America is Fucked

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  • whatthefunk23

    • Leading is a little too tight.
      I don't like the F's ascender of "confidence" being too close to the p's descender of "stupid".

      But I like that quote!
    • the spacing between words is also a bit wonky and all over the place.utopian
    • This was typeset by an animalGnash
    • It was probably typeset by Bukowski himself. Don't you guys love the f/p/i ligature?ben_
    • Who cares? Charles is a drunk monkey ; pOBBTKN
    • The Dunning-Kruger effectBaskerviIle
    • Yup baskerville_niko
    • He's also ripping off Yeats, who said it better:garbage
    • "The best lack all conviction, while the worst
      are full of passionate intensity."
    • eh, 'ripping off' is a bit much.

      Both quotes are great.
    • AmenSimonFFM
    • fuck bukowskijaylarson
    • amen jaygarbage
    • Charles triggers lots of peepsGnash
    • "Triggers" is so cheap. It's legit criticism that his only appeal is that he was lowbrow and raw. Dude was a POS, but he was also a terrible writer.garbage
    • He was a masterful writer. Trigger is the perfect wordGnash
    • Low brow. ‘Nuff saidGnash
    • Crackin' my fingers and going full db mode, mostly because I wasted several years of my life studying literature.garbage
    • I question your grasp on the word "triggered", because you seem to imply that Bukowski's spotted past is coloring any negative commentary of his work.garbage
    • You're using "triggered" in a way that honestly makes you seem old and out of touch. And if Buk is all about being edgy, he'd probably hate that.garbage
    • But also he had no control of his prose, there are probably thousands of other drunk saddos that had diaries that mimic his own.garbage
    • He made his fame through being a raucous mess of a human being, and making sure everyone fucking knew it. Look at America, it works here.garbage
    • I agree, you clearly did waste those yearsGnash
    • Care to give a counter? Why is Buk significant, and not a mere echo of every wartime kid from that era that accidentally ended up with a copy of Calligrames?garbage
    • Or you can say " 'Nuff Said " again. Look I used unorthodox punctuation, I must be a poet. Buk isn't rustling jimmies, he's just boring and overrated.garbage
    • Go pet your Fight Club poster.garbage
    • I'm team Bukowski. Anyone else? Upvote if agree. Downvote if disagree. Let's get a poll up in here.Khurram
    • lol I love the idea of poetry squads. While poetry gets a glint of traffic, I highly recommend Deaf Republic by Ilya Kaminsky. Shattering.garbage
    • https://www.graywolf…garbage
    • Great quote specially with the stupid ones, the problem of this world.i_was
    • Shattering. ;)Gnash
    • Makes sense, nowGnash
    • What are you even talking about?garbage
    • 'Bukowski is boring'. Jesus fucking Christ. If you were any more arch you'd have a railway track on you.face_melter
    • He actually boring though. They're just drunk diaries. They are the poetic equivalent of an Escher poster on a frat boy's wall.garbage
  • PhanLo24

  • whatthefunk22

    • QAnon shit spreadingBennn
    • America is SO fucked...nbq
    • Right Wingers Wokeutopian
    • Kids have no rightsTurboslacker
    • they rather put kid through shit they don't want to go through...
    • I wonder what the psychology damage those kids have when growing up with shit like that.Sellies
    • So is this this kid about to rally against metal detectors and personal freedom. He looks readydeathboy
    • yespango
    • Do it kid me and pango say rise for freedom!deathboy
    • Yespango
    • everyone at walmart is lowlife anyway.neverscared
    • wouldnt say that. many people shop at walmart cuz that's all they can afford. that dont make them lowlife.pango
    • Yesdeadsperm
    • yes,of course ! generalisations are always a dumb joke when they are written.neverscared
    • it is an absolute certainty that a person in walmart not wearing a mask is a lowlifeimbecile
    • https://i.makeagif.c…pango
  • PhanLo2


    freedom legends.

    • as if 2020 could get any more absurd.fadein11
    • worst james bond movieSalarrue
    • Pink shirt sells it.PhanLo
    • it's the new ...
    • lol bluefadein11
    • imagine their dinner parties.Gnash
    • OK these idiots have no idea how to hold a gun. She should never draw amd point unless she intends to use it.rattail
    • He should have his barrel down. At one point it looks like the barrel is pointed at his own wife.rattail
    • I'm disappointed no one pulled a Snowpiercer: They've Got No Bullets on them.
    • Although they seem to be within their rights to protect their property. The protest crashed the gates of a private community and private drive.rattail
    • That is not how you use although.deadsperm
    • Horrible trigger disciplinecannonball1978
    • terrible gun etiquetteHayoth
    • They've got no bullets.deadsperm
    • WWIII will be fought shoeless in Gap casual wear.fadein11
    • the pink polo shirt is very intimidatingfooler
    • looks like they were in their rights here, but anyone living in a house like that I say fuck 'emmoldero
    • & anyone who dresses like that dudemoldero
    • grins at camera, point gun in another direction #MAGANRAutopian
    • I think it's an original Worlds Fair house.Doris_McSquirter
    • Scarface II?Beeswax
    • it was a gift from the founder of Anheuser-Busch to his daughter in 1909.
    • Fucking clowns. The slobber and mustard stains on her shirt are a nice touch.face_melter
    • Aiming a weapon at someone is considered "Assault with a Deadly Weapon". If these two aren't prosecuted for that, we'll surely see protests, etc.formed
    • what's the problem with the house molderoernexbcn
    • #MAGA vs #BLMpablo28
    • "these idiots have no idea how to hold a gun" - lol, it's their right. Where in the constitution does it say they need to be trained?ben_
    • Pink polos, boxy khaki's and pear-shaped capri pants are scarier than any cosplay camo.ben_
    • Until MAGA I used to love dressing like that dude :,(SlashPeckham
    • BLM is the privilege to take what you didn't earn yourself. They think it's 'progressive' when it's actually a mentality of regression. VENEZUELA 101.hotroddy
    • lol just noticed the mustard stainpango
    • They're both lawyers and legends.PhanLo
    • Real world skills reward the art of taking vs the art of producinghotroddy
    • Real world top level Karen boss.PhanLo
    • https://s1.ibtimes.c…tank02
    • Karen's hairdo needs more "Karen would like to see the manager"Krassy
    • Wow. USA. What a shit hole. I remember seeing a doc about Afghans and how they all kept rifles in their home. USA ain’t much different.shapesalad
    • I agree, it's unfortunate you have to resort to a gun to defend your property.hotroddy
    • Woke Up White Peopleutopian
    • Ya very unfortunate to resort to guns when their are not in any kind of danger what so ever.pango
    • Guns should always be the last line of defense. And not something to wave around when you're angry.pango
    • do you know for certain they aren't in any kind of danger? What rock have you been hiding under?hotroddy
    • easy to say when you're living in Canada.hotroddy
    • Unless there is evident or video to proof their lifes were in danger. They seem to be just "get off my lawn!"pango
    • if they loot small business people what makes you certain they wouldn't loot a mansion?hotroddy
    • You can't even count on the police to stop a mob mentality. Rambo here was doing a favor and sending them a message before things escalated.hotroddy
    • what make you certain they will loot a mension? point your gun at people when your life's not in danger, is technically a crime.pango
    • I'm not certain but there's a chance. a mansion would have more bragging rights than a business or statue.hotroddy
    • would they have looted the mansion? don't know. Is pointing a gun at people when not in danger a crime?. certainly.pango
    • and that lady has her finger on the trigger. that's just reckless. Guns are not toys!pango
    • probably a little reckless, but they broke into a gated community. its private property. who knows why security guards didn't show up though.hotroddy
    • Now we agree on something.pango
    • lol @ James Bond. She kinda does look like a portly Daniel CraigGucci
    • but the people trespassed and are now being investigated for assault by intimidation. just goes to show 2 ppl with guns who not very good with themdeathboy
    • maintain peace where law fails.deathboy
    • is this though more important than the recent bk's this weekend?deathboy
    • zombies with guns.neverscared
    • of course QBN's resident pinheads pitch up with their usual '...ackshually...' garbage.face_melter
    • Hey I resemble that remark!garbage
    • But really, speaking as a gun-owner who despises bad gun-owners, fuck these people. He's fucking barrelling his own wife in the thumbnail, lol.garbage
  • _niko3

