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  • Ianbolton

    We're researching a project here in the studio where we have to find a way to display knives (for the kitchen, but nothing elite level) and it's proving to be quite a challenge. Obviously there are severe restrictions regarding safety and whatnot. Has anyone had any experience working on shop fittings and more precisely knife POS material? Any input would be greatly appreciated - you wonderful bunch of people.

  • spot132

    • No joke these are actually some of the best quality inexpensive knives out there. Made in Kentucky I believe. They outperform knives 2-3 x pricier_niko
    • hmmm now I just might need oneArchitectofFate
  • microkorg0

    What do you mean? so people can see the knifes but cant touch them? or can touch them but can't remove them away from the immediate display?

    Magnetic strips on the wall allows for display and removal to 'test'.
    Maybe if a chain was added to stop someone running away or amok with the knives ;)

    • Yeah, some way to see, maybe touch, but the test element is the tricky bitIanbolton
    • Especially if Shapesalad is right and everyone in danger of being knifed to deathIanbolton
  • BuddhaHat9
    • ha! I was thinking of some CNC routed insertable wood/veneer thing when I first saw this thread, but didn't have anything to back it up :)Nairn
    • I did some google searches after Ian posted this thread and this was the nicest and most different presentation of what I saw. Bonus for me, it's also in Oz!BuddhaHat
    • Nice. It's a weird request we've had, but totally relevant. How do you let customers feel and experience the knives without supervision?Ianbolton
    • Could you arrange to have blunted ones made for presentation, or would that just be too expensive?Nairn
    • KNIVE$ideaist
    • drool (those nakiri knives are fucking sexy), but personally I run with one expensive chef knife and an army of Kiwi's that are cannon fodder in the kitchen.garbage
    • For real, go to an local Asian market and find the Kiwi knives. Buy the cleaver, the 21 and the 22.garbage
    • They are amazing, and I've seen them in every kitchen of every high-end restaurant I've gotten to roam around in.garbage
    • Those Kiwi knives are cheap. Just bought the cleaver for $15.sausages
    • Ha, lemme know how you like it. It's my warhammer in the kitchen. Find excuses to use it.garbage
    • I have 6 or 7 Kiwis to go along with my fancy knives, my knives sit in a knife roll and the Kiwis are in the drawer for my partner to use. Kiwis are great.BuddhaHat
    • @buddha Big high five. We can further devolve into knife snobbery because my main fancy is a Wusthof classic pre-rebrand.garbage
    • Mind the mess, but everything about that baby is perfect.garbage
    • I just left Annandale and can confirm this shop is the absolute nuts.MrT