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    “There’s a rumor out there that because it takes care of lupus very effectively, as I understand it, and it’s a, you know, a drug that’s used for lupus,” he said, “so there’s a study out there that says people that have lupus haven’t been catching this virus. Maybe it’s true; maybe it’s not.” — President Trump

    There is no such study.

    • "Maybe it’s true; maybe it’s not."Nairn
    • I always say that when I cite a fictional study and I’m addressing the nation during a global pandemic.monospaced
    • I suspect Trump has that line go through his head after pretty much everything he says publicly.Nairn
    • What’s so interesting is that being a president hasn’t changed this guy’s behavior at at all. He’s the same mook he’s always been.Gnash
  • Nairn4

    Twitter's Jack Dorsey donates 28% of his wealth - $1Bn - to fight Covid-19.…

    • Vapour-rich guy donates some of his vapourGnash
  • Ramanisky21

    • They're out to save your soul not your body.deadsperm
    • Cult on TV for the masses. This is pure madness.Bennn
    • Have to respect the hustle. Don't hate the player.deadsperm
    • Taxes paid: $0
      Souls saved: 0
    • Luke 18:13deadsperm
  • Nairn0

    "A (possible) solution to COVID-19"…

    • one big issue i can find with this is that the virus has been found to have mutated back on itself in loops. a (theoretically dubious) asymptomatic strain couldkingsteven
    • mutate back in to one that kills you.kingsteven
    • Is that right? I heard that immunity is almost guaranteed. Maybe I’m not clear.monospaced
    • i don't mean in one individual mono. ie. someone gets the asymptomatic strain as vaccine, mutates inside them and infects others with a more harmful versionkingsteven
  • monospaced1

    I was talking to the owner of a hospital and clinic network yesterday (my fathers boss) and he said they are about to start testing for immunity. A simple blood test will be able to indicate if someone has had it and is producing antibodies for full immunity. They are talking about issuing cards that immune people would carry with them moving forward.

    • i would love to get one of those wee pinprick tests. they probably wont be available in the UK (outside testing healthcare workers) for a while.kingsteven
    • Spain has already begun blood testing peopleOBBTKN
    • They keep mentioning this as a way forward but afaik they haven't actually worked out a reliable way to do so. Unless this is Newstoday?webazoot
    • @mono that's great news! much needed and essential in analyzing and combating the spreadKrassy
    • It’s reliable. This isn’t theoretical. They are rolling it out today in California from what I understand.monospaced
    • The bottleneck isn’t the test, it’s the staff available to handle each one. Blood must be taken, transported to a lab, spun in centrifuge, etc. takes 15 min eacmonospaced
    • Gotta figure out how to make it efficient and easily accessible. They are doing it for medical staff FIRST and exclusively.monospaced
    • there was a bizarre paper last week that showed that antibody testing didn't work for detecting early infections. i'm still not sure why they thought it would.kingsteven
    • i've seen nothing to suggest the pin-prick test kits for antibodies aren't accurate either. hopefully it'll eliminate a lot of the speculationkingsteven
    • This is coolnb
    • Should be some highly visible patch to be stitched onto clothing. Maybe in yellow?Gnash
    • I was thinking similar gnash. But more like a big international thing with T-shirt’s and wristbands. Not for profit.monospaced
    • This isn’t about detecting early infections. It’s about detecting immunity after recovery.monospaced
    • Good news if correct for sure.webazoot
    • This is what I'd read about the tests yesterday; https://www.theguard…webazoot
    • Hard to say it, but that‘s how China did it. First it was a card, then they moved to an app.uan
    • Issuing cards for immune people?!?GTFO...robotron3k
    • @uan China is running a propaganda of lies and misinformation. Tune out, dude ;-)Krassy
    • A yeah, I forgot! So let it be an American Idea then;)uan
    • ^ and German, and everywhere probably in time. yes mono, i know the tests are for immunity but there was some misleading news articles on them based on a studykingsteven
    • that was to determine if they could detect antibodies in early infections.kingsteven
    • Imagine exposing yourself so you can get the card so you can get back to bussing tables at a bar.nb
    • The card is for medical staff who are immune so they can save your dumb ass bobo. Fucking idiot.monospaced
    • This is promising and hopeful.utopian
    • Yes it is.monospaced
    • And yeah. Imagine recovering and ... GASP! ... going back to work!monospaced
  • i_was0

    Fat people more incline to contract Covid19

    • more surface to get infected or what‘s your argument?uan
    • @uan LOLFixMiller
    • Because of the conditions obesity comes with: diabetes and heart diseasemonospaced
  • Bennn0

    '' Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei is quietly flying millions of masks to Canada

    .. Huawei’s gifts come as the company seeks a key federal approval to install its 5G technology on Canadian mobile networks ''…

    See all the posts i've made in the China thread.... China’s Grand Plan To Take Over The World... Almost there, almost there.

