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  • Fax_Benson

    I'm looking at getting a decent replica because I've heard they're great for bad backs - but also that they're not so good if you're 6ft or taller.

    Any tall-ish types here own one?
    Recommend something else?

  • CyBrainX0

    My first ebay purchase from almost 20 years ago was a Herman Miller chair for $400. They seat started ripping and I thought I has to shell out a lot of money for a new or nearly new one but the prices haven't changed very much. I have a size B but size C might work for you. If you're in an office or can visit one, you might be able to try one for size. It turns out I can buy a replacement part for my chair for $200. I thought I was in for closer to $1000.


    • I'm 5'10 and size B is just small enough for me.CyBrainX
    • thanks - I'm talking about the lounge armchair with ottomanFax_Benson
    • Well damn. Maybe I should read things more than once.CyBrainX
    • no worries - everyone knows how tall you are now.Fax_Benson
  • cannonball19780

    Have a real one. They're not good for anything but lounging and even then lounging in one position.

    • so not your everyday TV, reading, sofa / armchair alternative? More of an occasional chair?Fax_Benson
    • if you get a replica i think your more prone to use it versus the statement piece aspect of the original. i find the replicas to be decent console gaming chairsjonny_quest_lives
    • my son loves the replica for lego star wars.jonny_quest_lives
    • I used it a lot for the tv but the issue is you’re loungelocked, versus getting a lounger thats easier to het in and out ofcannonball1978
  • jonny_quest_lives1

    Pros of owning the real thing: They always retain their value.

    Cons of owning the real thing: Once you have kids you'll be terrified of having a $5k+ chair in your home. it's nice to take comfort in owning the real thing if you are prepared to baby the fuck out of it and have no pets or kids. Hard to unload because they always retain their value so finding a buyer who will pay $5k for a used chair is a pain in the ass. So odds of reselling without dealing with a line of peeps offering you $1k is slim to none.

    Replicas: It's a replica... So get over that stigma because the above addresses that. Proportions are important. The closer to OG Eames proportions you get the happier you will be. a lot of replicas have baloon-ish armrests which stand out. also replicas are foam filled versus down filled so will require a lot of breaking in to get the comfort your back will need. "High-End Replicas" No such thing! don't spend over $700 for a replica. Manhattan home designs likes to claim near quality to the current Herman Miller but that's questionable at best.

    A current generation replica will also handle seating much better than a 1960s-1970s era original as the OG "era" 670-671 loungers need regular servicing/maintenance. Finding an older chair at an estate sale on the surface seems awesome until you find everyone is looking to score the same gem as you. Then you overpay... get it home and have a rubber mount disintegrate on you. quick google results put reconditioning costs upwards of $2000-300 depending on damage as well as level of restoration.

    This review pretty much sums up the above:

  • microkorg0

    Are they good for bad backs?

    I'd wanted one of these chairs for years. My wife deals in mid century furniture and when one of these loungers presented itself I said we should keep it for the house. It was the chair on it's own - no foot stool. IMO it needs the footstool to make it a comfy chair. It's a 'lounger' it's made for laying relaxing on with your feet up.
    Wasnt convinced so we sold it.

    FFD a few months then we got another, this time with a stool. Felt so much better.

    We only kept it for a few months too though as I didn't really find it 'as comfy as it looks'. Thats why I'm surprised you saying you've heard it's good for bad backs.

    • just what I've read online on a few furniture / design blogs.Fax_Benson
    • The only thing good for bad backs is a proper workout and stretching. Sorry to say this.

      Still the Eames is a lovely chair.
    • I guess that even through you are reclining and lounging it still keeps your back quite straight. Likley a lot better than a soft marshmallow sofa for posturemicrokorg
    • yeah, soft / lack of shape is no goodFax_Benson
  • Fax_Benson0

    Anyone own / tried one of these?

  • microkorg0

    The Finn Juhl Chieftain Chair is the one on my wishlist.
    First encountered one in New York and fell in love.
    Local store has one on display. Waiting for them to reduce it as ex-display stock - lol!

    • Ooh, that looks very low. Not sure I'd be able to get out of it.Fax_Benson
    • ^ oppaGnash