Dell XPS 15 — the new one / MBP 16"

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  • craigatkinson0

    here's a twist...

    I can get a new Dell XPS 17", 2tb 64gb, RTX 2060 6GB 10th i7 for £2600 inc 4 yr on site support

    The as-equivalent-as-there-is MBP would be £3800, refurb, inc apple care

    hate first-world decisions! Also don't like file explorer on windows — why there is no column view is a mystery.

    • as standard, Dell seem to offer 10% cash back as an alternative to returningcraigatkinson
    • y'know you can install alternatives to windows explorer, right? or bind two instances to each side of your monitor, wham 'column view'.Nairn
    • oh how?...tell me!craigatkinson
  • feel1

    I got an 15" dell i7 alienware, its still kicking since 2016, gave it to my wife to replace her old mac that was freezing for no reason, I think its from 2015

    So yea, if you are getting any pc these days make sure it has an RTX video card if you are planning to do any type of 3d graphics stuff

    Everything else is awesome, the M2 SSD drives are the way to go, look it up how different they are from ssd's, they are the size of a pen drive and is attached right into the motherboard instead of going thru a controller

    but the XPS it's a beast of a machine and you are going to love it

    always bought dell for my workstations and laptops over the years and they are great, great service too, get the 2yr service, its worth it!

    • I've been very impressed by Dell service. Often more attentive and less chat than Apple — generally pleased with them too thoughcraigatkinson
  • moldero2

    you can build a pc at 1/3 the price of that dell with better/faster components too. & I'd avoid Intel, AMD's where its at now. if Dell's still pushing Intel, I'd ditch dell as well.

    Join the PC master race, fuck apple, shits for posers

    • building a pc today is like putting legos together, don't let it intimidate you.moldero
    • Laptop?Nairn
    • ah shit no, desktop sorry, check MSI they have good priced fast laptops, they might still be on intel too thoughmoldero
    • Moldero dropping truth bombs, shiiiiieeeettttbabydick
    • Aye, if I was getting a PC now, I'd get an AMD processor and nVidia GPU.

      23 (!) years I've been Intel and ATI/AMD GPU
    • "If I was *building a PC now" even.
      I'd also stick with Desktop for doing any heavy lifting. I find it really hard to work on laptops.
    • on my current AMD Ryzen 7 build I made the mistake of going Radeon to go all AMD, do it again id go Nvidia like my daughters Ryzen 5 I builtmoldero
    • for the record, ive been on Mac Pro towers for the past 15 years, still have my trash can stuffed in a closet in case some poser wants to buy it.moldero
    • haha, this poser here wants a trashcan mac at some point! Just to stick in the living room for general use though - i think they're lovely machines.Nairn
    • its beautiful till you plug in 15 different dongles to it then it looks like a nightmaremoldero
    • + the connections are near the top, so with time your connections do that whole zip tie that cable towards the left so it works thingmoldero
    • long live pc master space racefeel
  • Nairn1

    I sometimes wonder what some of you lot actually DO with all of the power you throw at your machines.

    I'm not trying to be insulting - I can't think of much that *I* do that actually requires a beast of a computer any more.

    Obviously some of you work entirely in 3D or video spaces where it helps to have as high an overhead as possible - but for photography, web or any of the sort of vector/CAD stuff I typically do each day.. I find it a little crazy.


    I am the complete opposite of the < 30 year old version of me who always bought new gen tech, to the best I could afford, haha.

    • I have 32gb at present, which gets eaten batch editing in bridge/PS while I work in indesign and have chrome open. Swap is often up to 8gbcraigatkinson
    • Ok. To be sure, RAM is the one thing that should be upped as much as affordably possible - especially if your'e regularly hitting 8Gb of swap!Nairn
    • ^^ This, baby.babydick
    • I have 64gb of ram that gets eaten regularlyformed
    • If you do any type of serious gfx work, never run Chrome at the same time or even better, don't install it at all.face_melter
  • CyBrainX1

    I'd get the Dell if you don't mind Windows.

    I switched from Mac to PC last year and never looked back. I had to because of Nvidia graphic cards for GPU rendering in 3D.

    • #pcmasterracebabydick
    • < same. After I don't know how many years of using apple I switched to PC for the same reasons. Fuck apple and their greedMaaku
    • I was using Macs for 28 years, going back to school.CyBrainX
  • i_was-3

    Get a HP, Dell is for hillbillies

  • microkorg3

    I have a Dell XPS15 a my personal laptop for design and music making. Its a few years old now and still going strong.

    I wanted a beast of a laptop that wouldnt bottom out when making music so a SSD and as much RAM as I could get were a must.

    I did look at getting a shop to build a custom laptop and some places can build you an absolute beasts! But I didn't go that route as one of the criteria I was looking for was for the laptop to be as thin and light as possible ... for a 15"!