    • The irony that xenophobic rednecks flock for their insatiable desire for cheap cheap cheap china made products at Walmart.inteliboy
    • Huawei Apple clones included.inteliboy
    • Canada loves pulling this kind of shitnb
    • In Feb, when the Chinese were lying, saying it was contained, we sent 16 tonnes of equipment to them. They returned that favour be sending us Chinese plague.BustySaintClaire
    • oh bobomonospaced
    • 60,000 masks Toronto got from China had to be recalled after distribution because they were defectiveGnash
    • Isn’t it to free the Huawei princess that we’re holding captive?_niko
    • Also, _niko. China is always playing strategically with their ultimate Goal in sight.Bennn
  • Akagiyama4

    Wow....just, wow.

    • Keepin' it surreal son!PhanLo
    • Everyone in the world is wrong about COVID-19, except for Trump and his tippy top administration.utopian
    • You think you're upset, Bill Gates' pandemic dream scenario just got squashed by President Trump's vocal efficacy of HCQ.robotron3k
    • He's talking about himselflowimpakt
    • this cretin has to god_gitale
    • One thing about WHO he is right, they have beeing promoting unproved traditional Chinese "medicine".dmay
    • cheerleader trump blames his unborn baby why he had to fuck a porn star.neverscared
    • 'China' 'and we fund it' The catch phrases of the decade.shapesalad
    • Dystopian nightmare.ideaist
  • kingsteven1

    Started jotting down a Daily Mail style "Things that kill you with COVID-19" last night... any i've missed?

    - Atrial fibrillation
    CANCER (in last 5 years)
    - Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    - Chronic emphysema
    - Bronchitis
    - Smoking
    - Vaping
    - Asthma
    - Air Quality /NO2
    - Immunocompromised
    - HIV/AIDS
    - Chronic stress

    • QBN?Continuity
    • "As of 2020 it is believed there are only 40-50 people worldwide still suffering from QBN (the disease caused by the NT virus) 99% male in the 35-60 age groupkingsteven
    • stupidity?Bluejam
    • ^ if it's thought to be slightly higher in dementia patients because they forget to wash their hands + touch their face i don't see why not...kingsteven
    • ... or the 'i'm still shaking hands and we can take it on the chin' typeBluejam
    • Syphilis and gonorrhea maybe can work against it! Doctors are looking for test subjects.sted
    • ^lol qbn @ksMrAbominable
    • Hows the chap doing who said he 'definitely' caught it shopping at Tesco?
      Could be another for the list, depending.
    • Slightly heartened to realise I'm not the only one who scans the Mail each day. I hate myself for it, but it's a useful go-to for by-the-minute newsNairn
    • and I know I've said it here before, but imo it's the flipside of the same bullshit coin The Guardian's onNairn
    • "DM style" lolhelloeatbreathedrive
    • I fantasise living in a just society where the DM and the Guardian are high-comedy and the stock market is a larf. if only the world wasn't full of pricks.kingsteven
    • 5Gmonospaced
    • ^ how did i forget about 5G! the answer was in front of (and inside, and all around) my face.kingsteven
    • You forgot drinking alcohol. I read somewhere that is also could potentially kill you with COVID-19utopian
    • Oh no....SEX?dbloc
    • The covids give you the gush…kingsteven
    • hmm i thought i read all the early research with SARS relating to HIV research was people with HIV had better responses due to weaken immune systemsdeathboy
    • hence trying to protein shake shit up and fake a weakened immuno response. since so far research seems to state covid19 main strength is turning immune systemsdeathboy
    • I haven't seen any data about HIV infected with it. Be curious to see that.deathboy
    • @db increased chance of infection, increased chance of co-morbidities, low CD4 count (if not receiving treatment) - it's a speculative list though...kingsteven
    • Daily Mail style (ie. broccoli causes cancer) - studies have shown that increased risk is on multiple co-morbidities so it's unlikely that having just one willkingsteven
    • kill you without being life-threateningly severe without the virus.kingsteven
  • drgs0

    * Huge drop-off in air pollution
    * Animals reclaim the wilderness
    * Kills all unproductive, senescent and weak
    * Motivates the rest to get slimmer

    We should do it every year, right after Ramadan

    • it came out a bit to strong though...we‘ll need some sort of orgies season to balance it out.uan
    • *Makes us horny as hellNBQ00
  • grafician0

    a company/startup seems to have fixed the scale problem of testing:…

    "BillionToOne developed a novel qSanger-COVID-19 Test that is more than 30x higher throughput than existing quantitative PCR (qPCR) methods and is highly accurate and cost-effective.

