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  • Calderone2000

    I'm trying to get a running start on Cinema 4D... what has been indispensible for you in learning this software? Tutorials, tips, what to learn first... all help is welcome.

  • shapesalad1

    Read the manual. Get confused. Follow tutorials, but find they are all for different past versions of C4D and the new one you're using has better and different ways of doing things. Follow tutorials only to realise you need a super PC with GPU's and octane or redshift or some such thing to get the same result. Give up.

    That's the general pattern.

    Best way to learn is to have a specific end goal. Say you wanted to model a Pencil, and make a 15" video clip of it bending, shattering, doing motion graphic looking stuff. You'd start with modelling tutorials, then texturing, then render settings and lighting, then animation and mograph stuff. Breaking down the task into each part and learning those parts through googling, tutorials on youtube, and reading the manual. Expect to be putting a vast amount of time into that.

    Personally, If starting from scratch, jump to Blender and learn that. Free, quick, getting vastly better than C4D on many aspects.

    • I'm skeptical about Blender being better. As a beginner I would make a small investment in something like Linkedin Learning or GSG+.CyBrainX
    • The manual is good for quick reference but it's not made for learning from scratch.CyBrainX
  • monNom1

    C4D tutorials:

    also +1 consider Blender, I think it's what you'll want to be on in the coming years. Extremely powerful now, and developing really fast.


    • I have to second the Blender comment. The only reason to learn (and pay for?) C4D is for freelance gigs where they use it. Hard to say how important that is..dkoblesky
    • Others here may know....but in terms of functionality...yeah Blender is every bit as good as C4Ddkoblesky
  • CyBrainX0

    I forgot to mention School of Motion. EJ Hassenfratz is a great teacher. And don't let these Blender proselytizers distract you.


    • LOL.....you can buy C4D if you want.....but Blender is as good for 3D....depends on your goalsdkoblesky
    • learning 3D is not simple. It is a commitment....you don't do it casually.dkoblesky
    • It's definitely not easy. I forget basic things after 12 years just because C4D is 80% of my brain and it's leaking.CyBrainX
    • Learning 3D is piss easy. I get people up and running in 3ds Max after a few hours. The real institutional knowledge comes from problem-solving and fixing shit.face_melter
  • Calderone20002

    I got the bend tool down and experimented a bit with lighting and rendering :-). But happy with the results so far... Thanks for the tips guys. Twistereli, Digital Meat and Fattu on Youtube helped me a lot to get some basic concepts in my fingers...

    • Nice!PhanLo
    • A little bevel on the edges will help make it more realistic for catching the light.PhanLo
    • Great work. Until R23 when they finally put helper arrows on the deformers to help you out, I got that bend deformer wrong every time.CyBrainX
    • You should animated these and use the jiggle deformer for the easing.