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  • Fax_Benson19

    Ever mistakenly assume you'd won a job before actually winning a job?

    I've been getting impatient with a client for not supplying content, signing contract and paying deposit invoice.

    Just realised the lack of reply might be because they're still talking to other people.

    • shit, wrong thread.Fax_Benson
    • anyone can delete?Fax_Benson
    • Upvote and comment.palimpsest
    • Bet they voted ToryBluejam
    • Metaphor for BREXIT?jmckinno
    • The army have just asked if I need any helpFax_Benson
    • Haha, D minus for reading comprehensionBrabo_Brabo
    • they're just seeing if they can get it cheaper from someone on a 6 month visahans_glib
    • This all sounds very familiar.utopian
    • Once the proposal has been sent the next stage is contract and deposit.Chimp
  • zarkonite10

    • You can feck right off with that. Doing my head in.shapesalad
    • There’s a continent of fat between the Pacific and Atlantic... google it, it’s called USA.shapesalad
    • Yeah I know, USA isn’t a continent. But bugger me.shapesalad
    • The English are so insecure, they have to make fun of fat people to get over their fucked up teeth.canoe
    • The UK is a festival toilet you can smell from Canada.face_melter
    • lolAQUTE
    • Trash or rubbish?Chimp
    • our subjects rarely show respect.fadein11
    • Bit salty in here this morning, did something happen overnight?faxion
    • Why do so many Americans think we have bad teeth? We have free fuckin healthcare! I seen more folks in the US with shit teeth (i lived in the US for a bit)necromation
    • Because shows like Coronation St. or Eastenders where everyone looks like an Eldritch horror have teeth like a smashed public toilet.face_melter
    • From when, the 1950s? you tripping! Not everyone has shiny white teeth american game show host! i have no idea where this bollocks comes fromnecromation
    • Pre-1950's. It's from when all the GIs came over in WW2 and we didn't yet have the NHS. Nowadays general dental health is better in the UK than US.Nairn
    • Not that I imagine most Yanks know that - they just regurgitate whatever they learn from The Simpsons.Nairn
    • In my Grandfolks day in Scotland, people not even in their 40s were 'gifted' getting all their teeth removed, to be replaced with shiny white dentures.Nairn
    • haha nairn... my nan's dentures provided so much entertainment as a small child, and my grandad's come to think of it.fadein11
    • no inappropriate comments please :)fadein11
    • necro, the people you saw in the US with shit teeth were from the UK.face_melter
    • they only pretended to be from the US out of embarrassment.face_melter
    • Why are American so fat? Fat lazy American cunts.Khurram
    • ^^ The Irish are worse. Ugly inbred sister fuckers. "Ooh! We're dying! We only know how to eat potatoes!." And they breed like fucking rats. Vermin.Khurram
    • The UK is right up there next to the USA with obesity. lolmonospaced
    • well, not exactly up there, but not far, and climbing :)monospaced
    • https://imagez.tmz.c…fadein11
    • British people can now go to Turkey and get gleaming white gumshields, it's a game changer for our burberry teeth.PhanLo
    • doubt we'll need teeth long term. increasingly plant-based diet. Maybe just one top and one bottom tooth. Internal beaks.Fax_Benson
    • I mean 'we' as a species - not just Brits.Fax_Benson
    • Mono, the idea of massively obese people managing to climb anywhere gave me a chuckle. Climbing in and out of bed must be a daily challengeIanbolton
  • PhanLo7

  • BANKattack9

    flat was destroyed by flooding on monday - in central london (maida vale) - lost a lot. Place is being gutted. Climate change is real, yo'

  • Bluejam17

  • PhanLo19

  • Bluejam17

  • Bluejam9

    Meanwhile Norwegian fishermen ...

