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  • zaq40

    Something that I am proud of to the point that I want to brag about it on QBN.

    More than 7K telehealth video session was performed yesterday on the platform that my team has built over the years. The number of sessions started increasing in the last 2 weeks dramatically. I spend all my waking hours trying to extinguish the fire from the server load and helping my team scale the infrastructure. We expect the usage to grow way more during the pandemic.

    We literally save lives!!

    • That's something to be proud of. Good work!SteveJobs
    • dude, that is SO awesome :)exador1
    • Awesome!R_Kercz
    • Awesome! Bravo!Krassy
    • "making the world a better place"

    • Well done! What's the product?zarkonite
    • ustream?sted
    • sorry ibm teleclinic?sted
    • link?drgs
    • Where you on the sky news this week? They had interview with creators of doctor video consultant software.shapesalad
    • zaq, link?maquito
    • we started as small distributed team, now we are part of larger company: Intouch Healthzaq
    • oh wow that's really nice!sted
    • keep it up! and please don't hesitate to drop a few lines here if you need help with something...sted
    • Nice job!!bezoar
    • amazing zaq well done! truly life changing workpedromendez
    • thanks sted and everyone else. I appreciate your support.zaq
    • hey zaq, drop me a line. tks!maquito
    • Props!PhanLo
    • Help me build a streaming site for out of work bartenders and waItresses. U will also save lives! Can't get laid in a quarantine and people need connections anddeathboy
    • More importantly tipsdeathboy
    • deathboy, definitely useful service in these times. But I would probably not be the best person to help you with building it.zaq
    • There are plenty of existing services that you can use to build it https://www.producth…zaq
    • Haha naw I'm not really interested. But I could imagine the person with right promotion could net 100k easily.deathboy
    • Such a some idea I actually Imagine multiple teams working on it or existing platforms changing models. Just insane the money in that bizdeathboy
  • autoflavour24

    I tested negative..

    • nice!Krassy
    • Great news!dmay
    • Sweet.robotron3k
    • Ten thumbs up!PhanLo
    • Nice! still will not bang thoPonyBoy
    • Miami Beach party time!Gnash
    • Good!Bennn
    • any symptoms?inteliboy
    • Yeeey!sted
    • It looks like nsw is counting the people not the number of tests.sted
    • Glad to hear it, friend!boobs
    • Drinks on you!ben_
    • Good news ; )MrT
    • NiceNBQ00
    • Ponyboy, especially after last time.. it was just awkward and well, uncomfortable.autoflavour
    • especially as you kept calling me mummyautoflavour
    • I'm Cvd19 positive I've had it already. Cough so bad I dry Heaved. Fever. And the breathing and cough kept me up for 3 days straight. Actually a month and halfdeathboy
    • Still feel a wispyness in lungs. Or just a heavy ass bronchitis that fucked everyone in contactdeathboy
    • Great!inv
    • Is it true deathboy? I suspect the flu my wife and me got this year, was not a flu... wife was one week on bed and we're still recovering the breathOBBTKN
    • A month and a half ago! Did you get tested deathboy? Or is it self diagnosed like gluten intolerance?deadsperm
    • Of course he's had it for a month and a half already, db's so ahead of the curve, as always.ben_
    • glad you're both okay though.ben_
    • Deathboy... it explains when you have so much free time on your hand....pango
    • quit self diagnosed. no matter how much of an uncertified expert you believe you are, there's no way to know unless you get tested.pango
    • do it asap when available to you.pango
    • uh no its true. my gal was surprised never seeing me sick in like 8 years. Shes younger than me and was sick but didnt effect her like me.deathboy
    • she was out for about 4-5 days. but pretty easy. but as pango says I have no idea. Just can tell you what I went throughdeathboy
    • and ben dont hedge your bets. if you don't like me and find me terrible and want me to die i still don't really care. just own it. inv is fo realdeathboy
    • And here I thought identifying as an attack helicopter was already pretty rad.
      Live your truth.
    • @auto bro please tell me how did you got tested? i remember you've been sick lately, just can put that memory into a timeline.sted
  • Ramanisky226

    I fucking knew it.

  • Ramanisky29

    Priorities.. am-i-rite??

    • incredible.fadein11
    • Such a tiny little, massively self-absorbed man.Nairn
    • Does he ever mention all the people that are dying in his country? always think he treats it like a results show of a footbal game.PhanLo
    • Those ratings are tippy topRamanisky2
    • 193 Americans death todayyuekit
    • Number of casualies also continues to rise...nbq
    • *casualtiesnbq
    • This is a fake tweet, right? This can't be real.utopian
    • fucking bozolowimpakt
    • what's more surreal than his tweet are the people that are actually supporting and defending him. fucking hell._niko
    • honestly, can any trump supporter on here defend this?_niko
    • He runs white house briefing like a tv show...pango
    • he's talking in the third person now. lol.dorf
    • niko they love it ... the dumber the betterRamanisky2
    • @pango thats the most terrifying about this. have you watched the failboat sail away?sted
    • Is this real?Gnash
    • See what I mean…
    • rationalized lunacysted
    • Bobo?PhanLo
    • BoBo2020utopian
    • This is why the world is doomed. Every country have a version of this bozo with some power. And they have supporters too. We're fucked.Beeswax
    • thats not true.sted
    • It's real. Fuck. This manbaby. I hope he dies horribly. What a waste of space.tank02
    • me me me me!inteliboy
    • Is it real life? How that man is the president of the USA ? Still can't believe itBennn
    • Doesn't Bobo live in New York?PhanLo
    • No one with an ounce of sanity or care for America's future can believe it. As noted, what's even more shocking his the cockroaches the defend every turd heformed
    • produces. Fucking disgusting.formed
    • hahaha is this for real?Milan
    • When he was elected, I was having dinner by myself in a bar, traveling for business, the waiter and me couldn’t believe what was happening:timeless
    • the bar was going nuts, people cheering like a sports event as he won states, I thought I was being pranked and said as much to the waiter.timeless
    • NJ has a lot of idiots. New Yorkers make fun of them a lot.monospaced
    • Remember when a lot of peoples' main concern in life was stopping the "social justice warriors"? Including more than a few who post here.yuekit
    • The social justice warriors and evil feminists ruining it for white men and forcing you to say she instead of he. That was many peoples' rationale foryuekit
    • cheering on Trump and other far right leaders. Well done guys, you really showed them...cough cough.yuekit
    • I hope that something he said was really just that type "fun".sted
    • Thousands of people died and millions are losing their businesses and homes and he's keeping track and proud of ratings.omahadesigns
    • Omaha, you for once not cheering him on?NBQ00
    • He's forgotten which account he logged in under.BusterBoy
    • lol yuekit, indeed.fadein11
    • death numbers are rising, coz u are doing are shit job, hoax virus babyneverscared
    • Troll legend.robotron3k
    • Do you remember when that little Swedish girl with aspergers used to excite rallies about how the economy has grown out of hand and is destroying the planet.Khurram
    • I actually hate this cunt.
      My Gran always said that Hate was the strongest word, and we should't use it.
      I hate this cunt.
    • khurram. ya air pollution went down drastically just when the economy crashed. correlation?pango
    • causation.Khurram
    • so i guess guess that Swedish girl was right in a way lolpango
  • Ramanisky217

