out there.

Does anyone have installers or Flash extensions that Big Spaceship had on their blog site years ago? It looked like this.

There were two:
Useful Timeline Helper
Useful Instance Namer


Solid State Drive

If you use one of these, do you need a backup?


Spotify Spec work

Spotify (Valuation $4B) runs a spec work competition…

with pretty comical results……
Didn't read the brief, just offered a rebrand for no reason…
For some reason is pitching a smart watch

Not to mention half of the submissions are photos when they specified "Photographs will not be accepted"



Hi motion peeps Trying to find examples of this sort of transition in better executed examples:

All this sort of thing is inspired by that book Zoom by Istvan Banyai, but as its for a luxury bag company the references need to be a little less, well, childish.

Not sure if MK12 had done something like this back in the day??

Hope someone can help! Cheers!


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