    “In consequence, there will be no British-caught Arctic cod sold through chippies for our national dish – it will all be imported from the Norwegians, who will continue to sell their fish products to the U.K. tariff-free while we are excluded from these waters. Quite simply, this is a disgrace and a national embarrassment,” Sandell said.…

    • We're taking back our fish!PhanLo
    • It's incredible. The fishing industry has been royally screwed.fadein11
    • There won't be any fish left in the sea in 10yrs yet we are constantly fucking fighting with other countries about who gets to catch the last few.Hayzilla
    • first one to catch them all wins, right?Fax_Benson
    • "national embarrassment”
      Is it an embarrassment when it's entirely expected of a government of half-wit toffs & useful idiots, who are almost exclusively...
    • vulture capitalists with little of no personal stake in the fishing industry? The UK really is the perfect storm of the worst people at the controls...Wolfboy
    • at the wrong time plus an electorate who are in a state of perpetual ignorance when it comes to politics and the consequences of listening to spivs & grifters.Wolfboy
    • On the plus side, today I learned of the existence of Scottish pelagic fishing barons.Nairn
    • As a Yank, yes. Your incompetent and corrupt politicians and your moronic fellow citizens can be an embarrassment on an international scale.garbage
    • The corner bar serves a legit fish and chips, and I'll have some in solidarity when the day is done.garbage
    • the sandell woman tho is in charge of one of those massive industrial trawlers (apparently it catches 1/12of all cod and haddock in the uk)hans_glib
    • so i think we need to read her comments in that light. this in no way excuses the uk govt's uselessness tho.hans_glib
    • Nairn, the other week it was Bottle Merchants, this week it’s Scottish Pelagic Fishing Barons. HahaIanbolton
    • In the words of Bernard Manning ‘it’s a fucking disgrace’Ianbolton
    • ^ lol yesBluejam
  • Bennn7

    • ouch :Dsted
    • Lol. HP Sauce is as wild as it getsPhanLo
    • “Nah, we’re good”

      *boils dessert*
    • The spices were to give to the Dutch in exchange for America. Stupid colonies. Have a mince pie.MrT
    • I spent half a day shop hopping to find a bottle of this. Apparently worcester is not that popular in the uk, or so I was told.…cherub
    • Eventually my missus weaned me off the worcester and got me to like that malt stuff. So I doused my chips in malt instead.cherub
    • I'm always on the lookout for L&P in Oz, usually in the foreigners' aisle. Most UK chippy vinegar is 'non-brewed condiment'. Get a bottle of proper stuff!MrT
    • @cherub: that's total bollocks. you can find worcestershire sauce in supermarkets everywhere. an essential ingredient.hans_glib
    • and hp sauce, branston pickle, piccallili etc (and mince pies) need a tons of spice, so ner.hans_glib
    • Never get high on your own supplymilfhunter
    • also. as a seafarer and island nation, all they could come up with is deep fried battered fish with chips and vinegar ? look at japan ffsd_gitale
    • Out of interest, what's Canada's contribution to culinary extravagance - cheese curd and gravy on chips?Nairn
    • I spend a month or so in Italy each year - food's great, if you like Italian. If you don't, well, you're stuffed, because that's all you're getting.Nairn
    • The UK flattens India, rapes the land and subjugates the populace and the best they can come up with is Coronation Chicken.face_melter
    • @face, which did evolve into baltis and chicken tikka masala to be fair so wasn't all bad (joke).fadein11
    • Haggis is kind of spicy.PhanLo
    • The descendants from the idiots of the past empire, are the upper class of the UK today, in the houses of Lords and Parliament, hence the continued fucking up.shapesalad
    • @fade - but also, we have some of the best Indian food in the world. Even our average stuff from the local takeaway is more interesting than most countries haveNairn
    • I'd say beyond Tikka Massala, pseudo-Balti and coronation fucking chicken, the one thing 'we've' added to the world is BIR Gravy. Total cultural osmosisNairn
    • My Italian in-laws make a 'curry' that is literally just curry powder, cream and some [in my opinion] underdone onions. It's OK. What we had in the early 70s.Nairn
    • oh nairn, I'm from B'ham, I know. I ate more curry growing up than English food (well not quite). I gave to simple examples, although baltis are fantastic herefadein11
    • also in the right place.fadein11
    • *twofadein11
    • I guess my point was both dishes were invented by Indian immigrants here, they don't exist in india.fadein11
    • (or Pakistani, Kashmari etc. if people get technical)fadein11
    • God it's late, I am finally finishing work, hope any of that that made sense, knackered :)fadein11
    • *correction - balti did not originate here, I've been lied to my whole life.fadein11
  • lowimpakt5