    • This is greatR_Kercz
    • brilliantnbq
    • awesome :)sted
    • Well it ain't no Ben Garrisontank02
    • Holy shit, hahaelahon
    • https://townsquare.m…Gardener
    • This is shit. If you live in US and you don’t like trump then gtfo. If you dont live in US and you don’t like Trump, well your opinion means nothing.irrelevant
    • Saw this. You think the MSM wants Trump out of office. Hells no. Because hating Trump sells lots of ads. And the WuFlu is the new flu like the flu in influenza.robotron3k
    • ^ ^^what are you two meatheads even talking about?scruffics
    • This too is part of the hoax.deadsperm
    • dodoroboutopian
    • better be a diaper as wellhelloeatbreathedrive
    • Somebody doing their job as an art directorgrafician
    • yepp.sted
    • "If you live in US and you don’t like trump then gtfo" HAHAHAHA! Good one, bro.elahon
    • think robo is talking about the media trump bump. NYT has seen a huge boost because of trump. personally i prefer
    • its still a bit early to say trump has blinders it seems the majority of the world on it is like oh shit wtf. regardless i dont by in to trump or central govdeathboy
    • can do shit. its not plague, but it could easily it seems kill 300k ppl while stopping 5-6 weeks production. As far as economy that is a killer hitdeathboy
    • better put it on the the foulmouth of trump.neverscared
    • Look at the trump apologists just piling on to see who can be the most stupid and ... SURPRISE! Deathboy wins again by a mile. Congrats retards.monospaced
    • Eat Shit noteboy.Ramanisky2
    • db prefers The Economist, robo prefers NYP... all shapes and sizes! All walks of life.ben_
    • noteboy ahahaha :Dsted
    • Such good discussion from this crowd. Wow. Round of applause. :)deathboy
  • sted22

    • my selection of editorial photos published by afp in the recent week.sted
    • Great!yuekit
    • incredible pics. AFP?where_am_i
    • Agence France-Presse is an international news agency headquartered in Paris, France. Founded in 1835 as Agence Havas, it is the world's oldest news agency.sted
    • 4th photograph ... pictures of the congregation or those that have died? if the later, then there's a lot of young people there :-(Bluejam
    • good post btw
    • thanks sted, that second last one is here in SA and i havent seen it circled around this side.where_am_i
    • South Africa is going to go bonkers.PhanLo
    • wait, did you take the pics sted? could you tell me about the SA one?where_am_i
    • @Bluejam not dead, just members of the parish :)
    • how long you've been traveling man? there are 3-4 countries there I guessBeeswax
    • caption for the last one "if they don't have bread, let them eat toilet paper"Beeswax
    • @dmay thanksBluejam
    • Wholly smokes <3robotron3k
    • These are amazing! <3Sam_DS
    • Really great imagery here, sted. Well done.stoplying
    • Fuckn wowzers, sted!maquito
    • Great pics pango!_niko
    • @where_am_i
      South African police fired rubber bullets towards hundreds of shoppers queueing outside a supermarket in Johannesburg...
    • disclaimer: these are from various authors working for AFP, and Pango :Dsted
  • Bluejam23

    A supermarket in Denmark got tired of people hoarding hand sanitizer, so came up with their own way of stopping it.

    1 bottle kr40 (€5.50)
    2 bottles kr1000 (€134.00) each bottle.…

  • dbloc16

    Written by a co-worker. She's actually battling cancer right now so she's super scared.


    Here’s a history lesson for everyone on both sides of the political divide. I think it’s important that we understand the truth, especially come November when it’s time to vote. Forgive the length. But, hey we all have time on our hands to read, right?

    In December 2013, an 18-month-old boy in Guinea was bitten by a bat. Then there were five more fatal cases. When Ebola spread out of the Guinea borders into neighboring Liberia and Sierra Leone in July 2014, President Obama activated the Emergency Operations Center at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. The CDC immediately deployed CDC personnel to West Africa to coordinate a response that included vector tracing, testing, education, logistics and communication.

    Altogether, the CDC, under President Obama, trained 24,655 medical workers in West Africa, educating them on how to prevent and control the disease before a single case left Africa or reached the U.S.

    Working with the U.N. and the World Health Organization President Obama ordered the re-routing of travelers heading to the U.S. through certain specific airports equipped to handle mass testing.

