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  • HijoDMaite2

    I haven’t really spoken about this but I’ve been struggling with major driving anxiety for a few years. It sucks big time. I’m afraid to get on major freeways for long distances up to an hour or more. Also terrified of big bridges and major overpasses. So bad that on road trips I have to let my wife drive when we get to high altitudes. It’s also an issue when driving at night at high speeds.

    I basically feel trapped in the car, like I will end up getting an anxiety attack and be stuck on the freeway totally paralyzed. If I’m near a cliff or a bridge I feel that I may fly off the cliff to my death. I have no idea where this came from. It just started around the time I got married. I was also fresh off the drugs around that time too. Used to do a bunch of coke and smoke a ton of weed so maybe stopping all that brought it on.

    Anyway my doctor has prescribed a few things that have helped but not all the way. I took Celexa for a while and it helped. But it made me feel like shit. I was always tired and had terrible memory from it so I stopped taking it. I’m still overweight and don’t exercise that much so maybe changing that would help. I’ve been considering CBD oil but tbh I don’t believe any of this shit. To me it’s all bullshit just like taking vitamins and minerals. But maybe I should give it a chance. Anyone out that can relate to my issues?

    Another option I’ve considered is just going to a psychologist that can help with phobias. Basically fight this thing head on and get over it but that sounds terrifying.

    • give it a shot, theres no danger in it, could help but definitely won't hurt._niko
    • I liken it to the effects of a cup of coffee but the reverse._niko
    • My partner has similar issues with certain driving conditions. Led to her having problems in a job in Italy a few years back, as she spacked out on a bridge.Nairn
    • Turns out she might've had a point - it was the one that collapsed in Genoa a year or so back.Nairn
    • Anyway, given CBD's an active constituent of cannabis - it's the bit that balances out the THC - i'd say it's more than just pseudo- science.Nairn
    • Give it a whirl - what's the harm? My only concern would be that there's a LOT of product out there, and I imagine most of it is bullshit/low quality.Nairn
    • Consulting a psychologist would be a very good idea Hijo +trying the CBDBennn
    • + to a therapist or psych if you can afford it. Self medicating is one thing, root problem another. Good luck.ben_
    • Hijo, I have the exact same thing. Came on a couple years ago, still struggle with it. High speeds, bridges, overpasses.letterhead
    • I feel paralyzed like I'll pass out or drive off the road. I also have my wife drive in high altitudes. Same exact thing youre describingletterhead
    • I've been using a CBD vape for the past 6 months or so, I keep it in the console. I can't definitively say it works or not.letterhead
    • I can't totally confirm it works, but it seems to (placebo effect?). Anyway I still use it, placebo or not.letterhead
    • Also, exercise, good sleep and no alchohol help more than anything, so far.letterhead
    • I've got a 7 day road trip coming up in a month and I'm terrifiedletterhead
    • You need a mantra—something for your mind to focus on in the here and now. (Breath maybe?) Has helped me. I still get anxious, but that's usually user error. ;Pjaylarson
    • I take CBD pills mostly for the anti-inflammatory purposes, and to relax myself before going to bed. The higher the dose the more medical it is, it does help.Maaku
    • But you believe in all other prescription drugs? CBD in effect helped me get through some major driving anxiety set on by lack of sleep and too much caffeine.sea_sea
    • If you do the research you'll discover why people have been fighting for so long for this to be legal. Placebo? At this point won't you try anything?sea_sea
    • You do have to figure out your dose so it might take a bit. combined with breathing and mental redirecting techniques, proper sleep and hydrationsea_sea
    • Natural remedies have been around for ages for a reason. Give yourself a chance. I'm open to sharing with you what worked for me. pm me boo.sea_sea
    • Stop suffering and yes try everything that might work for you. Thing is, we must be proactive with our own healing, it's in our hands.sea_sea
    • @hijo, reading your post was like a description of myself, I have suffered the same driving anxiety for a few years, came from nowhere. Only ever above afadein11
    • certain speed or motorways (highways). I have read a lot about it, it's common, some say it's a form of vertigo bizarre as it sounds. Wish there was a way offadein11
    • communicating direct as it would be a lot easier than on here. Tiredness is a factor for me. But my partner does all the major driving now. Which is a shame asfadein11
    • I always loved driving and never had an issue, I was over confident if anything. I feel your pain, it feels like total fear when it comes on. Bizarre.fadein11
    • Not to mention the slight embarrassment / shame for not being able to do it.fadein11
    • making another post on the thread. thanks guys!HijoDMaite
    • @fade - vertigo is 'exactly' it, as far as I can understand, at least where 'er indoors is concerned. Tight lanes and high roads and she just freaks out :(Nairn
    • I felt it once whilst skiiing - only time I'd gone out after a joint, and I just totally couldn't do it. So odd, that flavour of fear.Nairn
    • Coming off drugs caused this case of anxiety? ha ha, or perhaps thats frying your brain with drugs caused it?shapesalad
    • @nairn, yep, I think it is mainly that. But it happens once and then it's also preemptive anxiety, and that cycle is so hard to break. It's like multiplying thefadein11
    • the original issue by 10, you think it may happen, so it does. Not pleasant at all. I did have a crash on a motorway when around 19, the obvious answer would befadein11
    • it was that, but I drove for 20ish years after that with no issue. It's great to hear others who have experienced similar. Thanks.fadein11
    • P.s. i meant freeway not highways in my orig comment, normal roads are rarely an issuefadein11
    • 'frying yoru brain on drugs'? shouldn't you be in the Daily Mail comments section, shapesalad?Nairn
    • Whatever, taking illegal drugs, with questionable production, and inconclusive research into the effects of it all, is for idiots who wish to risk brain damageshapesalad
    • CBD's not illegal, is an extract from a plant that's been used by humans longer than alcohol and your precious tea and does not cause 'brain damage'*Nairn
    • * that said, high THC (/low CBD) strains of skunk used heavily by adolescent growing brains hyas been shown to cause psychosis.Nairn
    • Try again, Male Daily.Nairn
  • sea_sea7