    Mental illness, plus substance abuse, plus no access to needed healthcare, plus armed to the teeth nation, plus trigger happy cops =
    (warning they kill the dude)

    • Fuck this is insane.nb
    • Speechless.CuriousGeorge
    • trigger happy with a license to killMilan
    • I had to watch this twice to make sure it wasn't a training video or cg or some shit, but nope it's what passes for reality in America._niko
    • at least they didnt discriminate. equal opportunity killingshotroddy
    • This happens all the time, don't want to watch it. Signs of a sick society murdering mentally ill people.PhanLo
    • hero cops doing what they do best.utopian
    • Jesus of the free my ass. What a shit hole.BusterBoy
    • Quick send 4 heavily armed cops to the bus stop, we have a homeless guy in there. SMH. sad shitBH26
    • At least it wasn’t racistGnash
    • phanlo is right. the easiest solution is killing them off. no one is going to miss themhotroddy
    • What kinf od cops is that??? They are equiped like soldier at the battle front with automatic weapons, wtf??Bennn
    • fucking cowards, no need to attack that man!Salarrue
    • This could have been handled better by any random passerby.Gnash
    • What a fucked up country you guys live in!
    • ACABmaquito
    • Land of the free my ass, wake up america, your country sucks.moldero
    • that was totally unnecessary and overload reaction like one you'd see on war frontlineBennn
    • this is atrociouseddieScissors
    • So they were wearing body cameras and still gunned down a homeless guy for no reason?yuekit
    • Based on the video title this happened about a year ago. Was anyone prosecuted for it?yuekit
    • So apparently the story is that it looked like he was going for a gun at the last was a not a real gun but this gives them legal cover to open fire.yuekit
    • nobody cares hes white. tons of shit like taht all the timedeathboy
    • but hey what causes riots and anarchydeathboy
    • Yeah, they really Punished that dude! Fuck Cops!jmckinno
    • Nothing more than target practice, maybe a "green horns" first confirmed kill. FUCK THOSE SICK CUNTS!!!mrAtor
    • remember this is 2019 and mostly went un noticed.... take it all indeathboy
    • pphfeww lucky he was a white guymilfhunter
    • How many shots fired? Seriously! If force IS needed then surely a well trained shot to a knee or foot is enough to stop someone in their tracks.microkorg
    • FUCKING HELL. This is the worst. When he said 'go fuck yourselves' you could feel he meant every word.Ianbolton
    • Victim was found with a realistic looking BB gun. Cops testified they could see it in his waistband, and the call was that he had a gun.nb
    • They always think they're going for a gun, always.Bennn
    • We all know cops lie every day as part of the job. They're liars. However, there is no evidence that they planted the gun here, so we shouldn't assume.nb
    • Your police officers looks like soldiers...Bennn
    • But this DOES show how cops are walking around with submachine guns slaughtering US citizens as if they're in a war. This looks like Iraq footage. Scary AFnb
    • BTW there's a couple of racists in this thread. Beware. ^ Anyway, this is fucked up.nb
    • This is fucked up but there's 300 million guns in circulation. It's legal to walk around with a gun. Fear of getting shot makes people shoot.Fax_Benson
    • Pretty sure this actions like this would put a solider in jail on a battlefield. Rules of engagement?monoboy
    • Why did they all light him up?monoboy
    • Judge, jury, and executioner.monoboy
    • I'm no expert, but surely they could have one officer approach under the cover of another. And only when it becomes 100% clear that there's intent to harm.monoboy
    • The office covering fires to incapacitate.monoboy
    • One of the scariest things I've seen in a long time. Insane behaviour.pedromendez
    • Looking like multiple headshots for a dude that lowered his hand to his waist.monoboy
    • It's the wild west out there.monoboy
    • Should always have one officer with rubber bullet, like in the riots.Bennn
    • Could have shot that man with rubber bullets, pretty sure that would have incapacitate him and hurt him, but he would still be alive.Bennn
    • Apparenly the first shot was a rubber bullet, not that it mattered much when the next 10 weren't.webazoot
    • Again a 2019 case amongst countless. Real caring?deathboy
  • fooler21

