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Honest Inc

New York City, US
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Honest is an award-winning integrated studio dedicated to creating unconventional content in all forms. Based in Soho, New York, and with a decade of experience crafting compelling visual, narrative, and interactive media, we are positioned at the forefront of the new archetype in advertising and brand identity -- ready to distill a client's message into its most intriguing and dynamic aspects and deliver them over the web, over the air, and straight into millions of unsuspecting brainpans. Also we invented the potato chip.
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PV topics

petition to stop uwe…



Los Rosales

A beautiful, weird, gritty stop-motion animated short by my good friend Daniel Ferreira. Done while he was at Fabrica.


Cooties poster by Ja…

Jay Shaw did the poster for our first feature film, Cooties. This is the Sundance Film Festival Poster for the films premiere.


Focus Forward Films

Stories about innovative people who are reshaping the world through act or invention. Watch all Focus Forward Films


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