    Back home in America, more than 6,500 people were trained through mock outbreaks and practice scenarios. That was done before a single case hit America.

    Three months after President Obama activated this unprecedented response, on September 30, 2014, we got our first case in the U.S.. That man had traveled from West Africa to Dallas, Texas and had somehow slipped through the testing protocol. He was immediately detected and isolated. He died a week later. Two nurses who tended to him contracted Ebola and later recovered. All the protocols had worked. It was contained.

    The Ebola epidemic could have easily become a pandemic. But thanks to the actions of our government under Obama, it never did. Those three cases were the ONLY cases of ebola in our country because Obama did what needed to be done three months before the first case.

    Ebola is even more contagious than Covid-19. If he Obama not done these things, millions of Americans would have died awful painful deaths like something out of a horror movie (if you’ve ever seen how Ebola kills, it’s horrific).
    It’s ironic that BECAUSE President Obama did these things - we forget that he did them, because the disease never reached our shores.

    Now the story of Covid 19 and Trump’s response that we know about so far:

    Before anyone even knew about the disease (even in China) Trump disbanded the pandemic response team that Obama had put in place. He cut funding to the CDC. And he cut our contribution to the World Health Organization (WHO).

    Trump fired Rear Admiral Timothy Ziemer, the person on the National Security Council in charge of stopping the spread of infectious diseases before they reach our country - a position created by the Obama administration.

    When the Outbreak started in China, Trump assumed it was China’s problem and sent no research, supplies or help of any kind. We were in a trade war.

    In January 2020, he received a briefing from our intelligence organizations that the outbreak was much worse than China was admitting and that it would definitely hit our country if something wasn’t done to prevent it. Trump did nothing.

    When the disease spread to Europe, the World Health Organization offered a boatload of tests to the United States. Trump turned them down, saying private companies here would make the tests “better” if we needed them. But he never ordered U.S. companies to make tests and they had no profit motive to do so on their own.

    According to scientists at Yale and several public university medical schools, when they asked for permission to start working on our own testing protocol and potential treatments or vaccines, they were denied by Trump’s FDA.

    When Trump knew about the first case in the United States he did nothing. It was just one case and the patient was isolated. When doctors and scientists started screaming in the media that this was a mistake, Trump claimed it was a “liberal hoax” conjured up to try to make him “look bad after impeachment failed.”

    The next time Trump spoke of Covid-19, we had 64 confirmed cases but Trump went before microphones and lied to the America public that we only had 15 cases “and pretty soon that number will be close to zero.” All while the disease was spreading. He took no action to get more tests.

    What Trump did do is stop flights from China from coming here. This was too late and accomplished nothing according to scientists and doctors. By then the disease was worldwide and was already spreading exponentially in the U.S. by Americans, not Chinese people as Trump would like you to believe.

    As of the moment I’m posting this, the number and f CONFIRMED CASES in the U.S. grows exponentially each day. The actual number is unknown due to lack of test availability. Why don’t we have enough tests? Remember back when Trump turned down the tests from the W.H.O. and prevented our own universities from developing them? Remember back when Trump had cut the funding to the CDC?

    Every time Mr. Trump goes on camera and blames the previous administration for the mess we are now in. He has no one to blame but himself.

    I hear Republican pundits try to put the blame on China. And they are correct - after all, the disease started there. And the Chinese government handled it poorly and dishonestly. So it’s fair to blame the government of China for the EXISTENCE of the Covid-19 virus. BUT THAT MISSES THE POINT. Trump let the disease invade the U.S. And continues to make the same mistake time and time again - waiting until it’s too late to take action.

    Hundreds of thousands of Americans are expected to die of Covid 19 because of his ineptitude. Because of his lackadaisical response. Because of his ego - bragging about his ratings. He finds this loss of life acceptable. I hope you tell him in November that this is unacceptable.

