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    • It's exactly the same thing actually. Following blindly, like a sheep, a cult.Bennn
    • Killing in the name of. It’s all the same shit.ben_
    • And then the Righty posts a photo with rioters on top and Bolsheviks on the bottom. I really wish people were able to look at situations objectively.MondoMorphic
  • ideaist1




    • We're just watching the fall of the American Empire. The first Empire to fall LIVE on the InterNets.Bennn
  • yuekit2

    United States officially pulls out of the World Health Organization…

    • in the middle of an epidemic, lol, what a retard.moldero
    • That'll be good fodder for the "Trump is weak on China" superPac ads.zarkonite
    • and it feeds the QAnonners, they all think WHO is part of the DeepState thingBennn
    • The WHO has been a heaping pile of horseshit through this pandemic. Somebody should question THEIR response to covid.MondoMorphic
    • They really weren't that bad, it's been greatly over exaggerated. Especially when compared with the US response.yuekit
    • But the more important point is that the WHO is the only thing propping up the healthcare of many developing countries.yuekit
    • Simply pulling their funding and US involvement in the middle of a pandemic is insane. It will make it that much more difficult for the world to get past this.yuekit
    • The base voters of Trump all thinks WHO is part of the DeepState. Trump made a gift to its base. #trump2020Bennn
    • Great timing...maquito
  • utopian2

    Video shows Black man pinned to tree in what he calls 'attempted lynching' at Indiana lake.…

    This is really fucked up on so many levels!

  • grafician1

    Look at this fuckery:

    "US news · 2 hours ago

    ICE says international students whose universities move to online-only this fall must transfer or leave the US

    As colleges debate how to safely reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic, Immigration and Customs Enforcement gave foreign students an ultimatum on Monday: transfer to a school with in-person classes or depart the country."…

    • Seriously fuck this. These students didn't anything wrong, it's just a dumb move to "kick out the foreigners"qoob
  • utopian0

    We Fought a U.S.-China War in the South China Sea. The U.S. Navy Lost.…

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  • omahadesigns-1

    It's not acceptable to celebrate July 4th, Thanksgiving or Columbus Day any more.

    If you celebrate July 4th or Thanksgiving, you're not woke.

    • get wokepango
    • Don’t forget Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day and mother’s day_niko
    • Also New Years is sure to offend some Karen somewhere so we should do away with that as well_niko
    • ohhh nose. they're all banned!pango
    • _niko, I think Karens are on the other side,omahadesigns
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  • mort_4

    “My fellow Americans...”

  • mort_3

  • whatthefunk16

    • Some commi made this. Probably a QBNerHayoth
    • well the very idea of it is anti american. to deny a personal freedom for someone else's belief. stretch the thinking and you see there is not much you cantdeathboy
    • control, which is why this is all executive power play through governors. not voted on or measured. just a decree which can likely see class action on everydeathboy
    • state for. Sucks another hit to tax payers, while lawyers score. but yea its a joke and why no one is listening anymore especially after protestsdeathboy
    • can push all the numbers on media and people are like fuck offdeathboy
    • or an example you can understand the rights pro-life. there beliefs about a life that conflicts with pro choice. mask is pro-life no mask pro-choicedeathboy
    • no it's more just the reaction deathboy. all this talk about liberal commi snowflakes.... yet its MAGA covidiots who whine and whine and whineinteliboy
    • what personal freedom are you losing when you wear a mask.. are you unable to breathe? move freely? i guess it's hard for you since you're a mouthbreatherdorf
    • What personal freedom do get to ban abortion?deathboy
    • Choice. The hypocrisy is hugedeathboy
    • And in case wondering I'm hugely pro choice. Which I guess makes me liberal...deathboy
    • And in dummiboy. Reaction makes sense. Why would reaction be different? Why be about personal freedom?deathboy
    • Ha makes me wonder if u bring back slavery u might question people's whining about choice. Whining slavesdeathboy
    • But wtf is a troll hoping to get bumps so serious conversation works bestdeathboy
    • so abortion is a disease that spreads and kills people.. your comparisons are extraordinary stoopid, but we all know that already.neverscared
    • Uh no. A belief of pro life. Vs pro choice. Talking about ideas of mask protecting life vs notdeathboy
    • On one hand it's popular to believe they protect life but where peoples choices come in? Does that make more sensedeathboy
    • The idea of mask protecting life is like antiabortiondeathboy
    • Same typical hypocrisy of both sides of idiotsdeathboy
    • not at all because of infections of course. u can´t get infected and endanger other being pregnant.neverscared
    • Uh matters nill to to the arguementdeathboy
    • Try againdeathboy
    • And I wonder if white with gun is similar to black and crazy about watermelon and fried chickendeathboy
    • So racistdeathboy
    • wear a mask dumbassernexbcn
    • matters all to the argument - no pregnacy no abortion - no virus no face mask....u are like trump- trying to engange in the most trivial things which is soneverscared
    • so flippin boring and stupid.neverscared
    • lol god it's easy to get him to take the bait.inteliboy
    • deathboy is a stupid, science denying, bigoted, moronic fucking idiot and nobody on this site would care if he died tomorrow of cunt infection.monospaced
    • And hayoth is a fascist.monospaced
    • you still have the choice to not wear a mask. don't cry like a bitch when you're asked to leave places or you're not served for not wearing one.dorf
    • actually there is no science on mask at all it would be highly unethical to infect humans testing precautionsdeathboy
    • and never the idea of infection. think of it in everyday life. to limit freedom becuase a bilogical agent may or may not exist and may or may not effect someonedeathboy
    • else.... basically saying dictator must protect us from all basic life. its not best to be coached by MSM on opinions never.deathboy
    • and as dorf states. i wear a mask in establishments that require it out of respect for private business. subject to arbitrary licensures. but i wont wear onedeathboy
    • in public places. actually think most people are privy to the shit now. only toss it on for business dont wash hands dont care. narrative lost with msm blmdeathboy
    • ha hell any increase in deaths could be correlated directly with media and blm newspapers sells more than any gov policydeathboy
    • in order to sell papers they showed theyre greedy as fuck no matter who suffers. something to think aboutdeathboy
    • if this disease clips ppl a little early and only a 100k over average... which is far less than 1%. just let it sink in. what it is vs being solddeathboy
    • you are such a weird libertarian freak.face_melter
    • weird. different. better...? think current MS think isnt really doing a bang up job. maybe better to listen to the round earthers on the fringedeathboy
  • Bennn-2