    Spending 100s millions on "food parcels" for people living in poverty where the allocated is £30 per person but the boxes have about £5 worth of food and the rest is taken as profit by the company whose CEO is a massive Tory donor is ALMOST peak Tory fuckery

    This is a Free School Meals bag that has to cover 10 days

    • What's the company?Morning_star
    • lol, 2 potatoes ?i_was
    • more info here…
    • The Tories need to be fucking destroyed. Every single one of them.face_melter
    • company in questions is Chartwells…
    • To be fair, Chartwells were quick to respond and are now investigating. They're part of the large Compass Group.Morning_star
    • You'd perhaps forgive them if stuff like this happened once or twice in unprecedented times, but it's been pretty much everything since the pandemic began.fadein11
    • Absolute cunts. As if the amount of food wasn't agreed with ministers first.fadein11
    • tO Be fAiR... no. There's no fair about this. People, multiple people, took the decision and thought this was ok.face_melter
    • Do you think there was a fucking rogue food box saboteur and managed to get this through without anyone else noticing?face_melter
    • Turns out (after talking with someone who has worked with Compass Group brands) that Chartwells used to be called Scolerest and were the epicentre of the...Morning_star
    • ...Turkey Twizzlers/Shite Nutrition debacle that Jamie Oliver was behind a few years back. There are utter, utter profit driven cunts. So you're right...Morning_star
    • ...face_melter there's no need to be fair .Morning_star
    • if this is true it's an utter disgrace.hans_glib
    • huge tory donor and CEO was on Cameron's Business Advisory Group...fadein11
    • https://www.theguard…neverscared
    • Would love to see what the chefs on Ready Steady Cook would come up with using these ingredients.shapesalad
    • Sick.jtb26
    • 10 days? Christ. Do you have food banks over yonder?jtb26
    • People who would have been in the church rinsing folks cash 40 years back have realised charity work is easier to grift the poor without all the jesus stuff.PhanLo
    • You should see their school meal substitutes - not even enough nutrition to support an adultSlashPeckham
    • ffs makes Dickensian gruel look like a healthy optionNonEntity
    • ^ I was going to say, what is it with you Brits and your penchant for Victorian-style abject cruelty, anyway? This is fucking jaw-dropping.Continuity
    • ^ It's the 'British Establishment believing poor people will spend cash on booze and cigarettes... that's why these food parcels are being sent out like thisSlashPeckham
    • It's a fucking embarrassment is what it is. But totally unsurprising from the current particularly toxic manifestation of the conservative party, Rees-Mogg isfadein11
    • likely masturbating right now.fadein11
    • Booze and cigarettes seem a pretty reasonable way to cope with the barbarism of the 'British Establishment', all things considered.Continuity
    • ^ True but it almost never happens. During WWII the rations people were given were far better than this.. maybe because there was no profit motive..SlashPeckham
    • In fact for the poorest people nutrition/health improved in WWII... this is far below that watermark. I fucking hate the tories!!SlashPeckham
    • Is this related to what Marcus Rashford is doing? Or is he doing his own thing?stoplying
    • Some Facts: hampers were put together last week based on the cost of a free school meal allowance - £2.34 per pupil per day (which is £11.70 a week) NOT £30Morning_star
    • Rashford campaigned for free school meals to continue in the holidays successfully. He most certainly has nothing to do with this awfulness.fadein11
  • _me_5