    I'd had Dells before and they are pretty reliable. If you buy with a warranty then you've no worries anyway and can always extend the warranty, it's not a crazy price.
    The DellXPS15 I got has a footprint of a usual 14" laptop. That was one of the pulls of this machine. It is slightly smaller than usual 15inchers.

    Was going to buy a new model but then realised you can get their machines a lot cheaper from their Dell Factory Outlet.
    The stock changes each day and you got to be fast to get a beast n bargain so its well worth checking back each day for what you are after.

    I ended up getting an i7 with 32gb RAM and 1TBSSD for about £1300. Think it was like about 500 cheaper than they were to buy from dell main site.

    One thing i really dislike about it thought , and this dislike has only popped up this year, is that webcam is at the bottom of the screen so looks really strange to others watching you.Obv only been a thing since lockdown and using a webcam for work.

    • BTW did you ever find a good family photo sharing method?craigatkinson
    • So what the hell is this thread even about if you already made up your mind?monospaced
    • far from it mono — looking for user experience. Trying to justify to myself the extra 40% to buy Apple, again...craigatkinson
    • Check the Dell Outlet for bargains! never did get a family sharingmicrokorg
    • << shops that do custom laptops dont have a thin offering, they are all pretty bulky. But would be beasts tho.microkorg
  • craigatkinson0

    I can get the dell 17" i7-10875H (16MB Cache, up to 5.1 GHz, 8 cores RTX™ 2060 6GB GDDR6 with Max-Q 64GB DDR4-2tb ssd m2 3Y Premium Support Plus and Onsite Service
    for £2500

    The 16" MBP, same spec with apple care for about £4300

    • Sorry dell is £3k, Mac £4400craigatkinson
    • I have the same GPU in my laptop and while the MaxQ versions are tuned down compared to the desktop ver. the RTX cores make it a better card than AMD ones.face_melter
    • Plus you get better driver support. Do Apple even allow you to update the drivers for their kit outside of OS updates? I can't remember.face_melter
    • no I don't think socraigatkinson
    • I recall using rickety official 'test' nVidia drivers when I had my iMac six years ago. They couldn't relase them as final because of Apple's update policy.face_melter
    • So what the hell is this thread even about if you already made up your mind?monospaced
    • far from it mono — looking for user experience. Trying to justify to myself the extra 40% to buy Apple, again...craigatkinson
  • shapesalad0

    is this good?…

    Graphics in the video look great

  • babydick1

    F**k Apple, get a Dell

  • prophetone2

    What will people think at Starbucks?

  • monospaced0

    The XPS 15 doesn’t offer a GPU with more than 4GB of memory like the Mac has. Also you might make sure you pick the 4k UHD display for another $300 on the Dell if you haven’t already. Offering 1080 resolution these days is archaic. But once you do they the price difference isn’t as large.

    • XPS 17" comes with a NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2060 6GB GDDR6 with Max-Q. Offering a lower res screen is silly, but also not having a touchscreen these daysformed
    • is also archaic.formed
    • Yes. Still not as much memory and more expensive.monospaced
    • Spec for spec the 17” Dell gets close but costs $3,300. It has touch. I’ll give it that. LOLmonospaced
    • @mono see belowcraigatkinson
  • sted0

    the ones you picked are actually the same, the extra performance you see with the dell machine almost disappears because of the software optimization issues in the windows ecosystem.

    but if you're like me, and got tons of shit running at the same time and switching back and forth resource-intensive applications this difference disappears.

    • it's 2am and my brain is pudding, sorry the messed up wordingsted
  • craigatkinson0

    can anyone suggests AMD laptops then, similar spec - 64gb / >1TBssd

    • just don't think about it.sted
    • r u a macos or windows guy?sted
    • used Macs since 1999. Used Windows too since Windows 7. I like Macs but I dislike the exclusivity and the designer label pricecraigatkinson
    • oh i see, that's actually a good thing, i also use both.
      I would wait 1-2 years to buy a new mac, and go with the dell now.
  • plash0

    PowerSpec's ( ) are pretty competitive on the price and pack the same top shelf hardware. I just picked up a PowerSpec B744 for $600 bucks.…

    - Processor: Core i7-9700K with a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition Air Cooler
    - Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (preinstalled on m.2)
    - ASUS Prime Z390-P mobo with wireless antenna for wifi & bluetooth
    - 16GB DDR4 @3200 DIMMS (ram)
    - M.2 1TB NVMe Solid State Drive
    - plus a decent PSU enclosed glass/steel case.

    was tottaly floored by the quality of parts. tI's a fantastic way to upgrade and port over your specialized hardware on the cheap.

  • AQUTE2


  • shapesalad-1

    anybody use one of these?…

    Looks amazing....