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  • canoe

    I brought a jacket down to El Salvador to see if it could be made here. I was told that it's a 5 stage process with the cutting in one location, the sewing in another, the zippers are sent to Guatemala, and on and on. So I'm back to step one.

    Does anyone know a textile/fabricator company in the states or anywhere in the world that makes quality athletic gear?

  • Nairn0

    • or Viet Nam, but I don't think there'll be a meme image with Trump in front of their flag.Nairn
    • My work is based in a part of LDN that has a load of clothes manufacturers - in your shoes I'd hunt down similar districts more local to you.Nairn
    • I'm sure if I knocked on doors of a few businesses and asked them I'd end up getting some useful suggestions. Perhaps same for you?Nairn
    • Maybe, I'm certainly trying to find suggestions in any shape or form. I'm in central america now.canoe
  • ben_0

    Central America doesn't have a great garment production industry outside of a few handmade traditional items. Even then, as you're probably experiencing when it comes to scale production, stuff gets sent all over. I worked with a Peruvian textile mfg years ago who could sew every aspect of the garments except for putting tags on that we supplied - so who knows...

    I've never done the numbers that require offshore mfg, so I've tried to stay local, and fortunately in Canada we have a ton of great producers.

    https://cycdesigncorp.com/ - make reigning champ and wings & horns, but also supply cut and sew for some other companies. Higher end for sure, specialize in fleece/twills. You have to use their product though as they are a mill as well as a mfg.

    http://dcfashion.ca/ puts out good product, and you can supply whatever fabrics, trims etc. that you want. They also do engineering which is helpful if you're not a pattern maker.

  • deadsperm0
    • Gamarra is insane, but also a good example of what I was saying, most of the stuff here originates overseas.ben_