    • Just about every gun out there is semi automatic. Most handguns are technically semi automatic... rarely MUST you 'cock the hammer'.PonyBoy
    • The US is beyond lost.utopian
    • ^ only muzzle loaded hand guns are legal in the UK. way to make your point pony.kingsteven
    • ^ yeah semantics are the problem here....inteliboy
    • my point is you're asking to ban pretty much every gun w/this tweet... is it really semantics or ignorance?PonyBoy
    • for what this tweet is indicating they wish to be banned then they'd have to abolish the 2nd amendment of the US bill of rights completelyPonyBoy
    • once again I feel like I'll have to notify the 'community' here that I'm not an advocate or owner of any gun—just pointing out blatant bandwagon ignorance.PonyBoy
    • A simple handgun w/multiple clips will do just as much damage (if not more in tight spaces) as a so-called 'semi-automatic' or 'assault rifle'...PonyBoy
    • ... as they too can utilize the same fucking ammunition and fire repetitive shots (1 pull, 1 shot) like the scary-looking semi-auto-assault pew pewer.PonyBoy
    • Therefore there HAND GUNS should be considered 'semi-auto' or 'assault weapons' based on how the majority of them function.PonyBoy
    • -therePonyBoy
    • lol wowmonospaced
    • I'm confrontational today. :)PonyBoy
    • I can’t even imagine the levels of rage in your response if he said automatic weapons instead. ;)monospaced
    • Let’s smoke a bowl.monospaced
    • And shoot at cans.monospaced
    • haha... that works. :)PonyBoy
    • As a gun owner, they serve no real purpose. I’d hate to have to shoot someone with it. Fuck you, paper target!imbecile
    • Rifles are handguns?i_monk
    • they can be!…
    • but TitTok is fine if Microsoft buys them? WTFMilan
    • In theory, It would make it an American company holding the data. So, yes, if you believe Beijing is using tiktok to gather sensitive data.monospaced
    • It’s because tiktok kids fucked his last rally. Remember? It’s really not any more complicated than thatscarabin
  • lowimpakt17

    Mayor of Washington DC has renamed the street leading to the white house "Black Lives Matter Plaza" and painted the street in huge letters

    Hopefully trump bursts a vessel

    • I posted this too, thanks for the context!grafician
    • Need to hack roombas to do this en masse in the dark of the night.Nairn
    • grafician, just seeing that post now. yea, it was the city working with "local muralists".lowimpakt
    • @imbecile thanks you too for the beautiful and much needed aerial view!grafician
    • That street sign is HOT (saying this as a designer)grafician
    • 1600 Black Lives Matter Plazanb
    • wow, this is cooli_was
    • Nice to see an elected official with some balls! Trump must be fuming! I really can't wait to see his reaction.formed
    • I can’t wait to see our very own shitposting bigots blow their fuses. Where you at bobo, hayobo, bustystbobo and deathbobo?monospaced
    • @mono lol, boboteam assemble!grafician
    • TeamBobo2020®utopian
    • LOL @teamboborenderedred
    • lol. more wasted tax payer money. road is going to have to be blasted for use. sign who cares a rose by any other name.deathboy
    • i just think the city costs hopefully are billed to whoever funded it. or the whole BLM non profit for vandalismdeathboy
    • no jail time, and they get a special privilege leeway vs typical kids getting caught with pockets full of fat caps while hitting spotsdeathboy
    • pretty sensibledeathboy
    • its only vandalism if you own it.
      you dont. city does. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    • cool pango said i can go burn down "BLM" land all i want by lighting lizards on firedeathboy
    • unless you are saying the city commissioned and approved a tax payer grant for such a city art piece and budgeted for the clean up and removal as well...deathboy
    • well than id say that city needs to really look at electing better officials. and hope the reserves for the funds are not regressive or like illinois destructdeathboy
    • ...... lol
      yes you can. go do it.
    • no thanks. that does nothing good for anyone and im considerate of others. but also i think you didnt think it out or know how it works pango.deathboy
    • i get the emotional whoo hoo and scope. but for what and at what costs. 6 months down the road while debt is financed for clean up and you wont even recall itdeathboy
    • the city people wont like the bill when it comes. well if reported. if not trendy ppl dont give a shitdeathboy
    • no ballspango
    • think about that pango. this is ok. is it also ok for someone to right PANGO IS A FAG down a street. Or just FAGGOT. take balls too right?deathboy
    • and would you feel the same way as street is closed and crews cleaned up and that cost comes out of your local education budget. perhaps an entire teachersdeathboy
    • salary. but hey, balls rightdeathboy
    • and i get its a ballsy big fuck you to the administration. i just dont agree with it unless the cost is carried by the movement.deathboy
    • criminal offense can fly, but hardcosts shouldn't be carried by those with no interest whatsoever in this shit.deathboy
    • liek a kid doing donuts on the football field ruining the season and needing to create new funding for repairs... do you not agree its terrible selfish shitdeathboy
    • unless someone picks up the bill? someoen paid for the paint, why not the cleanupdeathboy
    • is that racist or wrong, childish. Or just a very stable rational adult response?deathboy
    • utopian use words and not stupid meme you couldnt create yourself to answer a very simple questiondeathboy
    • or just go on and do your troll shit. whoever has the account nowdeathboy
    • It's kind of sad that deathboy spends so much time hunting and pecking at his keyboard for comments that nobody bothers to read.garbage
    • Like, c'mon. Isn't computer time limited in the psych ward? Watch some porn. Don't spew some dribble that will haunt you at your next exit interview.garbage
    • all i see are excuses.
      no balls!
    • looks like no adults here. not an uncommon thing among disfunctionable municiplaties. but pango disappointed in your escape route. thought some sort of acknowdeathboy
    • lement to the issues, nut that blatant disregard for reality, well maybe u get in time or never at be itdeathboy
    • lol oh you're still at it.
      not sure if you noticed. i haven't read mumbles from you.
    • do it!
      no balls!
    • the moron just compared this to hate speech ... let that sink in.monospaced
  • Ramanisky218

    So fitting.

