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  • Projectile

    One thing we all struggle with is coming up with ideas for icons that illustrate an idea. Let's start a thread where we put our challenges and we all come up with suggestions.

    Today, I have the task of making icons for two separate columns:
    Traditional and innovative. However, both are positives, so I don't want old vs new.

    The context is cars.


  • Nairn1

    Traditional in what sense? Aesthetic? Classics?

    On a smple leve, I wonder if you could have an icon that combined/contrasted grille/front types?

    Something like an old Rolls grille vs. something pointy and elecgtric (ie. no intake)?

    • ooh like it! or like american muscle vs souped-up japaneseProjectile
  • monospaced0

    Power source. Although it’s old vs new it’s also the most innovation in automotive, going from combustion to electric. That’s where I would start.

    I spent years developing a library of hundreds of icons and I can write a book about how much of a waste of time they are and how useless they are at communicating. They’re fun for designers and for people who like them, but functionally they are overrated, in my opinion.