Vaping CBD?

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  • jagara

    As a life-long sufferer of some pretty industrial-strength anxiety, I decided to give CBD vaping a go.

    I've tried the oil for oral consumption, but the effect is either very mild, or non-existing.

    Bought a vape starter kit, and am puffing away. I think i am experiencing some of the effect I'm after, but it could be placebo.

    Any experience? Opinions, tips, tricks?

  • Nairn1

    Let it loll around your mouth, especially under your tongue to encourage sublingual absorption, perhaps?

    • Also works for semen - get pregnant faster!
    • lolsted
    • I know. Still, weak or no effect. And yes, used it daily for weeks.jagara
    • You will build up a tolerance, and given CBD on its own is inherently not strong, you might benefit from a break. Also, perhaps try another brand?Nairn
    • I have a friend who sells CBD and he tells me there's a lot of shit on the market.Nairn
    • Well, I could try another brand. But a tiny-ass bottle costs me 1200 DKK (200 USD). So trying various brands is not exactly cheap...jagara
    • Jesus, that's a lot! I'd not pay more than £50 for a bottle, if I were buying.
      FYI This is my friend's business..
    • @nairn is your mate's product kosher? i'm curious to try cbd for shoulder pain, but have zero trust in any product out there.hans_glib
    • If it isn't I'll get him to refund you your investment. But yes - they take it very seriously (my old shroom crew, essentially).Nairn
    • I'd assume that whatever holland & barrett, etc, sell, must comply with basic standards though? Ordering over the internet's a different story.Nairn
    • i figured h&b shit would be generic and fairly useless, like most of the rubbish they sellhans_glib
    • Is it? I don't use them much, but for the few things I have, they've not done me wrong. What have you had from them that's been shit?Nairn
    • I do know that the St. John's Wort and some other chemical thing they sold, when they were allowed, worked a fucking charm.
      That was a long time ago though.
    • I use this brand, it seems very legit:…jagara
  • monospaced0

    Try weed.

    • I have. Amplifies the anxiety. Not for me.jagara
    • Hrm, Indica-strains with higher THC balances won't be great for anxiety though, if quelling it is the aim.
      'Try moroccan hashish' I'd suggest.
    • jagara - if you'd care to try again, I'd suggest having the CBD vape prior and post smoking a bit of weed.Nairn
    • Yes, various strains. Pot. Hash. Nah...jagara
    • I am not trying to get high, I'm trying to relax.jagara
    • The trick is not to think about what it's doing too much, which anxiety makes tricky, I appreciate. Have you tried CBD chocolate?Nairn
    • No to the chocolate.jagara
    • I see. I have heard mixed results on CBD with some people claiming total snake oil. Weed is guaranteed CBD plus bonus THC :) best of luck!monospaced
    • I wish I had advice for anxiety. You must be dealing with some pretty big issues. I hope to goodness you can overcome them and find peace.monospaced
    • Not all cannabis contains CBDscarabin
    • I was not aware of that.monospaced
  • ideaist1

    Try a CBD / THC hybrid.

    Everyone has a different mix of what they want/need.

    I prefer a higher CBD blend these days as the feeling of being "stoned" (like you) incites anxiety in me these days, where as in my "golden years" it had the opposite affect.

    Health is wealth; mentally and physically my man / @jagara.

    : )

    • You can also try some oil; toss it in your tea/coffee BUT tread lightly.

      "Sip it, don't rip it" is my motto especially trying a new blend for the first time.
    • A CBD / THC hybrid vape oil? Those aren't available here. Not legally, at least...jagara
    • But thanks :)jagara
    • Sorry, it's edible oil. Like drop a bit in your mouth and it absorbs in your system.

      I'm in Canada, SOOO it's all legal.
    • Look for Harle-Tsu strain. High CBD, low THC, hard to get stoned from it.TheGreatGlorpo
  • nb1

    I’ve never tried CBD but you might want to try growing your own weed or buying some natural garden weed that the young people don’t want because it’s too weak. “Natural” weed is wonderfully chill.

    • We call this "ditch weed"; I agree. IF it looks alien (crazy hairs/crazy crystals/etc.), it's 100% going to fuck you up.

      Again, "Sip it, don't rip it".
    • Here’s a good cultivar for CBD. Looks like these prerolls come with seeds?

    • ^ it has very low THC levels so it won’t fuck you upscarabin
  • mg332

    I'm a huge proponent of CBD and have been using tinctures and vape pens for the past year. I like vaping better than drops under my tongue.

    I'm really fond of the vape pens from Social CBD - they have a Focus version and a Relax version, and I swear to Zod that they both do exactly what they say. 5-6 second puff of the Focus to start my work day, and all my OCD, procrastination, lazy approach to most stuff I do just fades away.

    It's funny to post this now; I just took a break from working on a deck for a presentation, and just realized how locked into it I was and have been for the last hour. I have trouble focusing sometimes, but once I get locked in, I don't slow down and I love that feeling.

    CBD is a fantastic thing. I've even made my own tinctures at home using a high CBD / no THC strain of flower and put that in my coffee in the morning.

    • Zod bless younb
    • Weed is how I monotask.
      When partner was pregnant, I took a while off and remembered exactly why it was I started in the first place.
    • I suspect I'd be labelled as ADHD or whatever other bullshit psyche appraisal there is, at some level, without it.Nairn
    • Nairn, I've developed some form of that as I've gotten older. Not diagnosed or anything - just my core traits are procrastination and laziness...mg33
    • and if I legit have OCD and elements of ADHD, I've never been tested, but looking at ADHD symptoms, yeah, I've got some of those.mg33
    • ADHD is a real thing. I have it, and it's a bitch.jagara
    • eh, I'm not denying its symptoms - as i say, I have something like it. I'm just not hot on…
    • It's a real disorder. Decades of research and real science behind it, and if you're going to link a book, at least link the DSM-5.garbage
    • It's not just a "well sometimes I procrastinate" thing. It's a "my head is a TV set and somebody is sitting on the remote" thing, and the off button is broken.garbage
    • I'm unsure what part of my agreement here that is so hard to comprehend.Nairn
    • Well we don't agree that it's a "bullshit psyche appraisal".garbage
    • The name is. Like it's some singular Platonic construct that somehow neatly describes and therefore controls and constrains The Problem.Nairn
    • ...calling it ADHD controls and constrains "The Problem"? What the hell are you talking about?garbage
    • fuckit.Nairn
  • BK0

    I'm a big fan of CBD tinctures.

    Vaping CBD just feels like unnecessary lung damage.

  • scarabin1

    What i’m told is that with CBD it’s not what you feel, it’s what you DON’T feel. Apparently it makes anxiety and pain disappear but you won’t notice any physical or psychoactive effects.

    This of course makes the bullshit hairs on the back of my neck rise, but that’s what they say. I really wanna get a straight CBD cart for my father-in-law who’s always complaining of back pain to see if it has any effect on him.