    ''Michigan Woman Who Pulled Gun on Black Family Charged With Felonious Assault, Husband Fired From Job''…

    • I don't want to read the article, but her husband was fired for her actions?nb
    • Imagine if a guy pulled a gun on someone and his wife got fired.nb
    • He also pulled a gun according to the article, and apparently almost backed the car into the two black women.Nutter
    • I watched the video and found everybody at fault - shitty behavior leads to a shitty situations.dorf
    • MAGA Lifeutopian
    • what dorf saidPonyBoy
    • So.. you're both in agreement that a gun needed pulling out in this context?Nairn
    • You guys really need to fucking ban guns.
      They're cool. I'd love one. Many.
      But they're fucking... problematic.
    • who you talking to, nairn? I do NOT agree a gun needed to come out here.PonyBoy
    • oh my, i'm so sorry. i somehow read the entire inverse of your exchange. I'm a total fucking moron.Nairn
    • Guns = Problems for sure. But Americans are so afraid of each other, it will never stop.Bennn
    • what sort of bullshit are you going on about 'americans are so afraid of each other'... bennn? lol. Stop reading / watching whatever it is you're ingesting...PonyBoy
    • as far as 'banning' guns... *giggle... have fun w/that... the amount of blood that will spill if anyone ever attempted that. :/PonyBoy
    • clearly those black ladies should have had guns of their own.pango
    • you get a gun, and you get a gun! everyone gets a gun!!!renderedred
    • 'Murican's are afraid of everyone. Just look at how much they fear their precious Freedumbs being 'taken away', but are oblivious to how things actually work.formed
    • Fear breeds anxiety and discontent, which get's blamed on whatever they are scared of (skin colors, government, China/Mexico, neighbor).formed
    • Giving people guns is an easy way to sell "hey, you can control your world with that baby!". Hell of a lot easier than education or helping others.formed
    • sorry PonyBoy, but yeah, Americans are afraid of each other. Thats why many of them wants guns, to protect themselves. Against who you think?Bennn
    • I think you're perhaps projecting your fear of us as something we also retain? We get up and goto work daily like any other nation...PonyBoy
    • ... you make it sound like we're always looking over our shoulders when in fact we're a pretty happy-go-lucky bunch of Clark Griswold's most the time.PonyBoy
    • And formed... that bred fear you speak of is more or less crammed down our throats by the media (pic a side). I live in an apartment complex w/every...PonyBoy
    • ... 'make-and-model' human out there. Black, white, hispanic, Indian (native and India)... pick a color. We all do our laundry together... hang at the pool...PonyBoy
    • ... park our cars side by side and generally say 'hello' to each other. I haven't EVER seen a gun here... occasionally you'll see someone open / carry...PonyBoy
    • ... sometimes is a redneck, sometimes it's someone not white. My point is we aren't looking over shoulders in fear... life flows quite normally.PonyBoy
    • There are occasional incidents like anywhere else... they get tossed on TV like the idiots in this video shit is often blown out of proportion or used...PonyBoy
    • ... to prove some sort of dense talking point like 'americans are afraid of each other' when in fact it was just some assholes being assholes to each other.PonyBoy
    • Quit blowing shit out of proportion—you tend to trip out and make 'little' shit bigger than it is, bennn. YOU are afraid of americans—for no reason I might add.PonyBoy
    • let me clarify... I haven't EVER seen a gun pulled on someone. Yes... you do see guns here of course.PonyBoy
    • If we're going anecdotal, I've been drawn on twice. And just last year I was camping out in Trump country on public lands, my gf was washing dishes in the..garbage
    • ..river and some crazy bitch told her to go back to the city and said she was going to shoot her, then ran back to her camper to get her gun.garbage
    • If you think that the Trump crowd doesn't have itchy trigger fingers, your worldview is pretty misinformed.garbage
    • Full disclosure: lifelong gun owner, still think that most Americans aren't responsible enough to own them.garbage
    • Do you get up everyday in fear of your neighbor, garbage? Cuz I'm speaking towards that mentality—not the 'met up w/a redneck in the middle of nowhere'...PonyBoy
    • ...and was threatened. (That could happen camping in a number of countries btw—not just a USA type anecdote there). I'm talking about your everyday neighbors...PonyBoy
    • ... do you truly have fear of them as bennn seems to think?PonyBoy
    • Your 'Trump country' statement is a lil 'meh' btw. To make that statement says this shit started w/Trump. Redneck trash has existed long before the yellow turd.PonyBoy
    • Pony, i dont say you guy fear for your life on a daily basis... i'm talking about a more deep fear crystalized in the American society.Bennn
    • People who owns guns in your country always say ''Its to protect my family" .... If you want to protect yourself, that means you fear something.Bennn
    •… fuckin idiots asked for violence especially when it sounded like beating on a cardeathboy
    • probably should have called the cops, but jesus shouldn't cops be for focused on other shit.guess disorderly homeless shit is similardeathboy
    • Gun drawn. That's definitely cop's issue.pango
    • oh yea because i couldnt find a full video in link had to search it out. harassment is definitely not from gun owner. but probably ownly one with a job. zing!deathboy
    • ^ racist joke.pango
    • I could imagine why the two black women might not really feel like calling the cops given the current times...Nutter
    • lol @ "bunch of Clark Griswolds"yuekit
    • yea pango its a racist joke. fuck how many jokes exist that are somehow based on race? You want to kill all of that?deathboy
    • bunch of clark griwalds... thats racist but funny as well. keep those virtue signal shits to recess time.deathboy
    • ahhh i guess he admits he's a racist.
      Again. who the fuck am i signaling here on QBN? LOL
    • @pony No, I don't EDC because I live in a civilized city and if an issue came up I could settle it with my hands.garbage
    • I just got back from remote camping at Mt St Helens and it's way to common to come across some Whiskey Tango that is too stupid to own a gun.garbage
    • im as racist as dave chapelle pangodeathboy
    • Dude is no Saint but compare to you he's like a saint lolpango
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  • Bennn7

