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  • colin_s

    Anyone else a fan of Marshall McLuhan? I've practically adopted "Understanding Media" as a bible since I first read it in college (~2001) and I feel that it's really the only way to accurately understand how the world operates these days - like, to understand media infrastructure and language is to be able to predict human behavior in the modern age.

    Like, for example, in America we're running PR campaigns for ourselves and living lives increasingly in the same format as our media institutions are structured. McLuhan states that all publishing is news - just that advertisements are the good news and so the content of newspapers are often negative to balance out with the endless positivity of ads.

    Now since capitalism has us all looking in the mirror and seeing a commodity first, we've adopted the structures of media to emulate in our own lives: social media as an endless personal branding of how good things are, or an ironic/meta acknowledgement of despair but in no serious manner; meanwhile our 'real' friends or anonymous message boards get the truth of our pain in search of anyone who understands (the way news reporters try and find someone to care about a story).

    Anyway, this is only one of the parallels, another being the entirety of US politics since 2016... and others simply being in how media (I believe) is a more dangerous drug than most of what we would classify as such, due to how different mediums can affect and distract the brain, and without literacy on these things we can be doomed to lose substantial aspects of our lives to pointless exchanges with light or sound.

    So talk about media here I guess. I'd love to hear what others think / have to say.

  • ideaist1

    “There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.”

    ~ Marshall McLuhan

    What a boss AND Canadian.

    • The two are not mutually exclusive.monNom
    • Being a boss AND being Canadian?!

  • dkoblesky2

    I love that there is a thread for this and would like to contribute something thoughtful in response to what colin_s wrote..but first

    I am loathe to post anything Woody Allen because he married his daughter (ok step daughter) so crossed a line there

    but I grew up with this movie which is great and this scene is great and belongs in this thread. Yes, that is the real Marshall McLuhan

    • This scene is so brilliant. I saw this in the theater when it came out.CyBrainX
    • not step daughter either, adopted daughter. which is also weird but probably less weird than Mia Farrow.fadein11
  • oey_oey0

    McLuhan changed my life.

  • nb3

    Love Woody Allen

    • he married his daughterdkoblesky
    • Yeah, she loved him too :PNonEntity
    • Uh, he’s a weird guy but he definitely didn’t “marry his daughter.”nb
    • I used to like him too. But it turns out to me almost the same film after film. Or I just couldn’t filter anymoreoey_oey
    • Definitely his newer work is just repeating the same old shtick. But I like it. He’s a genre.nb
    • He’s written & directed a film pretty much every year for like 60 years straight!!! And stayed semi-relevant. It’s very impressive.nb
    • boringgarbage
  • dkoblesky-3 is a scenario...listen up nb

    You get in a relationship with a woman your age (you are 45) and spend a lot of time at her house, but not living there.

    She has many children, some her own some adopted. You have children with her. But you do not marry and keep separate homes.

    One adopted daughter is 10 when you start your relationship with this woman, who you have children with. When this adopted daughter is around 15 you start taking her to Knicks games and paying a lot of attention to her. When she turns 18 you take some nude photos of her that your partner finds. You then announce that you are having an affair with the adopted daughter, who is now 18. You are mid 50s. You say to the press "The heart wants what it wants," by way of explanation

    I would put it this way...'my dick wants what it wants. I am rich and famous and I wanted to fuck this girl. deal with it'

    They marry, which in my opinion he had to do to maintain any modicum of respect and to avoid getting sued into bankruptcy and maybe put in jail

    You can read this young woman's account and all the apologists and I do not have anything bad to say about her. She was a kid. He was a man in his 50s. Her story is not his.

    This is about what he did. In what way is this possibly ok?


    Love to hear your answer

    • Wow, McLuhan was a creep! I had no ideanb
    • Seriously, what would you like me to do about this situation? Happy to help in any way I cannb
    • you said that he did not marry his daughter, suggesting that you support Woody Allen in this. that is why i wrote thisdkoblesky
    • I cannot abide apologist for men like thisdkoblesky
    • 'weird guy'dkoblesky
    • lolwut I don't support him in this! You claimed that he married his daughter, I merely corrected your false statement.nb
    • Disapproval or even hatred of someone doesn't give you the right to make shit up about themnb
    • ok, you got me. he did not 'literally' marry his daughter. but was what he did in any way ok?dkoblesky
    • I don’t know, you brought it upnb
    • I guess you will not be honest here. Thing is. Woody Allen is not a 'weird guy' He should be seen for what he is. An older guy who preys on young girls.dkoblesky
    • His career should have ended. He should be excoriated. End. I will stop now. I think I made my point.dkoblesky
    • I disagree. They’ve been married 23 years. It was open season on directors & I don’t recall any young actresses accusing him despite his working with everyonenb
    • Obviously his turn on is “that which I can not have” and yeah inappropriate to move in on his now wife but who are we to say their love isn’t real. 23 years.nb
    • And you want to cancel his career? Jeez man. On the great list of shitty things this is not even in the top 1000nb
    • ummm...check out that idea that no one else has said anythingdkoblesky
    • that was weird as fuck and I sincerely disconnected till I saw that Owen Wilson movie. but I stopped following.oey_oey
    • that was weird as fuck and I sincerely disconnected till I saw that Owen Wilson movie. but I stopped following.oey_oey
    • 23 years...I'll be damned.oey_oey
  • Bennn0

    The medium is the message

  • nb2