    • Preach on!nb
    • a reason to not vote for trump is not a reason to vote for biden.colin_s
    • On election day it will benb
    • uh, yes, yes it is right nowscruffics
    • this would have been way better if just stated the facts, with zero spin on who to vote for.inteliboy
    • sorry by better I mean cutting through to the trump morons.inteliboy
    • I'm sure the Chinese would have a thing or two to say about Team America World Police bursting on the scene.monNom
    • China wouldn't let Americans come help or study the disease early on. They went to great lengths to downplay it, including silencing their own doctors.monNom
    • This isn't a trump thing. EVERYONE has it. It's very unlikely that Obama would have done any better, or any different.monNom
    • ^ I'd say every single sitting president before Trump would have done better.inteliboy
    • This is a TRUMP thing. He fired Ziemer, disbanded the response team, cut funding to the CDC & WHO, refused test kits, etc. He has talked about his ratings tho.brandonp
    • You're out of your mind if you think China would let the US in there like '13 Africa. China let nearly 5M people flee during their outbreak... why can't some...PonyBoy
    • ... of you actually place some fucking blame where it belongs... this constant 'Trump's fault' shit will GET HIM REELECTED you fucking twits... staaahp.PonyBoy
    • ^ Yup. Also, blame will not make this better. It feeds the cycle of Pro & Anti Trump blowhards.DRIFTMONKEY
    • Blame is due, ffs... especially the blame Trump actually deserves... just be fucking honest about it. People lied, muffled scientists & journalists...PonyBoy
    • ignore that reality and the continued lies that follow it seems a bit retarded... but hey... TRUMP!!Where's utopian w/that seething Trump gif?PonyBoy
    • >>…sted
    • lol cool story bro...robotron3k
    • Worth pointing out that the U.S. ALREADY had pandemic experts working inside China, that was part of the team that Trump fired.yuekit
    • https://www.japantim…yuekit
    • I'll never understand the weird affirmative action Trump gets from some of you. His response was almost laughably bad, like a parody of how not to handle it.yuekit
    • Including joking that it was "just the flu" which was a meme going around at the time.yuekit
    • You mistake a request that the entire story be told accurately Trump affirmation... I'm not sure how we work around that.PonyBoy
    • I don't know that it's affirmative action. It's just a tired argument. Obama isn't president now. Nor could he be. You might as well say SupermanmonNom
    • Nothing special about what Obama did, it's just the minimum you would expect from a semi-competent leader.yuekit
    • And that fact that ALL of the leaders of the world are doing poorly with this should tell you something.monNom
    • * Trump affirmative action...PonyBoy
    • I wouldn't say that all leaders are doing poorly. Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong did an excellent job (to be fair they had more experience withyuekit
    • past epidemics like SARS). It remains to be seen if it's going to get as bad as New York or Italy in every country.yuekit
    • A lot of leaders did do a bad job and react too slow, but that's exactly why you don't want someone like Trump running things at a time like this.yuekit
    • The situation is extremely challenging, hundreds of thousands are going to die and many of our economic futures will be impacted. And for some reason weyuekit
    • have to go through this with a total idiot in charge who will almost certainly make things much worse.yuekit
    • South Korea done an exceptional job. Vibrant democracy universal healthcare, free testing, even for illegal immigrants with no danger of being reported.Khurram
    • There's degrees of incompetent and Trump is in a league of his own with the absolute mess he made of this. Your equivocations are laughable.Khurram
    • The political weaponization of this should be ignored. It will only create more problems. Stop looking for a political messiah that is omnipotentdeathboy
    • If u want such beliefs go pray in a church. Hell corn ethanol if u want to talk a fuck up. Problem is people thinking they know how to run shitdeathboy
    • When its impossible. Chinese leaders withhold info for politics. Maybe if people, and parasites playing the savior's, could be real for a second and realize thedeathboy
    • Role is by people motivated mostly by power and concede in thinking they know what is bestdeathboy
    • “Problem is people thinking they know how to run shit” sure is mate. I’m here in the UK and Boris is just as incompetent as Trump. Is that what you meant?!Ianbolton
    • The alternative, do nothing and let nature take its own course. How idiotic.Khurram
    • Ian of course. Anyone u think is aces is probably also shit. The alternative khurram I do not know what is bestdeathboy
    • I'm pretty fuckin smart. But I find with new data each day and balancing it's legitness changes my perspectivedeathboy
    • I can say without a doubt I have no fuckin idea of the outcome of this in global markets or even as far as illness. I do believe though countries with leveragedeathboy
    • Like us can print themselves out of crisis. But will change many g7 relationships and developing nations. All curious if this will damage reliance in global supdeathboy
    • Uply chains. Will it create more backup let Cally and how exchange rates fare. No one man even with more knowledge that available can predict what will happendeathboy
    • It's best to minimize power and broaden competition. The best way to weather is let business and ppl decidedeathboy
    • So.e cities and areas probably will decide terribly but clearly they need to be filled. Others will innovate and thrivedeathboy
    • "Pretty fucking smart" bwahaha mmm okay!Khurram
    • It's subjective. Based on what u think is smart I can make that statement :) Maybe what u think is smart isnt.deathboy
    • Think about it how does onr measure "smartness" same as how does a clock measure time? It in its relationship to othersdeathboy
    • A clocks objective reference is another clock. Get it?deathboy
    • But of all things I said it's funny u gravitated to that. It's an emotional response vs all other academic ones u could have haddeathboy
    • Why not say your which response u would suggest out of a leaders mouth with all intents of also effects on evonomydeathboy
    • Personally I think u have no thoughts of such things unless provided with emotional stimulus from varying media. You should try thinking for yourself sometimedeathboy
    • It's quite fun thinking for yourselfdeathboy
    • The fact that you have to preface what you say: "I'm smart dammit!" Who you trying to convince? LolKhurram
    • I get what you're saying though. You're smart relative to stupid people. "Pretty fucking smart"Khurram
    • LOL ya if smart is relative. why did you even bother bringing it up "I'm pretty fuckin smart"pango
    • the fact khurram u still focus on that... pango the same... the point is still flying over your heads. which also reinforces everything i said..deathboy
    • my point is do you think 1 man/woman/nonbinary can fix shit? Do they posess omnipotence of some sort. The idea of looking for gods amongst men is as silly asdeathboy
    • gods. Its a partisan, probably click bait, piece, advocating distrust in one god and pushing towards any upstart. No suggestion of what would be betterdeathboy
    • historically its the type of a post from a demographic of easy manipulation and low intelligence. these things are not good.deathboy
    • dont focus on my intelligence focus on who you think is capable to choose a path and on what information that changes so fast. what is it you expect?deathboy
    • that is the point. Not about partisan bullshit or pointing finers but the culture that hopes for these god like men to give them salvation in times of crisis.deathboy
    • if i didnt make that clear before im sorry i thought it was obvious.deathboy
  • _niko13

    If there’s a silver lining to this thing, it’s that we’ll finally realize that we’re all in his together as humans, living on a tiny spec of dust hurtling through the cold and mostly empty cosmos.

    There are no races, no religions and no classes. we’re all the same shit.

