Guilty Pleasures (Typeface Edition)

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  • colin_s

    I fucking love adobe garamond especially in small caps and will fight anyone who challenges that.

    (in all seriousness I'd enjoy to hear what typefaces you love even though they may lean against your better judgment as a designer ... or, really, what typefaces you love in general.)

  • ideaist1

    Gill Sans Nova…

    Every character, variation, etc.

    A perfect font.

    • I do like Gill Sans - not sure what's neue with this Nova version - being in LDN, I've used it on two brands I made for friends. It's a solid go-to font. ...Nairn
    • A few months back I pulled it from a poster we'd commissioned as it wasn't apt - supposed to imply near future, not LDN/Dog-fucker! :)Nairn
    • ^ Lolzideaist
    • ohnotype
  • Nairn3


    Garamond's one of my favourite fonts too!

    Have you looked into EB Garamond?…

    "This project aims at providing a free version of the Garamond types, based on the Designs of the Berner specimen from 1592."

    I spent [way too long] a few months back compiling a special version of this for a site I administer, so that I had all the glyphs I wanted without incurring too much file weight, after having spent too long defaulting to fucking Google's version (which, admittedly, is quite nice.. but tracky-tracky!)

    • ha yeah I guess I clarified with "adobe garamond" because it's probably the most generic version of the face, but i adore it nonethelesscolin_s
    • this is a lovely cut thoughcolin_s