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lightbox coding issue?

hey guys... working with this lightbox code...

seems to work fine when I use a youtube url, or vimeo url.

BUT... I wanna display a video we have on the site, it's using embed code.

I made an iframe for the video, add the url to the lightbox page and it won't show.

Anyone know wtf is up with that?


SKATE - Trevor Brady

Skate. A photographic documentation by Trevor Brady


good framework for touch?

Is there a good responsive framework that supports touch events? To create the kinds of layouts that you see natively on iOS and other mobile OS.



Intermission is a monthly escape into sound hosted by Recess New York. Creative types welcome.


brazil- tips/advice?

off to sao paulo for a few business days. can anyone offer up tips/advice for my stay there? about the only thing i know of brazil is soccer and sepultura.


Bottled Water Ban

San Francisco bans sale of plastic water bottles on city property.

I assume they will just start putting them in glass.…


Top Chef Knork Concept

Modeled to have large spaces between thin tines, the intent of this piece was to be able to easily manage large amounts of greens.


Site crit

Hi, we've just launched our latest website project.
Please, tell us what you think about it.



I ♥ Rust


crappy cat dog drawings

draw a cat or a dog .. maybe win a book……


iTunes / mp3 Organizer?

If you open an .mp3 in iTunes and under NAME it say "artist name - song title", is there a program to put the artist name in the ARTIST category? The ARTIST category is currently blank.

I have a bunch of these like this.


Sprite Zero - Refresher

It was a stunt made recently to launch Sprite Zero in Turkey. A nice little app, a few little drones and a beach. Refreshment like you never saw before.

Take a look:


WTF: Lurvly scripts

The Alezan script or something similar, love it...


Cultures and Organizations, Software of the Mind

How your country ranks:…

Based in the research of this book:,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU15_.jpg


Fatcow slow?

I recently switched to fatcow for hosting.

Are they slower than other hosts? I just changed my .css file and the changes aren't working for the live site. With previous hosts, this was instant.

I cleared my cache, but one of my divs is in the total wrong place.


Stephen Hawking: AI could be the 'worst thing ever for humanity'…


I ❤ Cock

They can be a little loud in the mornings, but they're beautiful fucking birds.


Gmail Chat

Did google change some settings,
I see lots of people I didn't have in my list before,

anyone else?


Happy Star Wars Day

"May the 4th"…


I ❤ Pipe


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