    • I agreeBennn
    • Except there are still those that eat bats, and those who don’tGnash
    • Thank you Gnash. I really needed that laugh and so did my wife. :)mg33
    • :)Gnash
    • Nice. Naïf, but nice.maquito
    • gnash you’re funny fucker ... :)Ramanisky2
    • haha_niko
    • it's almost like we should seize the means of productionkingsteven
    • there are 2 types of people: those who are bat shit crazy doomsday prepping panic buyers of toilet paper and those who aren'tbliznutty
    • release all immigrants in confinementkingsteven
    • money is a social constructkingsteven
    • epstein didn't kill himselfkingsteven
    • landlords are cuntbagskingsteven
    • im not being facetious, but as long as there's a stock of the day thread this sentiment means shit. this crisis will be exploited for controlkingsteven
    • Yeah, and all the people staying home will cut down on global warming.boobs
    • Nice sentiment but I really doubt it. If things get bad the virus will rampage through poorer communities, prisons, refugee camps and no one will careyuekit
    • it'll take more than coronavirus to unpick the absolute shitshow of a society we've made for ourselveskingsteven
    • there are 2 types of people: those that believes every internet rumours. those who don’t.pango
    • lol gnashsrhadden
    • no classes? https://www.theguard…neverscared
    • Beautiful thought, but unlikely to last 3 months after this clears.ben_
    • Someone I know was pointing out that after the plague we got the renaissance. I think after this we will just have more memes.ben_
    • Then I scrolled two posts down. Fml.ben_
    • there are 2 types of people: those who are prepared for the country to be shut down for weeks and or months. And those who are not.utopian
    • it's 5G!renderedred
    • LOL @GnashKrassy
  • autoflavour17

    Is there anything more poetic if Trump is taken out by a Chinese flu named after a Mexican beer..

    • Never wish bad on anybody, you will get Pence in return upgrading from VPgrafician
    • if trump has pence has it likely too.neverscared
    • you came up w that huh?hotroddy
    • I'd take Pence over Trump. I also think Pence is likely to have Corona virus too.CyBrainX
    • The good news that either one or both of these two revolting cunts has it can't come fast enough, frankly.Continuity
    • Hotroddy! Lolz..robotron3k
    • it would be a beautiful funeral, the best funeral.fadein11
    • a perfect funeral.utopian
    • A funeral fit for a MAGAMOOKRamanisky2
    • Awww... he tested negative — You sick fucks didn’t get your wishPonyBoy
    • Billions and
      Billions and
      Billions and
      Billions of people will attend the funeral.
    • Hotroddy, no, stole from bookfaceautoflavour
    • He said he tested negative. He looks sick afmonospaced
    • If he tested positive do you really think he would admit to it?autoflavour
  • pedromendez21

    • haha great! :DBennn
    • LOL!Krassy
    • LOLZ!!!!renderedred
    • love itgarbage
    • Apologies Benn, I had to do it... :) I loved your post – it made me really laugh. I might put have to put this on a tshirt ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉)pedromendez
    • dog seems to get more fat-facedBustySaintClaire
    • Iam here to entertain y'all. its an honor m8Bennn
    • Hahahaha!!!
      Thanks you!
    • i laugh at it each time i scroll over it lolBennn
    • lol. Bennn with 3 n's thoughNBQ00
    • Shit - good spot NBQ - :(
  • grafician15

    Some good news, we already got a vaccine here in Romania - testing it next on human cells in the lab, then tests on volunteers in a month or so - if successful and safe, will go into production soon after.…


    our scientists are making the design and specifics "open source" so everybody can benefit from it (not like other labs are doing, delaying the testing so they can patent it and profit later).

    so yeah, no need for 18 moths of lockdown

    p.s. btw Romanians invented both insulin and a cure for tuberculosis after WWI so we're pretty sure this vaccine could work and we can stop this madness soon enough

    • Go Romania!utopian
    • That's great, but I wonder how long until any vaccine is realistically available due to the time needed for testing.yuekit
    • There is also a trial beginning in Seattle.…
    • Fantastic. Black sea here I come!srhadden
    • Tests on volunteers, 3 phases: 10 100 1000 people, should be safe already, this is just "tagging" proteins so that the immune system can destroy the virusgrafician
    • i beliefe they need to wait some time in phase 3 to see how effective it is, how long it stays active. probably up to 6-12 months..uan
    • good news but there's many of these stories, unfortunately many drugs may work at dev stage but fail in human trails.shapesalad
    • I'm moving to Romaniadrgs
    • there one in Quebec tooBennn
    • Thanks for the good news. The Romanian Journal has a good article on it.ayport
    • I love that Romanian house/techno from Rhadoo, Raresh, Praslea! And now this too? Romania for the win!Krassy
    • Well, what can I say, we're not America, we do things in months not years, so I'm hopeful.grafician
    • @Krassy haha yeah, techno ftwgrafician
    • Go Romania!!!! fingers crossed :)mattwrightgd
    • lolz Krassypedromendez
    • worked with lots of Romanias, hard working, awesome talents. And the woman accent, gives me a huge uncontrollable boner :)mrAtor
  • BusterBoy20

  • mg337

    Is anyone else shifting frequently between moments of dread and moments of optimism?

    I don’t know what to feel from one moment to the next, and I’m a pretty strong person. But anxiety and tension is kicking up. I just looked at my 2 1/2 year old son as I tucked him in, told him I loved him, and my mind is just spinning thinking about how innocent and little he is, and wondering after all this, if we survive it, what his world is like in the future.

    I keep thinking “we’re on day THREE... WTF is this going to be like in May... July... and on and on.”

    It’s just too surreal to comprehend. A fucking virus sweeping the earth, causing us to be more fearful than we’ve probably ever been as people, killing many with untold deaths to come, we’re bound to lose friends and family and never go back to what was normal a week ago.

