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3D printing from Cloud

Anyone have the link to the company - that uses an app to to send you pics to a 3D printer?



NYC Print Shops

I tried searching for it although I know it has already been discussed. Feel free to link to previous thread if there is one.

I'm looking for a print shop in New York City with the materials necessary to print, cut, glue printed vinyl(record) inner sleeves (no die cut holes) with a matte machine varnish. Anyone have a particularly good experience with a shop in the city or brooklyn?


Happy Left Handers Day…
Any other goofy-footed south paw links put them here!


Temporary Tattoo Printing

Wondering if anyone has recommendations/experience with good Temporary Tattoo printing vendors?

Did some for a client but not super impressed with the quality so thought I'd put it out there



IT spec sheet for website

Hi all

I am working on a basic spec sheet that I will send to the client before we start any website job, just to get the lowdown on who has the domains, hosting, IT contact etc.

Does anyone have anything like this, and if so any tips on what to include?

Any help appreciated


Dragged out of casino...


I was at the casino last night and I got too drunk I admit, and i apparently offended someone at the table for swearing, 20mins later I had 6 bouncers asking me to leave and I politely explained /i was not leaving in a calm manner.

After asking if i was refusing to leave and answering yes I was understandably picked and handled roughly by two guards one at each arm and tossed out.

That is all fine, I get that. Never been kicked out of anything in my life but last night i was drunk and i had no problem with having to be removed.

HOWEVER - - the guards when they grabbed me used a very specific hold and the guard on the right completely pushed my hand down as far as it could go HARD and literally ever since, I have not been able to use my right hand at all. Completely serious.

Currently typing with my left hand as it is simply too painful to type as feels like kinives and pins and needles on all fingers especially the thumb, minus the pinky.

It hurts so much i could not work today and i went to the gp and he said it should return to normal within 2-3 days but if not come back to him.

I am seriously concerned that I have had my hand permanently damaged (it feels like having the pins and needles in the hand 24hrs pain, x 2 )

Has anyone ever had an inury like this ? I cant find much online. Any friends of docs or physios here?

/if it does not mend in all seriousness would I be up for compensation? It is my right fucking hand i am talking about here, I literally cant use it!?

My thumb ic completely fucked i cant even press down on the spacebar it hurts that much.

I SCREAMED at the time and saw their inhouse paramedic who took my bp and a blood sample at the time, i also got the medical case number from him. I also calle the casino this morning and asked to make sure they keep the tapes from last night...

What is everyones thoughts? I was in no way ever rude or threatening to the guards ever, i was in fact being calm collected and quiet talking. Until the agonising pain i felt. I am a skinny guy.


Calsiform - Cause & Effect (MASHUP)

music by calsifer + visuals by spiritform


So how long does it takes to make a sandwitch if you're travelling 30 breadmeter per day?

read the title


RIP Lauren Bacall…


4096 Core processor…

in the end, im sure it will be just for looking at 4K pron..



Interesting URL


I Do Alpha Male Shit…

Las Vegas police are searching for a famous MMA fighter who allegedly attacked his girlfriend this weekend, beating her so brutally that she was hospitalized with severe injuries.

Police say mixed martial arts fighter War Machine—whose real name is Jon Koppenhaver—went on the run after attacking girlfriend Christy Mack and a third, unnamed party in an altercation on Friday night.


Career Advice

I have been in the advertising industry as an Art Director and Designer for the past 12 years. Most recently, (the last 6 years) I have filled the roll as Art Director. My duties range from logo design, campaign concepts, interactive production, website connecting and design, flash animation, display banner ads. I also do a bit of mentoring with the designer and Senior designer in the shop as well as reviewing work by the production department and production manager. I basically do whatever needs to be done and step in and help other designers make their work better.

In the past year, I have decided that it is important for my career trajectory to make the jump to Senior Art Director. 4 months ago I had lunch with my CD and told my Creative Director that I wanted to be the Senior Art Director at the agency (the agency is growing very quickly and I wanted to be the one that grew into this position since we did not have one at the time). I was told that I would need to wait two years before I would be ready to be a Senior Art Director. I was also told that a Senior Art Director needs to be able to everything that an Art Director needs to do plus act as a mentor and developing concepts would become the most important part of that position as well.

Just after this lunch conversation with my CD the company hired on a Senior Art Director this, the company hired a new Senior Art Director. The new Senior Art Director cannot do flash, cannot draw, cannot do intensive photoshop production, he hasn’t ever even opened keynote or power point (by his own admission), he cannot draw, he does not sketch out his ideas first (he gets right on his computer and starts making his janky clip art designs).

Since this Senior Art Director started, I have developed three ad campaigns (each with three different concepts) approved by their clients, I have designed two big VIP invite packages approved by those clients, I have art directed and concerted a print campaign for one of his clients, I have designed 40 logos for a client that we both worked on and he produced 3 logos that incorporated clip art. I am basically bailing this guy out and designing circles around him and he is still my senior.

The problem is this. I am not learning anything from this Senior Art Director. He is not brining anything to the table for the department. He does not mentor the younger designers because he has nothing to offer. He does not know how to operate the software on his computer can hardly activate a typeface. He will work on maybe two jobs a week. Any advice on how I could talk to one of my four Creative Directors and or Chief Creative Officer about this would be much appreciated.


responsive div bg image with a blur

alright all...

suffering from fried head syndrome at the moment !! so hoping some bright eyed dev head can help me out here...

i have a responsive layout - all works great and as it should - no worries... but i need to add background images to three of the divs... which sounds easy enough but how do i make these background images responsive? i remember reading something about background-size: cover??? does that sound right?

there also needs to be a zoom and blur effect on the background images on hover/rollover...

been googling/stackoverflowing for a couple of hours now - not really getting there - all the code/snippets/tuts that i have found seem to be for image src not for background images...

anyone know the secret to these dark arts?!


Matthew Silver

I've been seeing more and more of this guy. He seems to be gaining some serious Notoriety. Has anyone actually seen him on the streets?

https:// width="425" height="355">


Nokia 130 Dual SIM

- -
Don't know why but I would like to have one of those 'telephone-only-but-solid-as-a-r... phone.

But no models available anymore. And this one won't be available in North America. I think it looks great.



What inspires our designers?

Our lead designer picks his favourite inspirational items. Noma Bar, Vaughn Oliver, Why Not and others all present and correct


My spider sense is tingling


QBN MO Drinks


Fake it til you make it

We've all be there,
so what ability have you told to a client, just so you could get a project,

then spent countless nights to make it happend


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