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    My rant is more to do with the transfer of value. The richest people have got richer during this recession. The govt is trillions of dollars short on what it needs, tax cuts have left a huge hole in the budget, and everyone else is expected to either suffer cuts in services (for which they have paid). The collapse precipitated by deregulating financial instruments like derivatives was political negligence, as was the tax cuts for the rich that have ground our faces into the dirt and leave us on the brink of who-knows-what. Meanwhile, those people who benefited from the tax cuts are also those who benefited from the collapse.
    There has been a massive transfer of wealth upward, and I for one will eat bread and drink water and live without electricity if it meant that it would bring those fuckers down too. I'd eat shit and live in a burning, lawless urban dystopia if it meant that there wasn't an orchestrated band of cunts scheming and benefiting from my misery.

    • but is it wrong if they game the system, and do it legally?deathboy
    • it depends if you believe it's ethical to act politically and create a system that 'transfers value without permission.'.mikotondria3
    • (otherwise known as stealing. Is legalised theft wrong ? )mikotondria3
    • askign about solely the legal part. ethical is outside law. If we live by law than it seem justdeathboy
    • personally i prefer to act ethically. ethics based in philosophy and not gov law. why i blame gov more thandeathboy
    • the men gaming the system that society tells them they must follow by laws and rule of govdeathboy
    • peopel question the men and actions and not the values and law of society that set there path by ability and ambitiondeathboy
    • id suggest instead of blaming the man gaming the system. blame the system. ignore rich or poor but methods enabling disparitydeathboy
    • the disparity. if a man uses gov to his advantage is it more his fault or the gov. who should have more integritydeathboy
    • i like to think of greedy corp guy as a child and gov as the parent. The gov needs to say no.deathboy

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