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  • nb

    I’m high up in the ranks, director level. All my experience is at agencies and before that was freelance.

    I have good agency experience but want to move to in house because I hear work-life balance is generally better. I find it easy to get interviews for agency jobs but I never get a single call back for in house. (Except at Amazon. Ew.)

    Any tips on getting my foot in the door?

  • StoicLevels0

    Just stay in your house.

  • CyBrainX0

    Can you exaggerate your experience to make it look as if you were in house recently?
    HR/Recruiters have such a narrow-minded view of people they can't imagine you can do just as good a job in house as at an agency.

    • Interesting. "Yes it was an agency but I worked on a lot of in-house products?"nb
    • I went from agency/freelance to in-house. Minor pay cut but much shorter weeks. See my kids in the mornings, evenings and weekends.sausages
    • Apply direct and sell your skills and experience. Can be hard to find good roles but fuck recruiters - theyre scum.sausages
    • I do apply directly, never get an interview.

      Recruiters maybe could get my foot in the door but I've never found them to be very good at matching people with o