    Combining the unused Sanger sequencer capacity from the Human Genome project and the proprietary machine learning algorithm, BillionToOne’s qSanger-COVID-19 unlocks millions of daily testing capacity worldwide.

    Test reagents will be made available in 2 weeks to clinical laboratories, pending manufacturing of kits and Emergency Use Authorization from FDA."

    We’re unlocking 1+ million COVID-19 testing capacity per day in the US alone
    using a unique testing protocol with 30X+ higher throughput

  • imbecile6

    Donald Trump Has Stake In Hydroxychloroquine Drugmaker: Report…

    The president has repeatedly touted the anti-malaria drug as a coronavirus treatment despite a lack of medical evidence.

    President Donald Trump reportedly owns a stake in a company that produces hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malaria drug he has repeatedly touted as a coronavirus treatment even though his experts say there’s no strong evidence it works.

    • Well what do you know...Who would've ever guessed?utopian
    • Of course he doesdbloc
    • Didnt u know? Pelosi is already drafting up a Hydroxychloroquine Impeachment documents against the President. Pelosi said, "Trump is going down this time!!"robotron3k
    • really? is that an impeachment offense?neverscared
    • dony boy wanna make some bucks matter what.neverscared
    • That would be so fucked up. He’d need to be stripped of all shares and punished in some way.NBQ00
    • Let’s hope Trump has a stake in beer.instrmntl
    • "reportedly" GOT HIM.Hayoth
    • Amusing how Trump's biggest cocksucking supporters will dismiss any atrocity he commits as long as he can't be punished for it. Ethically fucked cunts.monospaced
    • Oh fuck off. It's a generic drug. The science behind it was due to a study conducted at the tail end of the SARS outbreak, which is why SK used it.monNom
    • There was a ton of speculation about it as a treatment (due to the study and positive SK results) more than a month (2?) before Trump said anything about it.monNom
    • I'm all for holding people to account for inside dealing, but this is just intentionally ignorant.monNom
    • as ethically fucked as the cheerleader who fucks pornstars during his wife is pregnant.neverscared
    • He owns mutual funds (managed by someone else) who happen to have 3% of it's holdings in the pharma company. You guys fall for fake news every day.lambsy
    • I probably do toomonospaced
    • not fake news.neverscared
  • Ramanisky23…

    Milwaukee residents waited between 90 minutes and 2½ hours to vote on Tuesday, after a coronavirus-induced poll worker shortage forced the city to reduce 180 polling places to just five and a last-ditch effort by the state’s governor to postpone the election was overturned by the state Supreme Court.

  • bliznutty0

    • lol okaymonospaced
    • I think I'll follow mg33 into an info blackout.
      Posts like this have just way too much stupid in them for any one person to adequately cope with.
  • mg333

    Fuck... I've been paying attention but maybe I haven't looked at the info out of NYC too closely (maybe as a result of my intentionally avoiding the news during the day, but somehow I had no idea NYC's deaths were already over 3,000, and that 599 died yesterday.

    And they're rapidly approaching the day of peak death with like 2,000 deaths or so in a single day? (I heard that a couple days ago).

    Man, that makes me feel lightheaded. We've had only about 307 deaths total in Illinois.

    • Wait, wait wait. Your news blackout was supposed to start yesterday man.webazoot
    • By comparison, about 3000 people die of pneumonia a week in the USA. And about 400 a week by the flu.robotron3k
    • 1500 people die each week in US from guns & vehicles.BustySaintClaire
    • So, last week, COVID killed more than pneumonia, flu, guns and vehicles combined?dmay
    • about 2x more, dmaymantrakid
  • qoob-2

    • Anyone know where to buy it?qoob
    • trumpcure.commonospaced
    • Be sure to take double the recommend dose to really kick the corona's ass....shapesalad
    • Actually don't do that, you'll very likely kill yourself... dosage can go from ok to very very not ok with the slightest increase in dose size.shapesalad
    • With Zinc…BustySaintClaire
    • lol@mononeverscared
    • please, if you support trump, take triple dose and mix it in with the gallon of kunt-aid you drink each morningmonospaced
    • Harsh but posibly fair.webazoot
    • even bobo pointed out its $2.50 a bottle so you know these gullible assholes are ready to prove their blind trust in a clown for critical medical advice.monospaced
  • Ramanisky20

    • Good for her.PhanLo
    • "data is anecdotal" hahaha.dorf
    • Or she recovered by all other treatments like most people.monospaced
  • neverscared-1

    The W.H.O. really blew it. For some reason, funded largely by the United States, yet very China centric. We will be giving that a good look. Fortunately I rejected their advice on keeping our borders open to China early on. Why did they give us such a faulty recommendation?

    this is from the cheerleader

    so the W.H.0 said its a hoax?