    • yeah its hard to know where its all going exactly.Bennn
    • personally i feel we're doing the right things over here and i trust my gov. People are also very docile compared to what we see in the USBennn
    • Dont want to be pessimistic, but i'm kind of worried about you guys in the US.. Your system and culture is very different than ours in Canada.Bennn
    • I fear social chaos in the US if things start to go south...Bennn
    • Man, looking in your kids eyes is one of the best medicines. Even though things are bad, we're in a much better position to fix it than ever before.PhanLo
    • Exactly what Benn said... I fear that in 7-8 days the amount of cases is going to skyrocket ... really hope I’m wrong.Ramanisky2
    • it's all happening for a reason.horton
    • I tell my daughter (5) all the time “mom and dad’s #1 job is to keep our babies safe.” It’s distressing to tell her and know we’re doing all we can, butmg33
    • ... everything is so uncertain.mg33
    • I feel ya bro. gotta be super hard with young kids.Ramanisky2
    • We're all working together, it's truly a global event and we'll make it!!robotron3k
    • i don't have kids but my dog has been getting lots of hugskingsteven
    • ! And what happened, then? Well, in QBN they say – that Robo's small heart grew three sizes that day..._niko
    • Yup. Dread, good news, aww shit, oh, OK!, fuck!, well, WTF??, vodka, wake up, FOR GOD SAKE, yay!, fuck!Akagiyama
    • I'm not so worried about the virus...we could all die of anything anytime. It's the financial side of things that terrifies me.BusterBoy
    • If I can't pay my mortgage and the bank doesn't offer relief...I'm fucked. And house prices will probably dive so if I have to sell...BusterBoy
    • Yes the global crash is scarier than the virus unfortunately. This could be a depression level event.yuekit
    • buster, Canadian banks are deffering mortgage payments for 6 months, I'm sure other countries will follow suit_niko
    • nahh im dead insidepango
    • Mg33 -I have two young kids as well.... I’ve been in shit places for months on end (army) with death all around - you will adjust - you have to take ownership -Static_Line
    • of your mind and be the rock your family needs... the stress today will become “normal” - control what you can, focus on your fitness as well - a strong body -Static_Line
    • Will e sure the mind is resilient and able to make sound decisions. Be proactive in whatever way you can ....Static_Line
    • fight where and how you can.... Do not fall in to a spiral of helplessness.... fight back - straight up.Static_Line
    • Same, man. I've been having a short freakout moment each day this week, which is so unlike me. It's weird. It's scary. It's unlike anything we've ever faced.nocomply
    • China reported 0 new cases yesterday. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.mort_
    • 100% optimist
      its nuthin
    • I take anything China says with a grain of saltpango
    • NY Governor Cuomo: "We're in a war, we must treat this as a war!! Oh, and there's no need for fear or panic."BustySaintClaire
    • I'm back and forth constantly, mg33. It's borderline disruptive to my psyche in general, the swings. All I want is to shut down work and do family.monospaced
    • Same, as my wife and 6 year old son brave the storm at home. We also had a 5.7 earthquake here yesterday (SLC) that scared us to death +50 aftershocks.davey_g
    • I'm just concerned on the business/financial side. This is already affecting so many.grafician
    • @Static_Line great advice!Krassy
    • @mort_ do you really believe anything China reports?Krassy
    • Fair point @krassy and @pangomort_
  • Bennn14

    • Can you stop it already? It’s like you are hell bent on spreading your own unique paranoia. You’re making it worse.monospaced
    • So how much bog roll have you squirrelled away so far for this not-gastrointestinal illness, mono?Continuity
    • ?monospaced
    • lol, let this go viral!api
    • LOLGuyFawkes
    • ha that is brillianthans_glib
    • LOL@api ... I see what you did there.Continuity
    • awesome. /people start burning TP in their drive way.dibec
    • This is perfect.zarkonite
    • please don't the last thing you want is more weird conspiracy theories. "I don't have to wash hands as its in the TP" stuff...Nutter
    • What if corona virus was engineered by toilet paper manufacturers? It makes you buy more toilet paperdrgs
    • don't let this spread outside QBN!!!grafician
    • The only thing funnier than this image is mono's wank about it.zarb0z
    • “...spreading your own unique paranoia” to all 20 people on QBNnoRGB
    • Well. I shared it on FB a couple of hours ago. So now it's in the wild.Continuity
    • LolBennn
  • canoe5

    Who's working on personal projects, new hobbies, independent studies, etc?

    I'm, for the moment, still working 30 hours a week.

    • Business as usual here; working for a company with remote workers all over the world...

      ...Working on a personal magazine / blog project with "free" time.

      : )
    • post here pls:…Krassy
    • Thanks, wasn't sure if a thread started because I saw some people talking about work on here toocanoe
    • I'm still working 50 hours a week on a big project involving 4 countries, all of us working remote from home. Who needs offices?BaskerviIle
    • Started a garden in the backyard to grow vegetables.. It's aptly named the 'Corona Garden'ayport
    • Now I’m a full time personal chef, a full time nanny, and a housekeeper. Pay is shit.monospaced
    • Potty training a 2 year old too.monospaced
    • Me, updating portfolio.maquito
    • still working full-time...(albeit from home)
      side projects are a podcast with my brother-in-law…
    • also doing a ton of excercise and bike riding...exador1
    • as well as cooking with my wife and kids...exador1
    • Learning to weld, making just one banana bread loaf that isn’t undercooked, restoring a 150 yo pine floorGnash
    • made this yesterday (but with spicy sausage) https://anapenelope.…exador1
    • Been trying not to lay anybody off, working with clients on continuing projects so still busy af.zarkonite
    • Just subscribed to your podcast exador1!Khurram
    • For me all "side' projects, and there were many, have been put on the shelf. 100% focus on my business now. We're in defcon 1 now, only the essential.Khurram
    • working full time plus and trying to find time and focus for this https://www.instagra… 218 days to go..wordssssss
    • started learning Unity game engine again for funBattleAxe
    • All freelancing projects down, got a ton of side projects, drawings and writings to do, update the folio, etc.
      No bike, but mastering in bbq!
    • Trying to find extra time to learn fusion360.dyspl
    • Free hobbyist version:
      Just scroll down and register
    • Great channel to learn:…
    • And inspiration:…
    • still full time, although working at home with deadlines becoming generous = me not really doing my full hours and slacking off quite a bit.shapesalad
    • still working full time + home schoolingBluejam
    • still working 40/50 hours a week. work keeps on coming.milfhunter
    • All the work I was on and planning way into August was cancelled, so just drawing and animating my own stuff now, working with mates remotely.PhanLo
    • I still have some work but also trying to finish my script finally, made a new track I'm halfway through arranging and rekindled some old art projects.fadein11
    • doing a trickle of everything in between trying to serve and school the kids... Build a van, finish a track off and a tiny bit of remaining workwoowahesque
  • zaq20

