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GC & the Electric Scooter…


HeyHey Pix - the Soccer Series

Check this update of HeyHey Pix for the World Cup. Great stuff. See you in Brazil.


Aeriform Updated

So 2 years late, Aeriform finally gets an update. It seems work & children hinder your progress somewhat, in a good way of course.


10 Inspiring Movies for Art Lovers

When people think of movies made for art lovers there are a handful of titles that always crop up.


i was really hungry...

...and there was literally nothing in my pantry other than 7g of Psilocybe subaeruginosa, i just ate a bunch of it.

Wish me luck :D

https:// width="425" height="355">

https fo' life!


Opinion Of The Day



Headed to Montreal today for the MUTEK festival and will probably stay for a week after that. What else is worth checking out there?


Best free code editor Windows

Any recommendations?
I am mac generally so not sure whats out there these days and laptop is useful now and again as its super lightweight and battery lasts forever. Why did I feel the need to justify my use of Windows?


Barcelona - this weekend

Any recommendations to restaurants, bars or just anything good going on?

Thanks :)


Stylised UK Map


I'm looking for a stylised UK map, anyone seen any good good examples and feeling kind enough to share?



test lightbox on ipad

can anyone confirm the lightbox functionality works on ipad? please go to…

and click on the thumbnails.



Anyone running OS X Mavericks‎ running slowly, than eventually crashing?

The issue seems to revolve around taking over the CPU. I tried disabling it using Activity Monitor, but it reappears and slowly builds up and takes over the CPU every few hours. FFS Apple!



Looking for some quality mockups for logos, business cards, web, etc.

Free would be nice, but quality is more important.

(Google is showing me a billion, I see that, but one good link would save a headache or two :-) )


USA Best Cost of Living?

What cities are you from that have a good cost of living?

A place where you can live in a convenient walkable area and get a 1 or 2 br for a good price?

Preferably a city with public transit. Portland? Philadelphia? Minneapolis?


London Stag Do


A friend of mine is getting married and I've been asked to organise his stag-do. There's a group of 6 of us, 2 from London (me + 1) and the other 4 live in (and are traveling from) Australia. I suggested the idea of going to Dublin/Amsterdam but he's vetoed it.

I am keen to make a weekend of it, but am not sure where outside of London might be good (he doesn't want to get on 'another' flight)?

If I have it in London do you recommend any daytime activities, and places to go where 6 guys will get in (but isn't shit and in SoHo)?

I was thinking Urban Golf and/or Bowling for daytime activities as well as possibly a Pedibus.

Any other recommendations? Any help greatly appreciated.



This thread intentionally left blank

do not write below this line



Have any of you used it? Has it helped with anything? My new insurance covers acupuncture, and I'm thinking of using it for some muscle tension in my shoulder.


OSX Target Drive


Anyone here got experience with using an external on an iMac or Mac Pro as a target boot drive?

I wanted to know if the Firewire connection would be fast enough? or would there be some seriously lag?



Wasp Bite

There was a swarm of wasps in my backyard yesterday during a BBQ. I think I actually got bit (not stung) by one of them. The little bastard took a little chunk of skin out. I never knew that wasps can either bite you or sting you.


What Font? Ancient...


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