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  • kaiyohtee

    I've had this issue with Indesign since forever and I'm wondering if it's just me.

    Why is it that when editing text within multiple paragraphs, whenever I go to the beginning of a paragraph to change the text, the preceding style ALWAYS applies to what I'm typing (despite being separate paragraphs)?

    It's annoying always to have to change the font after I type to match what I'm typing. Can this be fixed in styles? Is there invisible formatting happening at the beginning of paragraphs that ID does by default? IMO, paragraphs should be separate. Seems dodgy since we have plenty of other apps that don't do this.

    Am I making sense?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Gnash0

    If you ‘select all’ the type within a text box and apply a style, then anything new you key in gets that style.

    If you just copy/paste some text into a new text box, you haven’t changed the style of that box (each new box’s style is set by defaults). So your style will only stay consistent if it’s a continuation of the text you pasted in

    • Those invisible spaces in a new text box keep the default styleGnash
  • kaiyohtee0

    ^ hmmm, yeah, "dirty production" of those invisible spaces seems to be the cause. it doesn't happen all the time but often enough to be annoying.