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    You know what, I'm just going to sum everything up for the downtown area. For you, and for anyone else who actually ever visits.

    Habit Coffee & Culture on Pandora (pandora & government-ish)
    Street Level Espresso on Fort Street (Fort & Douglas-ish)
    Caffé Fantastico (Cook st. Village, Vic West or Quadra village)
    Fol Epi (not coffee, but delicious bakery who makes their own flour, and has a big brick oven. Euro-style bakery. In the same building as the Vic West Fantastico.)

    Mo:lé (right beside habit)
    ReBar Modern Food (in bastion square)
    Lady Marmalade (Johnson & Goverment)
    Floyd's (for greasy fry-ups Yates & Quadra)
    Blue Fox (Huge, cheap, organic breakfasts. Fort street, around fort and quadra.)

    fancier dining, at reasonable prices include:

    Brasserie L'ecole (on government by chinatown. Casual french dining, roughly $22 - $30 for a main)

    Café Brio (on fort street, near Fort & Vancouver) they have a 3 course dinner special after 6, set menu.

    Stage (in Fernwood village. Haven't been, heard it's good for wine / appy's.)

    Lucky - Younger crowd, good live music, small place, cheap drinks, gets out of hand, but in a good way.

    Element - Depending on the night you either have jocks, or hipsters dancing to electro.

    Plan B - Total douche bar, if you walk within 2 meters, you can smell testosterone.

    Social Club - See above.

    Red Jacket - Same deal as element.

    Upstairs - "faux riche" crowd. Some people find it entertaining, I think it's lame. Dress code.

    Darcy's Pub - Live music, loud atmosphere.

    Pubs / Sit down bars / Microbreweries.

    Canoe Club - good microbrew beer at a reasonable price, nice atmosphere.

    Swans - good beer, mostly quite a bit of an older crowd, ie. 40 - 70 after 8pm.

    Spinnakers - Haven't been, but I've had the beer. It's nice.

    Garricks Head - Working man's pub. Cheap beer, always has sports and or loud classic rock going. Jukebox here.

    Solomons - Small, new, fancy old classic style cocktails. They make their own maraschino cherries and cocktail onions. Definitely take care in their crafting of cocktails, try an old fashioned. Charcuterie plate is good, but I've not had the best experience with the rest of the menu.

    Ferris' Upstairs - Above the bar & grill portion, has a different food menu, nice atmosphere. Good place to have a few oysters and a cocktail before heading out.

    The Mint - Dark atmosphere, usually a DJ on weekends, mojitos are renowned, usually gets pretty busy around 11, as it's really the only place you can get food at that time.

    Big Bad John's - Awesome atmosphere, dirty photos, bra's, fake id's adorn the walls. Staff that seemingly doesn't give a shit about you, or where you came from. You throw your peanut shells on the floor. A place for either hardened regulars, or younger people there for the novelty.

    Smith's Pub - Chicken wings are pretty good, drink prices are ok. Loud atmosphere, but they play pretty good music. Brit-Pop, and a lot of 60's / 70's / 80's / 90's UK gems. Away from the core of downtown, so it's a nice escape.

    Food on the cheap

    Pig BBQ Joint (cheap, southern style BBQ, pulled pork, beef brisket etc.)

    Hernande'z (mexican cuisine)

    Pink Bicycle Burgers (on blanshard)

    Red Fish Blue Fish (Fish taco's, fucking ace, in fishermans wharf.)

    Ferris' Oyster Bar - Cheap food, good portions, always busy. A staple.

    Fiamo Italian Kitchen - Good atmosphere, decent food, across from ferris', beside lucky bar.

    The Joint Pizza - Post drunk food. Wholewheat crust, and all sorts of weird toppings, but done well.

    Second Slice Pizza - Nicknamed "ghetto slice" the pizza tastes like cardboard with sauce and cheese. $1.25 a slice, if you're really drunk and wandering around, chances are this can hit the spot.

    The Brickyard Pizza - Tends to be a little rowdy at night, they serve good pizza at $3.25 a slice, and good prices on beer. Also, they have hard bar now.

    I think that sums a lot of downtown victoria up.

    • I stopped caring about location, considering downtown is like, 6 square blocks.brains

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