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C4D matte plastic question

How would you obtain this plastic look (the dark grey material)


Code Resume

I remember someone posted once a resume created entirely by code.

Does anyone remember who the author was or where I can find it?


Satya Nadella's email to employees

Of interest to those who are curious as to the future of Microsoft:…


The problem with music

Really good article :…

It sums up what i tought


In The Name of Love 

A couple who believes love has to be spread throughout the city.


Antigirl Documentary

Our own Antigirl is making a documentary. You go girl!…



Trying to figure out what these noticeboards (?) are called. Anyone have an idea?


Roll overs?

Are roll overs dead for web now with phones and tablets? Or do you typically design a roll over site and have an alternative method for touch screen?


charrette type sessions

Has anyone here lead or been a part of a charrette as part of a graphic design project.

I'm looking for ways to do it where it's not as intensive as an urban design charrette.

The project is relatively small and the main goal is to get a diverse group of people together to help me get a sense of they visual the design of the project.


Event / Keynote Websites

Any good ones?
Google IO was nice


DVD rip

Looking to make a high quality DVD rip for editing in Adobe Premiere.

Any suggestions on file type or program to do this with?


Awesome JS/CSS aggregator?

Hey all. I remember seeing a site a little while back that had some great examples of CSS/JS plugins arranged in a very colourful grid.

Each item had a slick colourful icon for it.

I usually save all my links with tagging but must have f**ked up on this one.

So yeah... Plugins and snippets... Colourful... Grid layout...


slip sliding wordpress

afternoon! can anyone tell me either where i can find a (preferably free/open source) slider/carousel similar to the ones used on or - but for wordpress?

or tell me what the terminology is for the way it presents the images? truncated? is that the fella?

sort of p*ssing in the wind at the moment trying to find one!!! :-/

anyone used one or know if there are any good ones knocking about?

hope that's not too vague... just trying to find a slider that looks and works like the ones in those links and can be slapped into wp...

anyone? ;-)


Flea Market of the Day

Any interesting, inspiring, cool and or fun finds at the Flea Market?


10 Remakes of Grant Wood's "American Gothic"

"American Gothic" is one of the most recognized images of 20th-century American art, not exactly depicting a romantic couple...


Nexus 6

Anyone got any good news?


Client invoice reminders?

Why do I always feel like a client thinks I'm short on cash when I send a reminder about overdue invoices?

How long is best to wait after time period listed?


sectional sofas

Need recommendations for a nice sectional sofa, preferably modern in design, casual and comfortable in seating, and that fits in a 15ftx10ft8in space.

Keep it under $4k.



Mastering Bootstrap

Hi, I launched my Mastering Bootstrap eBook today. It's a guide to creating and selling Bootstrap themes, take a look if you have a minute…


blonde or brunette

marry one

fuck one



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