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  • ethered

    There's a ton of levels to this picture. Glad it won the Oscar. Great choice.

  • ethered0

    I cannot unsee the google chrome logo in the poster.

  • helloeatbreathedrive2

    A must see, enjoyed every minute of it.

  • MondoMorphic-1

    I really didn't get what all the fuss was about with this movie. It was frankly pretty ridiculous, both in its plot and the characters' behavior. E.g., if you smell like ass and are butthurt when people make fun of your aroma, do you a) shower or b) start murdering people?

    This was closer to "Kung Fu Hustle" than a Best Picture nominee.

    • kung fu hustle? LOL. what a strange take.ethered
    • it's racist not to like this movie, that's why.robotron3k
    • Clearly my take is strange given the movie's acclaim, ethered. lol So much of the movie seemed so silly to me, almost like a slapstick comedy.MondoMorphic
    • Based on your curt review, I am confident in saying you probably didn't see the movie.monospaced
    • Or simply didn't understand it. One or the other.monospaced
    • It didn't seem super deep or complicated, Mono. If you were the dad, what would *you* have done?MondoMorphic
    • hmm. yeaethered
    • It might help to watch other Korean films. Many of them have a tone that is pretty different from what we're used to, it's ridiculous and serious at the sameyuekit
    • time. Bong Joon-ho's other films are mostly all like that.yuekit
    • I've only watched one other Korean film so you may be right.MondoMorphic
    • It's not really deep or complicated, and I never said it was. But your reduction of the plot and meaning to almost nothing feels like you missed the point.monospaced
    • Or perhaps, the point didn't resonate with you, and you've simply written off the movie's high points of acting, film-making, storytelling and score. All great.monospaced
    • Comparing it to Kung Fu Hustle is almost insulting to most viewers, all things considered.monospaced
    • i feel like Mondo is race-baiting but I don't care enough to argue about itethered
    • I didn't get that impression. Sounded more like he just didn't like it and wanted to equate it to the worst movie he could imagine.monospaced
    • May I go out on a limb, Mondo, and assume that you thought Ready Player One and Midway were better?monospaced
  • monospaced1

    I went to this in the theater because I had heard great things, but I knew absolutely nothing going in. I actually thought it was going to be a supernatural thing, maybe like The Grudge or something.

    A couple of scenes in, reading subtitles, I start to sense the humor, but hold off laughing because nobody else is. Then I finally can't help it and laugh out loud a little, which I think got people going.

    Turned out to be one of the best pieces of film and storytelling I've come across in what feels like ages. I was so excited when I got home I just had to show my wife the trailer. When I got the TV on and pulled up the movie trailer, I noticed it was for sale for $15, and it was a no brainer.

    I've watched it two more times since, and I can easily say it gets a little better each time. This movie earned the awards and accolades it received.

    • you convinced me, i will check it outBennn
    • you will love it ... definitely watch it in a theater-like environment, with good picture/sound if possiblemonospaced
    • *thumb up*Bennn
  • ethered0


    Look, if the world didn't have such economic disparities the family would have never gone to such extreme measures to exploit the upper class family. Therefore, the husband killed himself in many ways. By working hard and further contributing to his financial success the have-nots became poorer by virtue of scale therefore, they have to suffer with the effects of climate change ie. flooding. The upper class family were good people, they did nothing wrong but by contributing to inequality they were victims of their own doing. Every character in this movie is a victim of circumstance. This movie is a beautiful expression of chaos.

  • pr2-3

    The film is a reflection of our consuming habits. We are so surrounded by mediocrity that an otherwise banal film gets an Oscar.

    • social trends def played a factor. this movie checks a lot of talking point boxesethered
  • monospaced0

    I really enjoyed this movie as a comedy. It's really just a great dark comedy, in my opinion, even with all the meaning and art ignored.