    • SwolePhanLo
    • Paging sureshotFax_Benson
    • Goutjmckinno
    • Trumpskinutopian
    • Camilla's always smilingMrT
    • sausagesmilfhunter
    • nonce-sausagesPhanLo
    • One in the thoughts, three in the prayers.mort_
    • Is that gout - What causes this? Aside from inbreedingGnash
    • Gout is usually more blistery, but maybe royal gout is different.garbage
    • Look like edema - severe water retention spurred on by anything from liver / kidney disease / very fancy diets / diabetes / age / etc.garbage
    • Is that Meghan?Longcopylover
    • Username checks outsausages
    • Lord SucroseJrdntnnr
  • neverscared7

    • MET Police making the Keystone Kops look respectable ... what a fucking shitshowBluejam
    • Mental.Brabo_Brabo
    • Chaotic. Every copper should be, at least, a bjj blue belt.Brabo_Brabo
    • fuckinfunkin cuntmilfhunter
    • Aaaaand that’s why they don’t have guns. Can you fucking imagine.Morning_star
    • blow job blue belt? wat?

      It would certainly be crowd-calming measure, I guess.
    • that girl yanked the polly man lolAQUTE
    • New World Order is so organised. LolszzzzzPhanLo
    • Ugh! I think it’s “fair” that cops don’t use guns but basically just brawl with the protesters. I mean, unless someone pulls put a knife or sthn (?)maquito
    • And, I see a guy with a yellow badge at 0:05, and plenty of fred perry shirts. I don’t think I understand anything anymore.maquito
    • What is going on here? I am very confused.Longcopylover
    • they're only cops with sticks, just fucking lay into them.face_melter
    • Haha, says the effette wee chud.Brabo_Brabo
    • get back under your fucking rock, you mewling cunt.face_melter
  • BaskerviIle11

    I made a little timeline of Covid in the UK so far, as a visual person I wanted to see the various lockdowns etc at a glance:

    • niceBluejam
    • It would be nice to see other things on there like travel restrictions and mask mandates plus the death rate.Chimp
    • Nice graphic :)Chimp
    • yeah, I did want to put comparative hospitalisations and death rate etc but it was already pretty clutteredBaskerviIle
    • What's clear is the the only time case numbers fall is from lockdown and/or vaccination. Numbers rising despite vaccination + lifting restrictions is worrying.BaskerviIle
    • More info:…grafician
    • So...lockdowns work.grafician
    • Nice work Baskerville.MrT
    • The was no UK lockdown, each region varied by weeks before and after on measures... Would be better to keep it just englandkingsteven
    • Then you could map on school closures, masks etc... Your probably loosing some accuracy as iskingsteven
    • it looks from the spikes that you're maybe using the data from the day it was submitted rather than by date collectedkingsteven
    • There was also no real lockdown in Madrid after March 2020.Chimp
  • Gardener10

    • it's not cut - it never grew due to lack of sunlightFax_Benson
    • Irn-Bru is a great weed killerNonEntity
    • ^ hahaha amazing. Turns out bubble gum water kills more than taste buds.garbage
    • If local councils do this, you are damn straight countries are going to do it!Hayzilla
    • DO NOT CALL IRN-BRU BUBBLEGUM WATER, YOU CUNT. First time I heard that comparison, at ~25 I was horrified. Slightly true, almost entirely not.Nairn
    • More like an ever-so slightly bubble-gummy version of mediterranean san/kan bitters. more bitter, like the heritage.Nairn
    • lol @ "more bitter, like the heritage". It has a Peruvian cousin called Inca Kola. Tastes exactly the same.garbage
    • And I actually like it if its freezing cold, but as soon as it starts to warm up the bubblegum flavor really sings.garbage
    • Just, don't. That shit hurts quick.Nairn
    • ha I'm confused now. Do you like it or not?garbage
    • ignore him, he's from gibraltahans_glib
    • I used to love it - can't drink it any more because of artificial bloody sweeteners added because of sugar tax. Going to look out for Inca Kola - thanks!Nairn
    • np. Any Peruvian place will have it, it's their national soda. They'll slap down a whole chicken and a 2 liter Inca Kola. It's pretty amazing.garbage
    • There's a wee South American community down the road from my studio, so give me n excus to go get some fatty snacks too! Thanks for the headsup!Nairn
    • Welcome welcome. If it's a traditional place, they'll have aji verde which is an amazing sauce. Ask for the green stuff and you can't go wrong.garbage
  • Bluejam10