    • I could listen to him all day long. He'll go down as not only one of the greatest comics of our time but also one of the greatest thinkers_niko
    • carlin the man!renderedred
    • It’s not just the Republican overlords, the Democrats as well. Same coin different sides.NBQ00
    • The american dream. You have to be asleep to believe it...well saidinv
    • that soundtrack was greatnbq
    • tru datshapesalad
    • George Carlin is sorely missed, he was one of a kind and he'd have some profound shit to say about the state of the world if he was still alive today.elahon
    • Brilliant. +1 NBQ, I’d love to know what Carlin would have thought of partisan use of it.MrT
    • I don't get the outpouring of praise for this.TOMMYxGUNN
    • It’s for Carlin more than the video, his bit is from 15 or so years ago.MrT
  • whatthefunk12

    • i still dont understand how we keep seeing such bad quality videos with the cellphones we have these dayBennn
    • Idiots don't use iPhones. They're too smart to invest in quality.ideaist
    • flol, grade a trollingNairn
    • haha.Fax_Benson
    • why couldn't that STOP BREXIT idiot have operated at the same volume?Fax_Benson
    • the pussy should stay home if he's so scared, why is he out there for the clicks??robotron3k
    • haha amazingfadein11
    • bobo you should go join those protest.pango
    • Bro, us Latinos are immune to that, we have strong latte colored skin.robotron3k
    • the cheap Walmart shoes topped it offmilfhunter
    • MAGA Goonsutopian
    • Not sure who's more brain washed: USA, Chinese or North Korean citizens....shapesalad
    • Yes bobo. Exactly why you should fight the quarentin order. Fight for your freedom! Join the protest!pango
    • that was funnymonospaced
    • 6ft rule.PhanLo
    • One man Protestdbloc
    • I salute this hero.Ramanisky2
    • Cheap walmart shopper calling out cheap walmart shoes...hahahahahah...fooler
  • Bennn3

    • watsup with jeans that are too long?Bennn
    • i cant see them full face, but i can already say they look unstableBennn
    • Apparently they turn you into GI Joemaquito
    • Or GI Dough if you’re the 2nd from the left.maquito
    • open carry + masks + bobos = mass shooting in the makingrenderedred
    • Ha!, GI Yokelmaquito
    • Just add a pinch of congenital depression, and voila! you got a pure built-in brainless citizen sporting a constitutionally endorsed war weapon :)maquito
    • hey maquito- do you live in america?robco
    • y'all qaedawhatthefunk
    • No! luckily I live in a third world country. Insert pun:maquito
    • @robco... even if your name sounds familiar, after watching a couple of minutes of the vid you posted below...maquito
    • I'm fucking sure you'll blame me for being a non-american commenting on something american or some other xenophobic shit like that.maquito
    • At least we know we can call you "Rob", right? Calm down, Rob. Everything's going to be fine, either for those who think differently and for the racist fucks.maquito
    • Not a chance that these younguns aren’t all on the spectrumGnash
    • @maquito - yes, those guns are constitutionally endorsed, and so is their right to protest, one of the huge differences between America and Chinarobco
    • ^also, people who dont live in America cant appreciate how much freedom we have here, and how our rights are taken away from us and for what reasonsrobco
    • I can smell their freedumb from here!utopian
    • how about those of us that live above America and have as much freedom and can appreciate how batshit crazy and paranoid you all are :)_niko
    • Call of Duty Cunts GatheringNBQ00
    • freedom to be a dumbass! ha!pango
    • <Problematic Usersjonny_quest_lives
    • remember last time when bunch of angry white people stormed government building in 1989 america?pango
    • oops *1898pango
    • Americans are some of the most repressed, uneducated and brainwashed people in the modern world.scruffics
    • damn so many racists thinking white boys with guns cause criminal issuesdeathboy
    • It’s alright if you don’t consider terrorism a crime.scruffics
    • haha terrorism is relative. im only responding to responses based on a photo with no narrativedeathboy
    • hell stupidity can be terrorismdeathboy
    • what is the context to give any shit about outside political identities?deathboy
    • not one of them could run a 100 yards, and if came against ANY real threat would break down and fucking cry! Toy fucking moronsnecromation
    • new southpark episode?milfhunter
    • Stupidity can indeed be terrorism.
      You terrorise QBN with your stupidity every time you post.
    • deafboy wit da withdumb ageeeen! U S A U S A U S A U S A WOOOOOOscruffics
    • that those people in the photos are idiots?pango
    • shameless reckless cunts like this little boys with their little brains. excel in u.s.a and the IS kalifat.neverscared
    • Look at these fuckin heroesnb
    • lol "people who dont live in America cant appreciate how much freedom we have here".Nairn
    • Clearly they're not free from stupidity.Continuity
    • to be fair not all americans are like that. i think they really deserve a better social edu and health care system. something the rich dont want to give them :(api
    • guns and knifes dont give mankind freedom and never will - not needing things like that gives you pace and freedom. #dropthemicapi
    • What is it with these MAGA types? No military training, qualifications, prospects or girlfriends but military grade weapons?monoboy
    • It's almost as if they're trying to compensate for it by pretending to be tough. These cunts would empty a mag into the roof the moment somebody coughs.monoboy
    • Maybe the US should use basic general knowledge questions instead of background checks before handing out AR15s? Problem solved.monoboy
    • Show me where Belgium is on this map? What's 6x8? Who wrote Treasure Island? What element does Ag represent on the periodic table?monoboy
    • No, bad luck dick head. Here, have this water pistol.monoboy
    • Holy shit, these guys aren’t maga types, they’re autistic gamers that have found some kind of misguided Cosplay camaraderieGnash
    • ‘Terrorists’ lolGnash
    • good satire right?neverscared
    • 100% MAGA right here. I guarantee they all voted for him, and invoke his name regularly in this tantrum or idiocy. Also MGTOW like robo and hayoth.monospaced
    • Baggy jeans are part of the MGTOW uniform, clearly indicating no female intervention in personal display, and also keeps them at a good distance.monospaced
    • https://arc-anglerfi…neverscared
    • see? that´s how u get fruneverscared
    • lol y'all qaedapango
    • i love how people who bash america like to pretend they hold the majority opinion here. good luck :-)robco
    • Thx! :)pango
    • love you too.
    • Just the majority opinion shared by educated and rational human beings with a good sense of morals and ethics.monospaced
    • And since when do these uneducated, low skill, wannabe militia, brainwashed bigoted asshats represent American majority? Time to leave the barn.monospaced
    • "people who dont live in America cant appreciate how much freedom we have here" hahahahahahainteliboy
    • hmm what is the difference in this vs occupy wallstreet fundamental. find a group and catchy hook? to me all i see is similar patternsdeathboy
    • grievances of mass fools incapable of knowing what they are pissed aboutdeathboy
    • deadly weapons in their hands for a start and the rest well we all know it ... racism, pathetic nationalism.. puny guys with their guns.neverscared
  • whatthefunk16

