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Spammer Report Hotline 26682668 Responses

Last post: 6 years, 1 month ago | Thread started: Jan 6, 09, 3:04 p.m.

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Out of context: Response #40 [Jan 6, 09, 3:04 p.m.]

  • silentseven

    Well what if you just cant post in the PC until you have X amount of PV post.

    • well, either way it will kill spam in the PCdesignerror1/6
      I just think the whole token thing might get a little messysilentseven2/6
      well, it if takes just 25 PV post to start spamming, it will be 25 random shit postsdesignerror3/6
      well hopefully by the 10th post or even the 5th QBN would know about it and ban their IPsilentseven5/6
      i thought public choice was a place to showcase your work and others
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