    @ HIJO and anyone else suffering from anxiety. I hear you.

    My anxiety came on in 2004 after going through some extreme emotional trauma. I was driving alone, long distance in the night and bam out of nowhere I felt I was going to pass out, sweaty palms, dizzy, heart palpitations, had to pull over. I realized I had pushed myself to the edge by going days without eating properly and on a caffeine high. Was going through some major life changes and thought I had it all handled. After that, I was terrified of driving alone on the freeway. I would get a feeling of "what happens if I pass out all alone" it was debilitating and made no sense.

    I went to the Dr and they gave me Paxil. at that moment I thought I'll take anything. I did and it was horrible. It basically numbs you and I had no emotions. Didn't care about anything. I got off it after a month against what the Dr recommended.
    I went on to look for natural alternatives dove deep into the cause, started to recognize the symptoms. Lack of sleep really screws you up. So managing that helps a lot imo.

    I also realized I had to take control of the fear and my mind. Fresh air, taking the moment to breathe deeply and nice music helped. Mantra work like Jay suggested also helped me, it was like changing the channel in my head. I took anything that would help my nerves. I did yoga, I stretched and breathed deeply. I wish CBD was around back then.

    CBD helps take the edge off. In situations that once would make me cringe, now I can get through them and not flinch. You just have to remember to take it lol. About to go into that meeting? take it. About to get on the road? take it.

    It took a few times to figure out what dose worked for me. Start low dose. I didn't get any fancy brand I just experimented with what was available and I could afford. Ultimately it should be the purest form aka Full Spectrum. But I didn't take that because it's pricey.

    Won't lie I did a lot of natural remedies and mental exercises because that's what helped me.

    Also when driving I would have to call someone and sometimes chat the whole way, at that point I realized it was in my head most of the time and learning to change the channel was key. Lucky for me I had people who answered their phone.

    That said, it's also your nerves, our line of work the pace we live in, reality is we still have to show up to work, so the CBD really does help. Call me a hippie but diffusing essential oils helps nerves as well. Found a great company with high-quality oils without the BS of do terra pyramid scheme sht in case anyone is interested, (your wife or gf's might be)

    @hijo, you go to TJ right? Get some "7 Azares" drops at the botica. Take 10 to 20 drops straight on the tongue so it absorbs quickly. That has been heaven sent for me as well. I stopped taking cbd and now just manage with 7 Azares. I recently put all that to the test and I'm still standing.

    Move, breath deep, hydrate, SLEEP, pamper your nervous system, make time for YOU. It's manageable I promise. If I can get through it so can anyone else.

