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    Not sure if I should post this here for not, I haven't been sleeping much lately and have been going for 1 and 2am jogs to help try and get me to sleep. During last nights jog after I saw a stop sign I had this idea, trouble is I don't know how to go about getting it printed/made into a sticker.

    I figure given the dimensions of a stop sign (30" wide, 'STOP' is 10" high, 3/4" border) I'll need the vinyl sticker to be about 6.5" x 12.5". The place I found wants to charge me roughly $2 per sticker, 250 minimum. :(

    Where can I get say, 50 made so that during my late night runs I can plant the "JOHN MCCAIN" sticker on stop signs a shown below?

    Is this even a good idea?

    • Great idea, I love stuff like this. you need to find a vinyl die cut provider.mg33
    • I figure even if I tried matching the red I could print red on white vinyl and it would just be a large rectangle. Right?somatica
    • ive seen people spray paint with stencils STOP...war, Bush, Rape etc etcfooler2
    • don't spend money on vinyl. just do paper stckers, even if you do black ink on white paper and slap it on a stop sign it will have the same effect.anxiousarms

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