  • kingsteven6

    was hoping someone else would post this for a few days as it's just fucking depressing...

    just doing your job, for years, you've put in the work and are now running a local branch, your employer installs a new computer system that shows a shortfall on your accounts, you are suspended from your job, employer takes you to court for theft, court asks you to prove you didn't steal money because the computer system says you did.

    your employer is the post office, which successive Labor and Conservitive govt's are privatising and marketing to the public as 'modernisation'. an act passes through parliament and your employer is now a private company called Consignia and the government sets up a postal regulator, Postcomm, to offer licences to private companies to deliver mail. The IT supplier (Fujitsu) continue to claim that the system can not be wrong. The courts put the burden of proof on you to prove that you did not steal, but you have no access to the new or old IT system... you get prosecuted, loose the only job you've ever known and sent to prison.

    2021 Turns out the post office knew there were massive problems with the system, but continued to prosecute one employee a week for 14 years. ruining their lives, sending many to prison.

    "Dozens of postmasters accused of theft by Post Office due to faulty IT system have convictions overturned."…

    • Remember listening to a documentary with some of the people fighting the convictions years ago. Crazy.Fax_Benson
    • yep big payouts coming and yep, this is uk life, a big suck hole.shapesalad
    • It's shocking isnt it! some died in prison I read somewhere else. were they suicides?microkorg
    • We are pretty much all living in failed states...necromation
    • Similar thing happened in Australia with automating welfare payment evaluations. The system was completely flawed and people we being asked to repay huge sumsthumb_screws
    • that they didn’t have. No human oversight from a conservative government with an end goal of privatisation. So many people committed suicide,thumb_screws
    • had mental break downs and we’re completely fucked over. Our current PM was in charge of it but there’s fuck all being done about it.thumb_screws
    • yeah this was absolutely insane and in normal times would be dominating the news. Horrific.fadein11
    • or should be dominating the news...fadein11
    • What a horrible story! (I slightly know the feeling of fighting against windmills which somehow often occurs when you deal with large companies.)SimonFFM
    • Jeeesus!! I really hope that some heads roll for this. The RIGHT heads, though.Projectile
    • Newman.StoicLevels
  • grafician4

    BREAKING: EU and UK reach historic Brexit deal

    • Boooooooshapesalad
    • cor blimey guvnor, it weally is cwissmasFax_Benson
    • Only Trump make the best deals.utopian
    • Oh my gord brexit is so boring. Move on peoplenb
    • No you don't get it, I posted the news here because the deal is not that great from what I've read lolgrafician
    • plus is needs to be ratified by all the EU countries and UK Parliament and a lot more so UK still fuckedgrafician
    • aaah whatever, cheers! Happy brexit boys!grafician
    • We wish EU a Merry Brexmas!Krassy
    • 5 years until 2026 another transition periodgrafician
    • *laughs in Swedish passport*face_melter
    • Lol krassyscarabin
    • prehistoric dealneverscared
    • So glad I got my Spanish residency a few years!Chimp
    • Now watch as everyone actually reads the deal and figures out how shit it is.yuekit
  • BaskerviIle3