    • their strategy of "lets wait and see, no need to panic yet" really worked.Beeswax
    • https://www.zerohedg…BustySaintClaire
    • zero hedge the breitbard bleedings anus.neverscared
    • W.H.O did also say too much negative about masks.api
    • W.H.O. is still saying that masks make no difference. there's no evidence to say they're wrong.kingsteven
    • https://www.theguard…kingsteven
    • The WHO reviewed its position on masks in light of data from Hong Kong indicating that their widespread use in the community may have reduced the spread...kingsteven
    • There was no evidence that wearing a mask in the community prevented healthy people from picking up respiratory infections including Covid-19, it said.kingsteven
    • ^ from todaykingsteven
    • Yes, what I read of their study in close contact even if you've coverd your mouth/nose the particles still can get in through your eyes.
      Space helmets maybe?
  • grafician4

    "Air pollution linked to far higher Covid-19 death rates, study finds"…

  • shapesalad1…

    On Saturday the Food and Drug Administration approved the use of two antimalarial drugs, hydroxychloroquine and a related medication, chloroquine, for emergency use to treat COVID-19. The drugs were touted by President Trump as a “game changer” for COVID-19.

    However, a study just published in a French medical journal provides new evidence that hydroxychloroquine does not appear to help the immune system clear the coronavirus from the body. The study comes on the heels of two others - one in France and one in China - that reported some benefits in the combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin for COVID-19 patients who didn’t have severe symptoms of the virus.

    I am a medicinal chemist who has specialized in discovery and development of antiviral drugs for the past 30 years, and I have been actively working on coronaviruses for the past seven. I am among a number of researchers who are concerned that this drug has been given too much of a high priority before there is enough evidence to show it is indeed effective.

    There are already other clinical studies that showed it is not effective against COVID-19 as well as several other viruses. And, more importantly, it can have dangerous side effects, as well as giving people false hope. The latter has led to widespread shortages of hydroxychloroquine for patients who need it to treat malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, the indications for which it was originally approved.

    The idea that the combination of hydroxychloroquine with an antibiotic drug, azithromycin, was effective against COVID-19 gained more attention after a study published on March 17. This study described a trial of 80 patients carried out by Philippe Gautret in Marseille, France. Although some of their results appeared to be encouraging, it should also be noted that most of their patients only had mild symptoms. Furthermore, 85% of the patients didn’t even have a fever – one of the major telltale symptoms of the virus, thus suggesting that these patients likely would have naturally cleared the virus without any intervention.

    In another study, posted on medRxiv, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, Chinese scientists from Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University, in Wuhan, China, gave hydroxychloroquine to patients with only mild infections who were free of medical issues, similar to the Gautret study. The results showed that the 31 patients who received the drug showed a lessening of their symptoms 24 hours earlier than patients in the control group. In addition, pneumonia symptoms improved in 25 of the 31 patients versus 17 of 31 in the control group. As noted in several of the comments associated with the manuscript, there are issues related to the translation of the paper, thus clouding interpretations of some of the results. The paper also appears to focus more on pneumonia than COVID-19. However, these issues may be cleared up or addressed once the paper finishes the peer-review process.

    But two other studies have conflicting results.

    A second French group, led by Jean-Michel Molina, has now tested the hydroxychloroquine-azithromycin combination treatment in 11 patients at the Hôpital Saint-Louis in Paris, France, and their results were strikingly different.

    Like the Marseille study, the Molina trial was also a small pilot study. Molina and colleagues used the same dosing regimen as Gautret. In contrast, however, to the Gautret study, eight of the 11 patients had underlying health conditions, and 10 of 11 had fevers and were quite ill at the time the dosing began.

    These Paris researchers found that after five to six days of treatment with hydroxychloroquine (600 mg per day for 10 days) and azithromycin (500 mg on day 1 and 250 mg on days 2 to 5), eight of the 10 patients still tested positive for COVID-19. Of these 10 patients, one patient died, two were transferred to the ICU and another had to be removed from the treatment due to serious complications.

    In addition, a similar study in China also showed no difference in viral clearance after seven days either with or without the hydroxychloroquine with the patients in the trial. This supports Molina’s findings.

    Thus, despite the recent approval of this drug for use against COVID-19, questions remain as to the efficacy of this treatment. As Molina and colleagues note: “Ongoing randomized clinical trials with hydroxychloroquine should provide a definitive answer regarding the alleged efficacy of this combination and will assess its safety.”