Sub-Contracting through an agency?

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  • PersonaNonGrata

    A few friends and I have been lucky to produce some work for an agency - which is then selling that on to the final client.

    The work is somewhat unrelated, as we all bring different skills.

    End of the last project we were asked for more work after a successful delivery - but the new work ultimately got cancelled as the agency added too much ontop of our bid. (we knew something was being added, but how much was unknown, at the time c)
    The client loved our work so much - but baulked at the price so; that they found a way to get too us directly ... but by the time that happened that extended work they asked for was off the table.

    Is there some sort of sub-contracting term, or proposal or contracting process that we can negotiate such that we can protect from getting outbidded because of the agencies' overhead??

    How do you guys handle this in your experince?

  • thumb_screws2

    If the agency was your connect to the client be super cautious about circumventing. Especially if you are based somewhere that is litigious.

    Are the agency running production/dialogue between you and the client or are you dealing wth the client direct? What value is the agency adding?

    If the agency was your connect to the client you could ask the agency and client if they would agree to a buyout for your services. Sometimes the agency can be agreeable if they can see a benefit their end. But... if the agency is heavily reliant on mark up to pay the bills it will be a shit fight.

    It all depends on the circumstance, can get curly quickly.

    My experience is to just be honest about it all.

    I'm also assuming you mean ad agency not an representation agency.

    Good luck!