    • 3 months pass, delta+ variant takes hold and we do a 180 going into the next lockdown, biggest embarrassment for the UK gov in historykalkal
    • We are well and truly fucked...but I love Limmy for this and the gammons who don't realise his satireBaskerviIle
    • Never heard of him but I'm really glad it's satire lolkalkal
    • He's a Scottish comedian, had a show on the BBC, used to be a web designer before he switched to comedyBaskerviIle
    • And most importantly he used to be a member here:…BaskerviIle
    • Ah, was lurking around that time and had no idea. Never really watch the beeb anyhow.kalkal
    • i only disagree with 'biggest embarrassment for the UK gov in history' because really... how can you tell anymorekingsteven
    • ...."so far"kalkal
    • @kalkal, and it won't be the delta, it will be something worse after letting it run free all Summer. Let's see how popular he is when strict lockdown enforcedfadein11
    • in Sept/Oct.fadein11
    • @Fadein agreed but I watered it down to something that exists already. The virus will be exposed to a mostly vaccinated population and forced to mutatekalkal
    • i'm all in favour - it's time to find out how good the vaccines actually are.hans_glib
    • vaccines aren't the issue though, cases are massively increasing daily, never had so many people I know with covid since the start right now. The spread willfadein11
    • lead to worse variants. It's the messaging and the blanket ending of restrictions which is so stupid.fadein11
    • The UK petri dishkalkal
    • Plague Island™Bluejam
    • Limmy is a modern era Rabbie BurnsmrAtor
    • Rabbie Burns x Rab C NesbittNonEntity
    • Just WFH and take a position against GBP, sit back and profit.shapesalad
    • TBH, my main position on wanting to keep the country closed is because I like working at home lol.kalkal
    • Will be another lockdown over winter. Loads of cases in schools n nurseries currently. Boris saying folk double vaccinated wont have to self isolatemicrokorg
    • so they can spread it to whomever lol. 30% of hospitalised cases of new variants are folk who have been double vaccinated.microkorg
    • watch us all be wrong and Lims has lost his mind. Dee Dee is the real Limmy.garbage
    • Just got his show randomly only Google recs. It's alright. When I can understand him.kalkal
    • Take a bus to Yoker.garbage
  • fadein1111

  • shapesalad0
    • For those outside of the UK, these folks are the default average type you see, especially up north.shapesalad
    • When people talk about the UK general population, this is what 80% of that looks like.shapesalad
    • They reproduce quicker than most so expect that figure to be 90% in a few years.Chimp
    • We see them around here on vacation in the Summer, getting shitfaced and being loud at 3AM in the mornings

      Nasty people

      Irish lads much better btw
    • Ahh the working class. We are sooo much better than these people right guys?!Hayzilla
    • I'd like to be able to upvote your comment hayzillafadein11
    • Accidental rennaissancescarabin
    • As would I...
      ...smug much, QBN?
    • New Corrie spinoff?i_monk
    • comments.…
    • @shapesalad...'for people outside the UK'....'average type' ...'up north'...'80% of general population'.
      You are the Daily Mail's wet dream. Bravo.
    • @scarabin yes!Krassy
    • I speak from experience having grown up around them in the same life situation. Except I paused looked around and though ‘fuck this shit’ and bettered myself.shapesalad
    • Which then resulted in ‘who do you think you are?’ When you very slightly try to better yourself. These people are scum and keep those around them at scum levelshapesalad
    • So fuck them. And fuck you for saying I’m a dailymail snob. The irony is - these are exactly the audience dailymail goes after. Hence brexit and Boris.shapesalad
    • And these people are less likely to be working class. More likely to be benefits class.shapesalad
    • The Sun demographic perhaps, The Daily Mail NOPE.fadein11
    • Congrats on bettering yourself though, you seem so happy with your life choices.fadein11
    • It has its moments.shapesalad
    • @shape...your implication is that somehow this particular fracas is unique to ‘the scum’. Whereas the reality is, is that I’ve seen this exact scenario...Morning_star
    • out at both Ascot and Henley Regatta. The only difference being the braying cunt ‘scum’ at Ascot & Henley we’re dressed better. Scum is scum despite ...Morning_star
    • standing and money..Morning_star
    • My question is... Why is this news?pango
    • Why we paying attention to it?pango
    • ah liek tiddiesjagara