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Hipsters vc Spartans


Online Shop Design

Looking for other nice examples of shops that showcase the products with imagery or video rather than being the same old magento e-commerce template (with 300x600 pixel product shot you can click to enlarge).

Examples like:…
or use of video like:…

Looking for full screen and responsive designs.


I have to fire someone today.

I've never done this before. The reality of it is setting in. Worst part is he's a good friend. It's not a performance issue, my company is eliminating his position, so they can hire someone for a new position.


Wordpress 3.8 Caching?

Is anyone here using WP 3.8 frequently and noticing odd caching issues when you update pages? I've never seen it take this long to update what I'm looking at. I literally have to clear the browser cache no matter what browser I'm in to see updates that have been published.


book design quote

Any of you guys know the estimate to design the cover, page layout and promo campaign web in pri t. Thanks.


Printer smell?

I don't print too often at home, but when I do, all of a sudden the immediate area is full of a musky smell.

It's a black and white printer and I'm using a bootleg Brother toner. Is this normal?


QBN® Pong Deathmatch

Just spitballin' an idea here...


Chicago or NYC

I have an opportunity to work with some awesome people in both cities. I'm really torn about these places: I feel that there's a ton of great opportunity in NYC - same with Chicago (only a bit different). The thing that gets me about NYC is the cost of living, compared to Chicago. As much as I love NYC, I can't help but feel like I'm paying a premium for conveniences that aren't really that valuable. I dunno, what do you guys think?


New site Elastica Design

Redesigned website, new projects in the portfolio and strong concepts



What brand / flavor / special thing do you recommend?

I hear it's good to switch brands so you don't build resistance to a certain brand's antibacterial.


PostHuman (web serie)

looks pretty good,


Full Bleed Gutter Jump

Production artist is pretty much nonexistent over here... I'm putting together a ten page brochure, saddle stitched. All text on right side pages. Should I leave 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, 1/8 inch of space before starting the copy?


Motion Photography

The feeling of motion can be difficult to capture in a photograph. While a still figure gives us the opportunity to study...


Road Rage

What's your experience with road rage?


Rebrand RFP's

Does anyone have examples of Rebrand RFP's that are well written. Thanks.



https:// width="425" height="355">


Butt of the day

Finally.... i found heaven


New Ninja Turtles...

Dork alert: New Ninja Turtles... I grew up with these toys and movies (fond memories of youth)...

New design isn't that bad...…


Adobe Illustrator Duplicate?

You know when you hold Option (ALT), it duplicates an object you're dragging?

All of a sudden that doesn't work on my computer.

Any ideas how I turned it off and how to turn it on again?


WT Font?

What font is this, just a butchered Arial or something?


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