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    Buba Viedma is a graphic designer and illustrator from Madrid. He grew up in a neighborhood and a time when going out after sunset meant coming home without shoes. It was much more practical to stay at home watching cartoons, reading and, of course... drawing.
    In 2003, he grew tired of washing towels in a hotel basement and thought that working in the graphics business would be better for his back pain than load 200kg washing machines. He then began a long journey through printers, design studios and advertising agencies, while continuing to train as an illustrator and doing freelance work for small clients.
    In 2011 he started doing these freelance jobs under the brand Mentecalamar Studio. Here he could enjoy different styles and graphic languages ​​without the plastic restrictions of doing it under a personal signature. And that's how in early 2014 he decided to bet on the studio and work on his own. In her spare time he cleans his house, does the laundry, cooks and fights against evil; although it is enough to watch the news to realize that he does not have much time for that.
    Its client include Google, Brand & Roses, El País, GQ, Forbes, Yorokobu, ViñaRock, Samsung, LG, Bankia, Pepsi Max, Rayban, Maxibon, Ilunion, FOX TV, Odisea and National Geographic among others.