    Sometimes it literally is choosing the better feeling thought one hour at a time. <3

    • great post, thanks.fadein11
    • yep, thanks sea-seaBennn
    • Jesus cured all my ailments. Never felt better.robthelad
    • < Cool. The rest of us left behind heathens have to take healing into our own hands. lolsea_sea
  • mg334

    Taking this stronger dosage has been fantastic this week. Been busy as hell at work and I usually feel rushed or anxious or worried to have to be heads-down for hours at a time, but this week I've not felt that way and instead just enjoyed the focus of the work I'm doing, felt less prone to intentional distractions (or, LOL, less bothered by the fact that I have a lot of distractions around me.)

    This morning I halved it to see how I'd feel alongside a new multivitamin that might provide more energy and focus than what I usually take.

    Also starting a nootropic tomorrow to see how that might interact with it.

    • What nootropic are you taking?
      Is there any THC in the CBC oil you're now taking?
    • isn't the whole idea of CBD is that it doesn't have any THC?monospaced
    • They always have traces and some have an amount of it in them. Some are even one part CBC, one part THC. Joe Rogan talked about those the other dayBennn
    • I see. CBD is available at tons of stores in NYC, which hasn't legalized marijuana, which made me wonder. I guess the dose is just too low to register?monospaced
    • CBD oil per se shouldn't have any non-trace amount of active THC. If it does, it's cannabis oil (or whatever), not CBD oil.Nairn
    • that's what I thoughtmonospaced
    • Bennn - I'm giving this a try. I tried Alpha Brain (Rogan likes that) earlier in the year and had terrible headaches.
    • links dead :/Bennn
    • Just started taking it along with a few mushroom extracts (my parents say it's been a miracle)formed
    • The Cannbanoid functions better if it binds with thc. Hence the small trace amount in most oils.BH26
  • necromation4

    Been using for the last 5 months... Total game changer for me!

    Coupled with meditation and working out, i'm ALMOST anxiety free. I'm using 12% and i take about 4 drops in the morning and 4 before bed. My misses even nicks it at bed time as she says it knocks her out bigtime.

    I don't care what the naysayers say, i know it's made a major difference for me.

    • This gets me excited, combined with what others have told me. :) You take it at night and morning? What was the most noticeable impact you found on your day?mg33
    • What specifically do you take, btw?mg33
    • Especially during the day... do you feel energized? less distracted? More focused? Less agitated? Would love to hear more of your experience with it.mg33
    • So i find that my anxiety still comes but for me almost like been on a bus and just passing bus stop 'anxiety'... It's comes and goes super fast. i don't findnecromation
    • myself fixated on the thoughts. my anxiety usual sits on my shoulders, so it helps ease this tension allows me to enjoy my days. i'm using...necromation
    • https://provacan.co.…necromation
    • Your shoulders... Man, I store all stress in my shoulders and upper back. When I get massages, not once has a therapist not remarked about my physical tension.mg33
    • I hear you bro! it all goes straight there for me and used to almost bring me to tears. It was exhausting... Changing a lot of my lifestyle and seeking help hasnecromation
    • help bigtime! i had to look at all the factors and create a plan that worked for me... CBD has become a key element in that plannecromation
    • Good stuff
  • wagshaft4

    Snake oil? Seems like the benefit stories are mostly personal testimony. I'm not saying it doesn't work, just looking forward to some actual peer reviewed studies.

  • mg330


    Here's the thing I've figured out; if anyone can confirm that would be great. Because my mom kept asking me about dosage, strength, etc. (asking for my stepdad) I think I'm correct that the amount you buy is an amount of liquid in the bottle, not a strength. Like, my mom was thinking you could buy different strengths. I don't think you can...

    I think it comes down to the amount you take from any bottle of it. However much the dropper holds amounts to a particular mL amount. Right?

    I've considered not using the dropper and instead using a medicine syringe (we have plenty from kid's medicines) to know far more accurately how much I'm getting.

    Any thoughts?