    • Trickle down economy folks... trickle down...shapesalad
    • Deathboy will have silver nickels exploding from his head when he reads this.utopian
    • ^LolPhanLo
    • Wasn't Elon Musk gonna manufacture hand sanitizer?? And Apple donating millions of face masks?? Come on! Credit where credit is due!Khurram
    • Bill Gates is stepping down from Microsoft to focus on curing disease and Zuckerberg has already started a project to wipe out all illnesses known to humanity.Khurram
    • Have you not paid attention to the last 10 years?? The system hasn't failed us. The billionaires are our saviors!Khurram
    • They just need more time and money.Khurram
    • This^robotron3k
    • The money is in their hands and we don't have time.sted
  • Bluejam14

    • He must have made millions selling his bucketsBeeswax
    • I wish I had his buckets now. To shit in.NBQ00
    • you could kill a man with that potato soup as a weaponBluejam
    • I wish God shanked him in jail.PhanLo
    • lol NBQsrhadden
    • magnificentpedromendez
    • Dude is a business maninv
    • "1.95 Billion people" or "99%" as Bennn would say.NBQ00
    • The Trumptards eat this shit up like candyutopian
    • fucker looks like a lizard. Reptilian confirmed_niko
    • I need to throw away my My Pillow set asap.fooler
    • Iam afraid of AmericansBennn
  • Bennn9

    Common Flu kills 60,000 people every years in Europe.

    The Corovirus kills only 99% of people who catch it and its almost only old and sick people.

    The medias has, again, managed to create a climate of fear and paranoia amongst the population.... So many people thinks that catching this virus means death.

    • read that again Bennd_gitale
    • I'd be terrified if that was the case! ;-)Ianbolton
    • bennsplanation!!!!hans_glib
    • only 99%. I feel safer nowBeeswax
    • "kills only 99%" lolNBQ00
    • Don't fall for the fear-mongering guys, it only has a 99% death rate!yuekit
    • Haha. If it kills 99.9%, then I’d be worried.thumb_screws
    • Yes and more people are killed by leishmaniasis but whatever let’s say this coronavirus is a pussy in comparison. I still don’t want it mate.shapesalad
    • LOL its Monday. 99% survive yeah, 1% dies :PBennn
    • You dont want it, but you would survive it and just have a few days off at home to watch netflix and play videogames.Bennn
    • Bennnn, what do you think about this?…
    • Peoples don't thinks catchings this virus means death.
      Do you understand the resources needed to contain and treat the virus? That is the real problem.
    • Upvoted for the "kills only 99%" though.deadsperm
    • @yuekit I dont know, but all the people who got the virus in Canada are in quarantine at home and no one is dyingBennn
    • @deadsperm, i know, but do you know how much ressources it takes for the common flu? Our hospitals are flooded by people with common flu over here, every yearBennn
    • Deaths from the common flu and other diseases have become socially accepted though.deadsperm
    • The fear doesn't come from the media but from having a new phenomenon killing people that is spreading so quickly. Even if it doesn't kill that many people.deadsperm
    • Imagine what would happen if governments chose to ignore it because it doesn't kills enough peoples.deadsperm
    • i agree 100% But i dont agree about the media. They're 100% capitalising on it for clicks and views and induce fear into population 100%Bennn
    • It's a hoax.deadsperm
    • I’m that only 24 cases have been found in Canada so far. Not sure you can draw any conclusion based on that?yuekit
    • I think the fear is based on not how many people have died or gotten seriously ill so far, but how many could if it spreads.yuekit
    • If you look at 3% death rate and 20% hospitalization rate and multiply by the entire population of an entire country, that pretty much would crash theyuekit
    • medical system of any country. Is it going to actually spread that widely? Maybe not, it could just fizzle out.yuekit
    • The fear is getting it twice. That’s the fear. And if you don’t know why, what medcram on YouTube to understand the biology.shapesalad
    • But taken at face value the numbers are quite scary.yuekit
    • Get your facts straight Bennn. China has reported 2.75% kill rate. In other countries such as Iran it has a 15% kill rate. Expect 40-70% to contract COVID-19utopian
    • Sensationalism plays a part but this is a new strain of the flu virus. They can also mutate. Which is a genuine worry.monoboy
    • Add to that the opaqueness of certain governments and people start to speculate.monoboy
    • Without vaccination, it could become a serious issue.monoboy
    • *amonoboy
    • Sadly, poor measures and panic might actually make it a lot worse than it is.monoboy
    • Especially in religious backwaters where the poor don't have access to healthcare. Like America.monoboy
    • And lots of firearms.monoboy
    • i agree, i know its serious. its just that reading the news, it looks like the apocalypse is uppon us. its just a bit too much.Bennn
    • it feeds the gigantic machine that is the News Medias. Its candy for them.Bennn
    • If people are viewing the Spanish flu outbreak as comparable then it doesn't look good. But we've moved on a bit since then.monoboy
    • Thank God C-19 is replacing Flu so we don't have to worry about flu any mo .. oh, wait, hold on.Nairn
    • Yeah, we have move on since then, monoboy - now we have literally millions of people travelling the entiriety of the globe within hours.Nairn
    • Switch it off. We'll all have to wait for truth to become profitable again.monoboy
    • At least in the good ol' days, a Ship's captain could quietly dump fevered individuals overboard...Nairn
    • Aren't they executing positive cases in North Korea on the spot. Or did I believe something on the internet again?monoboy
    • Corona virus kills less than 1/2 a percent at a solid .2-.4% rate. That’s double the rate of flu which is .1%.monospaced
    • 2 – 4%, not 0.2 – 0.4%, no?Nairn
    • overall 2-4%, in the 30-40 age group its 0.2%drgs
    • it's ~3% while the hospitals are functioning. Think the worry is that gets worse once numbers of infected increase, or supplies run low.monNom
    • 60% of the time it kills every time.fooler
    • The rate is incredibly low and the main “supplies” needed to fight it are hot liquids, rest and symptom relief while you recover.monospaced
    • #neverforgetdeadsperm
  • Bennn5