    • It's exactly the same thing actually. Following blindly, like a sheep, a cult.Bennn
    • Killing in the name of. It’s all the same shit.ben_
    • And then the Righty posts a photo with rioters on top and Bolsheviks on the bottom. I really wish people were able to look at situations objectively.MondoMorphic
    • but but, one of the books is better than the other. LOLKrassy
    • No both books equally stupid AF.monospaced
    • I have found more truth in comic books.utopian
    • same arm manufacturer, profit!OBBTKN
    • Mondo: objectively this is an accurate comparison whereas your example is a non sequitur.zarkonite
    • @monospaced i was being sarcastic ;-)Krassy
    • Many righties see the rioter/Bolshevik comparison being every bit as apples-to-apples.MondoMorphic
    • Hunger Games 2030SlashPeckham
  • Milan3

    WTF, does putting on a fucking uniform strip you of all humanity or does the job attract lowlives?

    • Bunch of fucking moronsyuekit
    • That is horrific.thumb_screws
    • Fuckers just keep walking.BusterBoy
    • not breaking the formation is more important than human lifes.pango
    • >…sted
    • why does it feel like…deathboy
    • did a good ol soccer flopdeathboy
    • You are so funny deathboy.pango
    • must be deathboys father in that uniform...neverscared
    • what a scumbag deathboy is ha, gettin an errection when someones bleeding out of ihis head.neverscared
    • @deathboy haha my first thoughts.milfhunter
    • hmm erections and fathers... seriously dude considering not an issue and you went there makes me think you have dad dick on the braindeathboy
    • #daddickissues can be the new flavor of the month for you. but in all fairness ill wait for objective sources on this one before believing everything i seedeathboy
    • because the push was like b level movie bad acting. totally probable with old man and no coordination, but i also dont need to feel triggered by itdeathboy
    • Ya totally. The paramedic and the doctors were all in on this.pango
    • He is a stupid cunt.monospaced
    • thats the problem of your hate infested brain, u are not triggered by violence against innocent people.neverscared
    • objective sources lol.. if this is not objective enough.. hey qbn can this guy be banned? he cleary seems to enjoy violence with his soccer floop comment & uneverscared
    • tolerate this hate rhetoric.neverscared
    • u know suspend him like that violent cop New York police officers suspended for pushing 75-year-old to ground during protestsneverscared
    • https://www.theguard…neverscared
    • Re: that awful video. Buffalo PD officially said that the man tripped & fell. If we didn’t have video there would have been no accountability. Why? Because oneneverscared
    • bad apple” pushed him down but 20 “good apples” would have let him get away with it. It’s systemic.neverscared
    • One cop kneels instinctively to help. The other cops stop him from helping. All should be fired.nb
    • was it a hard push? he fell because he tripped. however sad the situation, if you're 75 yo, maybe avoid arguments with the police in the middle of a riotdrgs
    • fuck himdrgs
    • Until police stands up to those 'bad apples' nothing will change. So far, I've yet to see any evidence anything will change.formed
    • Deathboy, you are a vile person man.tank02
    • gandhi was a pretty good protester when in old age..and he saw a lot riot, or is this
      protesting thing very exclusive? i didn´t know..
    • @drgs you're a bad personnb
    • He tripped, so fuck him? let his head bleed in the street as you walk by??? Most people would treat dog with more respect than these cops showed thisnb
    • Honestly, drgs, if your response is "he's old in a riot fuck him", you need to really look in the mirror man. Your statement is sociopathic.nb
    • I hope the old man dies!

      (when the comments get too unanimous I like to break up with an opposite opinion, because herd mentality is never good)
    • Seriously, he was told to back off, was he expecting they would gather around to hear his lecture. These people are shoveling human manure 24 hours a daydrgs
    • "he was told to back off" ?!? You think he deserved to die at the hands of police because he didn't listen to their command. Fucked up.nb
    • He broke no law. Talking back is not a crime. Americans are NOT required to follow police orders, unless under arrest.nb
    • And even then they have human rights. This was assault. The cops involved are criminals, no matter what you tell yourself, drgs.nb
    • drgs is so edgy
    • "He was told to back off?" Well I hope the fucking riots go on for another month.Maaku
    • you have to be a real piece of garbage to push an old man down like. An even bigger piece of garbage to defend it.fooler
    • hugs not drgs!nb
    • Only ex-cops can criticize other cops. Its a borderline suicide profession. A rioter is coming at you while reaching down into his backpack or whateverdrgs
    • Don't think drgs is justifying their actions, but is perhaps questioning the old man's thought process at that point.Nairn
    • He's either senile or he is trying to kill you. What do you do?drgs
    • That said, it's fucking evil what these bipedal shit stains did to an old man; also all those that didn't stop to help him out, given his clear distress.Nairn
    • Bipedal cos they're inhumanNairn
    • Two things have totally triggered me today - police and this guy; and cyclist grapesmuggler practicalyl assaulting that wee girl.Nairn
    • Those 50+ cops are scared of that frail old man hobbling toward them? They're in fucking riot gear!nb
    • Only cops can criticize other cops? Oh my bad. I'm sorry. I apologize and take it back. :|Maaku
    • I can't even begin to imagine the absolutely blinding-to-sense red mist that I'd suffer were I there. I'd go fucking apoplectic, and probably not help much.Nairn
    • Thank god for the proud bedroom eagles and their handlotioned webdesigner friends who post their analysis on the internetdrgs
    • "Suicide profession" are you fucking kidding me? An average of 85 cops die in the line of duty each year. Fishing for a living is more dangerous.nb
    • This false narrative where we grant cops "automatic hero" status is ridiculous.nb
    • "An average of 85 cops die in the line of duty each year" -- exactly because they follow the instructionsdrgs
    • Look, I'm not saluting the police officers, I'm just saying the old man should have been better aware of the situationdrgs
    • And we're just saying you're a fucked up piece of shit for pointing that out.nb
    • What else is newdrgs
    • Here are the clients btw…
      You can say both sides share a common denominator
    • “He is still in serious but stable condition at the Erie County Medical Center and, as was relayed to me by an ECMC official, he is "alert and oriented.",”grafician
    • google Stanford_prison_expe... It explains muchTurboslacker
    • 'Its a borderline suicide profession'
      more pigs die from being shot by other pigs or accidents than from suspects or accused. The fucking brains on this cunt.
    • What about those pigs who died in 9/11drgs
    • How easy and readily we accustom to have a new group of people to stigmatize
      Fucking lemmings
    • Lol drgs you're the lemming here. Arguing that riot cops can assault a very very scary 75 year old man with a fanny pack and he is partly to blame. Yeeshnb
    • "cops are above criticism"
      - drgs
    • so edgypango
    • soulless deathboy is soullessutopian
    • why give the police the benefit of the doubt and not the old guy? They're trained, armed, experienced. He's not, is old and maybe confusedFax_Benson
    • drgs' argument would hold more weight if it were a group of 20-something professional window smashers. Have to say it's a pretty horrible take.Fax_Benson
    • taking the 'contrarian' view is only useful if there's some merit to itFax_Benson
    • because the video. people being told to back up and you approach with phone, get in for the gram fame. get pushed. and trip/flop. darwin awarddeathboy
    • personal responsibility is absolutely paramount if you want to change culturedeathboy
    • but i will admit i guess it wasn't johnny knoxville. just an old man activist looking for signifigancedeathboy
    • but the rest of the team stepping down in solidarity for the two officers, makes me wonder if the cops and unions might start to realize there powerdeathboy
    • stand down and let it burn and see who asks for protection from whomdeathboy
    • if that were to happen were cops say fuck this shit. and walk. lol im thinking those pro gun "nuts" be fine where as others not so much...except the "nuts"deathboy
    • more than likely help as usualdeathboy
    • if u can´t handle it don´t do the job. flippin losers .. can´t even handle a senior in a proper way.neverscared
    • what way should mob mentality handle a senior citizen getting in the front lines?... everyone one stop. get a wheelchair and push him into it to sit, shackledeathboy
    • and roll him off. have to consider the context. not what is an everyday situation. and im still thinking he was pumped with his flop on the 15 minutes of famedeathboy
    • you see that police helmet the old man was holding? some say he was just trying to return the helmet.pango
    • so you think the doctor faked it too?
      oh wait sorry my bad. i forgot you think you are more qualified to be a doctor than doctors. LOL
  • BusterBoy2

