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      Darren Firth, the original founder of <a href="" >WIWP (Wearitwithpride)</a> has managed the brand and all its associated activities since its launch in 2003; from collaborative projects and promotions to full scale exhibitions and printed publications.

      Aside form these duties, Darren now works as an Art Director for the UK based studio <a href="" >"Six"</a>. In his role as a Snr Designer at his previous agency, he worked closely with brands such as Ben Sherman, Puma, Nike, Boxfresh, Portsmouth FC, Lee Cooper and Clarks Originals.

      Darrens <a href= >personal work</a> (under the name Keepsmesane / Sane) is an eclectic mix of prefered styles and has been featured in numerous international publications and exhibitions. He is a regular contributor to QBN, Reform & Revolution, <a href="" >Picked by SIx</a>, Computer Arts, NTMY and Crown Dozen.

      Darren was recently interviewed <a href="" >here</a>

      <a href="" >WIWP (Wearitwithpride)</a>
      <a href="" >Picked by SIx</a>
      <a href= >Sane</a>

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