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  • pedromendez

    So I'm looking for a little bit of brutally honest advice, perspective and opinion on a what the fuck to do with the next chapter of my life—any thoughts appreciated.

    I've been with my current agency for over ten years, its great here and I love it. Get to work with a superb team of people - we're like a family. There's a lovely mix of work, have a nice easy 15 mins commute with very flexible working hours, beautiful office and location. Zero stress. However, my salary is now stagnant and realistically wont grow a lot from where it is right now.

    I've been looking into new roles, which would be based around a 1.5 hour commute away. I could instantly get double (or more) my current salary but will be looking at a 3 hour round commute to work. My quality of life will suffer big time for sure. Less time with my kids, probably a lot more stress with the new role. Of course, i'll be more financially stable and can see a lot more career growth in the future so my question is - is it worth it purely for the money?

    Should I stick it out here and keep on as I am - or jump?
    Has anyone been at a similar crossroads in their career?
    Appreciate your thoughts.


  • Nairn2

    As you age you should be looking for shorter commutes, less waste of your for others.

    I'm unsure how old you are, but if you're like the rest of us, I suspect that fairly fundamental impact on your current lifestyle might not necessarily make the increase in pay worthwhile, especially where your kids are concerned.

    Have you considered some sort of side-gig instead?

    • nngh.

      *"less waste of your time for others"
    • Thanks, I'm mid 30's - I'm hoping some remote work might be an option in the new role to help balance the commute.pedromendez
    • Have a few freelance gigs yeah, but the new role / salary would eclipse where I am at the moment financially.pedromendez
  • scruffics1

    some people get on with it just fine, but for me there isn't enough money in the world to pay me to commute.

    • yup, commuting saps the life out of you.hans_glib
    • Thanks s, that the main concern - fear that the commute long term could drive me insane.. :/pedromendez
  • ben_1

    Is it a completely different role, or is it just a difference in pay scales in the market you're in vs. the one that you're looking at?

    If so, is there any possibility for advancement within the company you're at to something similar? You've been there 10 years and like it, so it could be worth the risk in asking.

    I'm kind of on the other side of your problem. I commute about 4 hours a day 2x per week, and have a LOT of travel to clients in my role, but it also comes with a salary that more than doubles the same position anywhere near where I live - but I'd jump for the right blend of lower salary and lower responsibility to be closer to my family and spend more time with them. The financial security has been nice though and has afforded us the ability to really plan for the future in a way we wouldn't be able to if I was making substantially less.

    • if so = if it's the former. market pay scales are tough to negotiate.ben_
    • It also doesn't sound like you'd be doing it purely for the money (based on what you wrote). If your career growth is important to you, it could be worth it.ben_
    • It's a different role - slight career shift - no real possibility of a role / salary like that here unfortunately. Thanks, it's a tough call for sure.pedromendez
    • Yeah, it's a combination of both money and long term career growth really.pedromendez
    • Comfortable jobs can vanish in a heartbeat too, so there's also that. Nothing is permanent.ben_