    Nothing screams "freedmb" more than hauling a rocket launcher into a Subway on a Sunday afternoon. Not quite sure if this was the original intent of the Second Amendment.


    • Or grenade launcher...whatever the fuck that thing is.BusterBoy
    • If we were to take the 2nd Amendment at full face value (intent) then we should all be allowed tanks, fighter jets etc. 'Intent' is to defend against your Gov.PonyBoy
    • These folks look like fucking idiots (in case you think I was supporting them).PonyBoy
    • what is the point of hauling a 3k purse into a subway. dress it up all u want its still pointless and sillydeathboy
    • Fucking moransutopian
    • i agree with utopian 3k purses and rocket launchers as decoration are a waste of money. but hey freedomdeathboy
    • Subway is a foot long of fuck that.MrT
    • what would happen if they shot someone with a grenade launcher in the middle of a downtown starbucks ! WHAT WOULD HAPPEN !????_me_
    • would the police arrest them ? what are these people doing ??? protecting their rights to carry arms - what happens if they fire said arms ?_me_
    • The police can't do anything about it, because they're outgunned. And, you know, if they did try to stop them, there would be innocent people hurt.boobs
    • so no SWAT team, no FBI, no nothing, BillyBob launches a grenade launcher because his CuppaJoe was cold and NOTHING HAPPENS ? oh man._me_
    • so will they never fire these weapons they so vigourously defend ? and the police wont tell them to stop because they might fire them... hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa_me_
    • why these fuckers in subway anyway - surely they've doomsday prepped ! cunts.

      they want a uncivil war.
    • *an_me_
    • Could you imagine if theses guys were black?utopian
    • Or Muslim?BusterBoy
    • Its like cosplay for them isn't it.webazoot
    • Maybe it's a sub thermos? Could fit a few foot longs in that.thumb_screws
    • in the second pic from top .. that "little pistol" is made out of wood, afaik. cosplay for retards.neverscared
    • Utopian 100% - "America, where the land of the free only applies if you're white"necromation
    • If a cop pulled a gun and told them to go home they would.monospaced
    • None of them can afford the ammoGnash
    • Lol, I just noticed bazooka joe’s side-arms. How is he not embarrassed ?Gnash
    • It's crazy to me that these people think that this is completely normal behavior!nb
    • bazooka joe’s 'weapon' is also marked "inert"
    • Fucking terrorists.sr_rosa
    • i assume the "inert" refers to bazooka joe's brainhans_glib
    • "I just noticed bazooka joe’s side-arms. How is he not embarrassed?" probably because those 44 mag bullets can go through an engine blockmoldero
    • MURICUH!moldero
    • qbn notes illustrate the same poise and dignity displayed in these photos.imbecile
    • The second one is definitely a piece of wood. There is a giant knot in it.dbloc
    • lol.
    • /\ the houndstooth hero we needmantrakid
    • i like the "safe" sticker on the bazuka.pango
    • Haha, dbloc! That’s totally a larper build. So sadGnash
    • Meal Team SixPalindrome
    • ^lolmoldero
    • Lol ^^Gnash
    • Rude mother fuckersi_was
    • Trump has done nothing but emboldened these white terrorists and their movement across the country.utopian
    • haha come on white terrorist rhetoric. troll... yesdeathboy
  • whatthefunk16