    • I think you're right, though maybe the delivery compound (oil, gummy, capsule etc) might have more or less CBD in it._niko
    • Which is why oil is recommended. Gummies and other edible formats take far longer to be absorbed.mg33
    • Vaping is the absolute last thing I would ever do, and apparently you have to keep it up consistently to get the benefits.mg33
    • dabbing is better than vaping and delivers a clean dose instantlyimbecile
    • https://www.amazon.c…imbecile
    • No. There are two separate measurements; the volume, which is expressed in OZ(ML), and the potency, which is expressed in MG.MondoMorphic
    • The dude from the shop told me to take it under the tongue, its the fastest way to take it.Bennn
    • You're consuming diluted tinctures. Which is more than just CBD. The purity of inhaled concentrates is a spike to the bloodstream.imbecile
    • I'm surprised that nobody mentioned butt chugging it, not that I'm recommending it, only that nobody mentioned it.ShenanigansTV
  • Bennn5

    But never forget that going to the source of the anxiety is a good plan too. Not just applying a BandAid over it. And thats the hardest part to work on...

    If I hit you on the head with a hammer every seconds, if you put a helmet on it will hurt a little less but I will still hit you on the head with a hammer... Punching me in the face to make me stop is a better plan than the helmet in the long term.

    ### this Bennsplainnation has been broad to you by bennn ###

  • microkorg0

    Meeting an owner of a CBD brand tomorrow to buy some paste from them. They are closeby so asked if I could fire round and get something rather than having to do mail order.

    The guy recommended the new paste that they are about to release. I'll be one of the first buyers, theyve not even branded the packaging yet.

    Comes in like a chemistry syringe. Meeting the guy on the street. It's gonna feel like a good ol' traditional drug deal lol

  • mg332

    Bought my second batch from www.CBDistillery.com last week and got it this weekend. Got twice the strength of what i started with - this delivers 33mg per 1mL. I've felt quite a bit more focused today but still looking at political news on account of the shootings and stuff said afterwards. But I've felt pretty focused at work today and maybe more so than the 17mg per 1mL I did for the past couple weeks.

    A bit of a headache but that could be because I suck down iced green tea all day long that's free at our WeWork space.

    • 33mg for mg33 !Krassy
    • 33mg! woah... I got 10.5mgBennn
    • this is the one you got? Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture – 1000mg – 30mlcbass99
  • microkorg3

    I got some oil from my mother at the weekend.
    She has been a CBD Oil user for a good few years now. She started after she had cancer and was i nthe clear.
    It is meant to help fight cancer coming back and she also takes it for anxiety.

    I get some of the slight anxieties that you guys are reporting too so had asked my mum to let me try some so she brought some through. Been on it since Sunday night.

    So far I've had the most excellent sleeps this week, no waking with anxious thoughts or worrying about the day ahead. If i do wake up i just drift off again - that is unless i've got to go tend to a baby or toddler!

    I have felt that it takes the edge off everythingtoo as reported by others here.

    It's a couple of drops I take before bed. It's not a high dosage oil. Going high to start off with is seemingly the wrong thing to do and can actually bring about more anxiety and headaches.

    There are a LOT of folk out there selling "snake oil" and especially making claims about % content, purity etc out there. Make sure whoever you are buying for can supply a lap report for the batch you have.

    For anyone in the UK interested, this manuafcturer is one of the best in the UK and provides lab reports on all purchases.


    Also got a bottle of their CALM DOWN syrup which is to be taken at times of high stress.

    • *Lab Report (not lap report)microkorg
    • what is the mechanism by which CBD oil can help fight cancer?monospaced
  • Bennn4

    The thing has been acquired. Testing will ensue.

  • mg333

    dbloc, I just want whatever will make me feel like Mike Damone for the duration of the day that I'm awake.

  • mg331

    I stopped taking it about a month ago and almost completely forget I'd been taking it. I have a little left and still have it in the evenings once in a while.

    I started taking Ashwaghandha and a cortisol-lowering supplement; both help reduce cortisol and the effects of stress, and are cheaper than CBD and I've felt pretty good just using that. Been seeing a therapist for a while and working through issues with anxiety, being tense, etc. and I think that's all been helping in a way that doesn't make me feel like I need to rely on CBD.

    I will probably buy more, just not use it as often. Might use it when I know I need it, or to wind down at night.

    • tnx for the updateKrassy
    • I took Ashwaghandha too, it works for a few days then nothing... its like taking air. Does it work for you?Bennn
  • mg330

    There are starting to be major athletes advocating for legalizing CBD and full blown pot in sports, but I expect we will see CBD allowed well before pot with THC is.

    I expect the only thing holding back major acceptance are pharmaceutical lobbyists. I imagine that a natural substance that cures pain and other things is a major threat to the bottom line of major pharma brands.

