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  • Fax_Benson

    Client has a squarespace site for his business. He has a domain name which he attaches to the SS site, e.g. 'apples-dot-com'

    The business changes somewhat and he wants to change name - and subsequently url - say 'oranges-dot-com'. Decides he doesn't want to keep the SS site, so buys a new domain with some hosting and creates a wordpress site.

    Just as he's about to kill the old SS site, naming / copyright type issue comes up and he's forced to go back to the original business name (apples)

    (I think) he's asking me if there's a way to attach the old apples-dot-com address to the new oranges-dot-com wp site, so that it looks like apples is oranges.

    Any thoughts?


  • mg330

    So he's asking if two different urls can show the same site? So if I go to apples-dot-com I see exactly the same site as oranges-dot-com, but with either domain name in the address bar?

    • yeah, I think he wants to just use the wp site he's just built with the hosting he just bought, but use the old web address. Not sure why he's asked me.Fax_Benson
  • sted0

    1. Make a duplicate of the wp site, use duplicator pls.
    2. Setup on that hosting the apples-dot-com site on that new hosting do nothing about its dns records.
    3. Setup in your hosts file the apples-dot-com domain like this:

    apples-dot-com xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

    where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the new hosting server IP address, this has to respond to that domain and after a few refreshes or browser close you should see the new hosting frontpage for apples-dot-com.

    5. Wipe the current hosting demopage from the new hosting (via ftp or controlpanel)
    4. Copy all files from that duplicator package (zip+installer) to the new hosting docroot.
    6. Setup the mysql database for the new site, copy the details for later :)
    5. Call the installer.php from apples-dot-com/installer.php
    6. Follow the instructions and setup the site on the new domain (it will detect the apples-dot-com domain change and to the necessary things)
    7. Site now works on the apples-dot-com domain you can change the DNS records to make it live.
    - You can check this detail: Calling apples-dot-com from your phone after a few refresh it should show the wp site.

    8. Remove the added line from your hosts file.
    9. Do the necessary changes etc.
    +10 use wp multi domain setup to point the two domains to the same site

    • ahaha forgot to add the database setup lol.sted
    • this sounds about right - or it might if I understood it. Thanks!Fax_Benson
  • matski0

    You can have multiple URL's pointing to the same web hosting space, so an easy option would be to duplicate the same site in the same directory as the original and point the new or old URL to the duplicate.

    • he wants an existing wp site to use a totally different web address. so not a case of multiple urls but replacing. I think.Fax_Benson
  • section_0140

    Is squarespace completely managed? Or can you install tools through a terminal and configure it?

    Nginx can handle this in less than 10 lines of code. I have a server that takes requests from 8 different domains, and routes them accordingly.