Adobe Exp Manger?

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  • mg33

    Have any of you built or designed sites for AEM?

    More often than not I've heard that AEM has some limitations in terms of flexibility of design, advanced user functionality, and more immersive capabilities.

    Can I assume that designing for AEM has no real limitations on the front end, any different than any other major CMS would? Can it use the full gamut of javascript libraries, pretty much anything a front end dev can do, AEM can do?

    Or is not that robust? I'm trying to figure out why I've heard more negative feedback about it than positive for huge content-driven websites.

  • akiersky0

    We used Sitecore at my previous job, it's pretty similar to AEM from what I understand. They are both pretty robust and you're correct it really depends on the capabilities of your dev team.

    In the end, these enterprise level CMS's are a database with tools to control the data and users. The site itself is templates and stylesheets.

    • but basically, if you can code it, you can build it within AEM, is that correct?mg33
    • That's my understandingakiersky
    • But higher degree of complexity because it's not open source, perhaps, like Drupal?mg33
    • Probably. But may also be because it's expensive, so only larger enterprises use it, and it requires a specific knowledge set to set it upakiersky