    • Hockey players are liking it cause it's keeping them off the pills.cbass99
    • Fighters are advertizing it since a long time nowBennn
    • It wouldn't be a threat, it would be trivial for them to get into the market. They've already started investing heavily in our Canadian growers here...zarkonite
    • I think it's more of a conservative mindset problem where people perceive pot as a bad thing because it's been vilified for so long.zarkonite
  • Bennn1

    Ok, I've been using it since 12 days now.

    I dont know if it related to CBC Oil, but, I used to have pain in my hips and in one toe, i noticed i have almost no pain since a couple days... also, my mood is much better than usual, i feel less depress.

    I have no idea its a result of the use of CBD... but if its the case, wow!

  • mg332

    Got it in the mail yesterday.

    Question: if a serving says “1 dropper” but the dropper can’t actually be filled to the top (not enough suction) is a serving whatever the dropper can actually fill up with, or, is it like two half sized droppers worth?

    Hope that makes sense.

    I feel like I get a pretty quick effect from it. Talked to my doctor during a physical yesterday about anxiety and she agreed CBD oil is great for that.

    Best effect I could notice was that when I put my son to sleep last night and was rocking him, I didn’t feel like my mind was racing to the next five things I had to do (clean kitchen, drink pre-workout drink, lift weights, all starting at 8:30pm) and I felt like I was just enjoying sitting there with him and only thinking about that.

    This morning I was pretty tight on time to get to the train and couldn’t find my regular pair of sunglasses. Normally I’d notice myself getting a bit tense and scrambling all over the house to find them. Seemed to have a much faster “oh well, no big deal” feeling and grabbed another pair and didn’t think twice about it.

    • You got it. That's exactly what it does for me. Takes the edge off ;) I wouldn't worry about the dropper, find the dose that feels good for you.sea_sea
  • Bennn2

  • _niko2

    it's pretty good for taking the edge off, also helps you focus and reduces anxiety.

    accidentally took it with adderral (cbd night before) and the adderall was amplified, lasted all day as opposed to 4 hours and none of the adderal fog brain that is usually associated with it. But read afterwards that it's probably not a wise thing to do.

    Also 5mg CBD and 5mg THC in edible form make sexy time for the wife and I insane, highly recommend it ;)

    • +1000 on the edible form sexy time. Wife and I were recently in CO and tried it. We had to stop after a point so we could both walk the next day...kirshar12
  • imbecile0

    i find it peculiar how we find ourselves becoming more anxious and working so steadily to alleviate that stress. it's quite obvious why we are anxious. financial instability surrounds us, pollution, climate change, corrupt governments, social media, shortened attention spans, less nutritious food, greater economic discrepancy... people who believe in a flat earth are on jury duty for people that are doing drugs that are legal in other states. people so gluttonous they become disabled and subsidized by their own government. nothing makes sense. it sucks, we're fucked, and we're supposed to act like everything is okay. valium anyone? xanax? bueller? bueller?

    • How is it peculiar? You just explained it.ben_
    • in the '20s and '30s, people practically drank themselves to death for similar reasonsmonospaced
    • the peculiarity comes from our behaviour constantly avoiding these stresses invading our bubbles pushing us to substance reliefimbecile
  • mg330

    So I stopped taking the drops for a while and mostly forgot about it. This weekend in a store I discovered disposable CBD vape pens. THAT is the way to do it. The effects are far more noticeable. I’ve never vaped anything before until this. Luckily, I think these higher quality products are devoid of the garbage that set off the nicotine-based vape issues with acetone and other chemicals in the cheaper, unregulated products.

    These were $35 a piece and have about 150 puffs @ 6 seconds each, according to the package. I tried two - the Focus and Relax; both are definitely different. Focus in the morning and Relax in the evening to wind down. I was exhausted when I got home tonight but need to work out later. Used the Focus and I’ve been both calm and energized / motivated. I can really notice it around my kids - I just feel less agitated, more playful, more carefree.


    If you’re not opposed to vaping give these a try.

    • #ad
    • Cool. I stopped CBD too because I wasnt feeling anything.Bennn
    • Now I'm trying natural products. these days iam on L-Theanine and St-John's Worth, i also take a piece of 90% dark chocolate every day, super food for healthBennn
    • I pop an Omega-3 three times a week, but i will stop after i empty the bottle, i've read its useless. I also pop a Complex B100 pill 2 times a week.Bennn
    • From what I understand, the only thing different about the two is the flavor, not the effects.letterhead