    3M were asked by Trump administration to stop sending masks to Canada...


    • Yeah. Because we NEED THEM IN NYC ffsmonospaced
    • Revolting piece of utter filth.Continuity
    • He’s asking 3M to stop sending them out of the country and to the hospitals that need them critically at the moment.monospaced
    • I fucking hate trump. But this isn’t bad. It’s just to make sure we aren’t outbid on our own shit.monospaced
    • Right. So you'll resort to piracy by literally waving wads of cash around to take supplies destined for France, and you'll divert a shipment to Canada.Continuity
    • With allies like you people, the rest of Nato doesn't actually need enemies.Continuity
    • Canada has had under 200 deaths. Nyc is Hundreds per DAY. We actually need them at the moment.monospaced
    • Masks should go where they are needed. To act like only the USA has them or makes is fucking retarded.monospaced
    • And France has way more than New York.Continuity
    • I understand and its true mono. But that shipment who was divert from Canada was not coolBennn
    • Let's call that 'diverted' shipment exactly what it fucking is: piracy.Continuity
    • Yes it is. Canada has PLENTY for upcoming issues. We are critical at the moment. There WILL be supplies for your nation too.monospaced
    • It's no one else's fault that your primitive country can't get its shit together, mono.Continuity
    • People need to understand that supplies are globally going where they need to be at critical moments. Hospitals are helping with all of this.monospaced
    • We're not plenty actually... we have 3 to 7 days left in Quebec province... we may have some problems in a few daysBennn
    • Uhhhh. Our primitive country that you’re begging for supplies from? Please. If you’re so advanced make your own.monospaced
    • It’s not piracy if it’s your own stuff and you have THOUSANDS DYING A DAY vs the dozens or less in Canada.monospaced
    • Bnnnn. We have fewer days. It’s downright critical the masks are on doctors here. My friends are those doctors !!monospaced
    • It fucking well is piracy. That shipment had been ordered, bought, and paid for, and it somehow ends up in Ohio.Continuity
    • Diverted to where it’s needed. Sorry. Not piracy if you own the ship and you’re the captain, and you made all the product too.monospaced
    • The shipment was coming from China, you obtuse American twat. It didn't belong to you.Continuity
    • Are you becoming a Trumptard mono?nbq
    • This is a great debate. Was the US sending masks and ventilators to Italy in early March?nb
    • also, its quite clear that supply can't meet demand for PPE globally if this goes on much longer. america once again risking the lives of its neighbours as akingsteven
    • direct result of Trumps slow action to contain the virus.kingsteven
    • I understand and agree about 3M making masks for the US first as its an American business. Totally understand that. I overreacted here.Bennn
    • but the Chinese shipment that ended up in Ohio.... eeeeehhBennn
    • What type of fish is an American?

      Sell fish.
    • Well, how about the world social distance itself from the States? This kind of behaviour is not cool.grafician
    • ^ We could only wish.Continuity
    • Unfortunately, they have an annoying tendency of inserting themselves where they're not wanted.Continuity
    • And also helping out when needed.monospaced
    • What happened to good old capitalism? I though Merica was built and thrives on capitalism? The US needs pull itself up by its bootstraps, stop being a snowflakeutopian
    • well, hopefully this spurs more Canadian industry and innovation again and stop relying so much on the yanks or anyone else._niko
    • also mono, when you run out of Maple syrup, don't come crying over here eh? ;O_niko
    • Just wait for the USA to run out of waterGnash
    • i agree niko, about the spurs Canadaian industryBennn
    • @gnash Ah! :DBennn
    • QBN has become rough.SimonFFM
    • https://www.bloomber…sted
    • I guess the non-asshole way to do this would not be to literally divert the shipments after they had been paid for and people counting on receiving them.yuekit
    • Here's a report of another shipment of masks ordered by Germany that has been seized.…
    • so it has began. mask hoarding. russia and taiwan etc have donated millions of masks to US already...pango
    • Can't we make an exception considering these masks are for monospaced's friends?!!deadsperm
    • i think the real problem is delivering masks to the front line. US been hoarding all the masks now, but front line people dont see none.pango
    • As 3M pointed out, preventing them from exporting will trigger retaliations which will make FEWER masks available to the US.zarkonite
    • As a bonus, since most 3M manufactures are outside the us this is going to get all kinds of fucked up before long...zarkonite
    • Lol, deadspermGnash
    • rotfl deadspermsted
    • Just wait for it. Operation China Freedom is coming.ben_
    • chill 3M says "no"…grafician
    • USA is now that drowning guy trying to climb on top of the other swimmers.monNom
    • The non asshole way to do this, was for the USA's leader to publicly make a statement on the reasonings for doing so. In a compassionate, well thought out way.inteliboy
    • But thats not the way Biff operates.inteliboy