    • Some commi made this. Probably a QBNerHayoth
    • well the very idea of it is anti american. to deny a personal freedom for someone else's belief. stretch the thinking and you see there is not much you cantdeathboy
    • control, which is why this is all executive power play through governors. not voted on or measured. just a decree which can likely see class action on everydeathboy
    • state for. Sucks another hit to tax payers, while lawyers score. but yea its a joke and why no one is listening anymore especially after protestsdeathboy
    • can push all the numbers on media and people are like fuck offdeathboy
    • or an example you can understand the rights pro-life. there beliefs about a life that conflicts with pro choice. mask is pro-life no mask pro-choicedeathboy
    • no it's more just the reaction deathboy. all this talk about liberal commi snowflakes.... yet its MAGA covidiots who whine and whine and whineinteliboy
    • what personal freedom are you losing when you wear a mask.. are you unable to breathe? move freely? i guess it's hard for you since you're a mouthbreatherdorf
    • What personal freedom do get to ban abortion?deathboy
    • Choice. The hypocrisy is hugedeathboy
    • And in case wondering I'm hugely pro choice. Which I guess makes me liberal...deathboy
    • And in dummiboy. Reaction makes sense. Why would reaction be different? Why be about personal freedom?deathboy
    • Ha makes me wonder if u bring back slavery u might question people's whining about choice. Whining slavesdeathboy
    • But wtf is a troll hoping to get bumps so serious conversation works bestdeathboy
    • so abortion is a disease that spreads and kills people.. your comparisons are extraordinary stoopid, but we all know that already.neverscared
    • Uh no. A belief of pro life. Vs pro choice. Talking about ideas of mask protecting life vs notdeathboy
    • On one hand it's popular to believe they protect life but where peoples choices come in? Does that make more sensedeathboy
    • The idea of mask protecting life is like antiabortiondeathboy
    • Same typical hypocrisy of both sides of idiotsdeathboy
    • not at all because of infections of course. u can´t get infected and endanger other being pregnant.neverscared
    • Uh matters nill to to the arguementdeathboy
    • Try againdeathboy
    • And I wonder if white with gun is similar to black and crazy about watermelon and fried chickendeathboy
    • So racistdeathboy
    • wear a mask dumbassernexbcn
    • matters all to the argument - no pregnacy no abortion - no virus no face mask....u are like trump- trying to engange in the most trivial things which is soneverscared
    • so flippin boring and stupid.neverscared
    • lol god it's easy to get him to take the bait.inteliboy
    • deathboy is a stupid, science denying, bigoted, moronic fucking idiot and nobody on this site would care if he died tomorrow of cunt infection.monospaced
    • And hayoth is a fascist.monospaced
    • you still have the choice to not wear a mask. don't cry like a bitch when you're asked to leave places or you're not served for not wearing one.dorf
    • actually there is no science on mask at all it would be highly unethical to infect humans testing precautionsdeathboy
    • and never the idea of infection. think of it in everyday life. to limit freedom becuase a bilogical agent may or may not exist and may or may not effect someonedeathboy
    • else.... basically saying dictator must protect us from all basic life. its not best to be coached by MSM on opinions never.deathboy
    • and as dorf states. i wear a mask in establishments that require it out of respect for private business. subject to arbitrary licensures. but i wont wear onedeathboy
    • in public places. actually think most people are privy to the shit now. only toss it on for business dont wash hands dont care. narrative lost with msm blmdeathboy
    • ha hell any increase in deaths could be correlated directly with media and blm newspapers sells more than any gov policydeathboy
    • in order to sell papers they showed theyre greedy as fuck no matter who suffers. something to think aboutdeathboy
    • if this disease clips ppl a little early and only a 100k over average... which is far less than 1%. just let it sink in. what it is vs being solddeathboy
    • you are such a weird libertarian freak.face_melter
    • weird. different. better...? think current MS think isnt really doing a bang up job. maybe better to listen to the round earthers on the fringedeathboy
  • babydick12

    You Americans are just big babies with money (and guns). It's time to grow up, assholes.

    • lol! spot on. so entitled.scruffics
    • LOL!oey_oey
    • yeeehaaashapesalad
    • Plus stop with all the circumcisionsshapesalad
    • shapesalad -- oh absolutely, circumcisions are lame as fuck.babydick
    • Yup, can hear the aliens watching us...'so, they cut their own baby's junk? That explains a lot....'formed
    • and what's with all the anal sex porn from USA? Repressed homosexuality or you like your Johnson smelling like ca ca?shapesalad
    • shitesalad -- naah, ass is fucking tight af, good stuff. Plus use a condom, don't wanna fuck with that e coli.babydick
    • Us Americans have been saving your asses for the last century. How about you just say thanks?MondoMorphic
    • YEAH! Tell 'em, babydick!pedromendez
    • You seem to be having trouble saving yourselves right now.Morning_star
    • yupmoldero
    • lol the US has been like 5 and 0 in wars since WWII. Hold that L, Yankee dogs!face_melter
    • commis!renderedred
    • You are about to set the world back by at least a century too. Sort yourself out!scruffics
  • elahon19

  • imbecile15

    • <_niko
    • lol fucking cocsuckersi_was
    • Uh huh. what insurance drops someone on aca? That is illegal to the terms.deathboy
    • brainwashing better than the soviet onedrgs
    • ACA is now in jeopardy, db, as you surely know. Trump has been fighting it in court this entire time.formed
    • insurances are a forced scamMaaku
    • not everyone is on Obamacare, dbmonospaced
    • yea but no other insurance is worth. obama destroyed my insurance he said i could keep. oh well wait until open enrollment and your set. or go mexican styledeathboy
    • choose those or bankruptcy. or form a trust, divorce, plenty of ways to work the system.deathboy
  • Ramanisky22

    Louisville Kentucky today.