    We should put the USA in quarantine from the rest of the World for 40 years so they can clean theirself up.

    • As of today, there's no indication that this won't happen.nb
    • Reasonable.grafician
  • Akagiyama2

    • shoppeddasohr
    • US marines logo is the same just facing the other waymoldero
    • still to close for comfort given the red triangle symbol and all his racist statementsNutter
    • I can't find examples of it online, but I remember on various Marine bases another, older USMC symbol which was more reminiscent of this Nazi imagery.MondoMorphic
    • The USA is always winning!utopian
    • It’s kind of a classic mark. Both nations used a form of it for their marketing.monospaced
    • goes way back to roman standardsGnash
    • A point is being missed here. It's not Nazi symbolism, but um.. HE SELLS THIS SHIT ON HIS OWN WEBSITE. It's monetized jingoism, and you know, illegal.garbage
    • If you hate yourself, browse his shop. If you hate a client, sign them up for his incredibly beggy mailing list.garbage
    • ^^ hahaha genius!MondoMorphic
    • They used a vector stock from some stock website to "design" thatgrafician
    • everybody and their donkey use eagles so relax - let me know when they start using bulls or snakesurbanturban
    • but the swastika meaning was stolen as well right. dare i question wether deer horns come back into design trends and mean something as a symboldeathboy
    • @deathbobo I can want you to just know my eyes looked who you said because words amalgamate peoples but nobody takes you seriously shut up (10 seconds)garbage
  • neverscared2

    • but don´t forget ladies & gentlemen, covid 19 is a flippin hoax by the dems.neverscared
    • I don't know about all that, but I do predict we're at war with someone within the first year of a Biden presidency.MondoMorphic
    • i predict one year in a trumps second term and nuclear holocaust will happen for sure..neverscared
    • Scott Adams is a fucking moron. Anybody remember the time he got caught making sockpuppet accounts to praise his genius?garbage
    • Also struggles with basic science and is a shit illustrator / writer. Boomer's image of da Vinci, I guess.garbage
    • Fucking snowflake. The poor, widdle, Wepubwicans are being persecuted!face_melter
    • he talks some crazy but think thats the mortgage check talking. for the most part hes seem to be sane dudedeathboy
    • more so than some people who get taken out late monday night to never be seen againdeathboy