    NFAC Militia protesting for Breonna Taylor

    met by the 3% Militia

    Everyone is armed to the teeth

    • :popcorn:dasohr
    • it'll take a simple misfire for all hell to break loose_niko
    • Wtfnb
    • what could go wrong?…
    • Yup saw that earlier PhanLoRamanisky2
    • it's all fun and games and cosplay until someone shoots and they realize it isn't Fortnite_niko
    • W t fNBQ00
    • LarpingmonNom
    • Three NFAC members were shot ... by other NFAC comrades. No schooling.BustySaintClaire
    • Never realized militias were such a common thing. You guys belong to any?yuekit
    • we should start a QBN militiapango
    • What is “3% Militia” like 3% skim milk?NBQ00
    • https://allthatsinte…pablo28
    • america is ripe for a civil warrenderedred
    • no it isn’t because there’s nothing to war over like there was for the actual civil warmonospaced
    • mono, there will be a civil war over the new Mac OS Big Sur iconsNBQ00
    • is this the race war that Charles Manson predicted?Beeswax
    • Larping is huge in the USAGnash
    • That tiny unstable man is no prophet.pango
    • It's shocking so see so many people with and many guns... looks like a scene from a moviepedromendez
    • Yup, smells like a civil war... Thanks trumpnbq
    • Nations went to civil war over a lot less. Yugoslavia disintegrated over a soccer match._niko
    • Niko, that’s not quite true (not just a soccer match). There’s plenty of documentaries and mini-docs that explain well what happened.NBQ00
    • of course, I was just over simplifying and pointing to the absurdity of it all, whether it was religious, ethnical, political or economical it was still absurd_niko
    • yup. i witnessed the war in yugoslavia america is where yugoslavia was in the early 90s.renderedred
    • fucking love guns, yeah!jaylarson
    • Militias are what keep anyone from ever invading from the outside, no matter how vulnerable things might seem they are. If anyone was ever dumb enough to do sotoemaas
    • all of those other "89 guns for every 100 people" would come out to help. Things are weird now, especially what news media have for stories, but we lovin'toemaas
    • way more than you think. There are 360,000,000 of us - media only showing the handful of loud ones.toemaas
    • @toe exactly the thing we thought in yugoslavia just before the war. it's the media blowing it up, it's just a few fanatics and there you go...renderedred
    • and by the time we had ethnic militias it was already too late to stop it.renderedred
    • and what i see in the post are ethnic militias armed to the teeth.renderedred
    • I dunno, I just don't think that even if a handful of these goofballs shoot at each other that its going to trigger some mass civil war. This is chest puffing.toemaas
    • My wife and I have discussion with different "ethnic" friends on a fairly regular basis and we all agree this shit is silly.toemaas
    • Dammit all these guys bought up the sig xcompacts and fns 9 s I wantdeathboy
  • fisheye13

    I just want to put things in my perspective as a European citizen who in person felt how American politics democratized the shit out of “shithole countries”.

    How about UNSC to impose sanctions and embargo against this shithole country government in response to Trump’s unacceptable use of force against his own people and crimes against humanity and freeze Donald’s and his family members bank accounts, companies and real estate abroad? Or maybe it is the right moment for Russia to threaten USA with military intervention in order to force US government to stop the killing of civilians?

    If you are an American reading this than what you feel now is exactly how people in the rest of the world felt for decades against USA.

    It's just a thought.

    • Yeah, I'm hearing their leader Trump has access to drone killing machines and various kinds of WMD!shapesalad
    • +1renderedred
    • I'm an American and would support our violent overthrow.allthethings
    • Time for a "regime change"!
      Take your pick of methods from the list here
    • instead of all this talk... why aren't you guys out there gettin' bloody? :PPonyBoy
    • The EU is an old wrecki_was
    • European "citizen". funny.Doris_McSquirter
    • @Doris Slovene to be precise.fisheye
    • I agree with all of this because it is 100% true.cherub
    • Yet at the same time, how does europe justify playing follow the leader right now and importing American #BlackLivesMatter propaganda?cherub
    • One would think it wouldn't be wise to follow such a country's lead. I see europeans making some really cringy statements in their protests.cherub
    • To put it simply: a wrong done in America to a black person doesn't mean black ppl in other countries are suddenly victims. They're not.cherub
  • webazoot-1

    CNN reporter arrested live on air while covering Minneapolis protests

    • Dude has some balls.nb
    • This is like something out of a movie. Unbelievable.nb
    • arrested for working while black?imbecile
    • Looks like it, eh?
      It's fucking mind-bending.
    • This is insane. What's next? Trump's fucking gestapo.elahon
    • Either gas all white people or gas all black people, and get over with itdrgs
    • They've been released now and the governor apologized. No explanation of why though.yuekit
    • ^ Those cops need to answer to this. Either they were instructed to arrest or they acted on their own, and that makes a difference.nb
    • @yuekit: I think here is our explanation:…
    • Those cops definitely broke a law, and a big one at that.nb
    • They are now claiming they didn't know the guy was a reporter...which seems a bit hard to believe.yuekit
    • Laterally, could the cops know journo is from CNN and have drank a bit too heartilfy from Drumpf's FAKE NEWS KoolAid?Nairn
    • Arresting people without charging them is illegal whether they work for CNN or not! What kind of lame excuse is that?nb
    • This is what a dictatorship looks like.Chimp
    • This is what a dictatorship looks like.Chimp
    • Entirely possible, Nairn. Also, Black AND from CNN? Too good an opportunity to pass up for Trump's Gestapo.Continuity
    • The revolution will be televisedChimp
    • This is what fear looks like.Morning_star
    • @nb - No shit it'd be illegal? I'm not sure I was 'lamely excusing' them as you see fit to interpret, I'm trying to understand their reasoning, such as it is.Nairn
    • ie. if that is their mentality, shit's even more fucked up than I imagined.Nairn
    • Oh, @Nairn. I meant that THEIR excuse is lame. I did not think you were defending them or making excuses.nb
    • Oh, gotcha, sorry - haha, I took that a bit personally...Nairn
    • The greatest free country on the planet is slowly imploding from its own ego. This is just mad. Keep up the good work Trump.Ianbolton
    • I'm more upset, you dumbasses cant tell the difference between a black person and a Latino. SMDH.robotron3k
    • And the crew was told to move but they didn't.robotron3k
    • No they weren't Robo. I watched it live and one set of Police gave instructions that it would be safe to be where they were. Another set thought differently.Morning_star
    • hollllllly shit can you imagine if this was a Fox News reporter???? the internet would be blowing up with alt right mouth breathers.inteliboy
    • What a messPhanLo
    • they didn't read him his rightsmonospaced
    • In the video he also says that they will be happy to move if they are in the way of the police.Nutter
    • Keep up the riots, fuck the power, fuck the policei_was
    • Also, you pussies make the biggest deal out of being arrested. I fucking swear, you pearl clutchers...!robotron3k
    • Robo is here to make a case against freedom!nb
    • This breaks my heart.ideaist
    • #acabjaylarson
    • so robo. the law only matters if it supports your ideology/opinion. got it. fuck you.d_gitale
    • "just following orders"R_Kercz
    • bias news anywaySocialJusticeWarrior
    • robotrump3k has entered the chatyuekit
    • Bobo with zero facts again. Just get a job with the Trump team. You are one dumb fuckstick troll.utopian
    • this has nothing to do with trump, its not that he ever said something like- the press is the enemy - or any of that hate mongering looney stuff....neverscared
    • just kiddin... america is fucked from the top.neverscared
    • https://www.motherjo…neverscared
    • Derek Chauvin should be murdered.i_was