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  • ideaist

    ...Hey MT gang,

    Looking at a new family vehicle for myself, wife & 2 large Dutch/French boys...

    ...Budget is about CAD $30,000.

    Looking at:

    Subaru Forrester

    Honda CR-V

    Ford Escape


    Mitsubishi Outlander

    Any experience with this "class" of vehicle; want a mid-size SUV with a solid UI, ya know?! Fuel efficient but PLEASE, don't suggest a TESLA.

    : )



  • ok_not_ok-1

    The 2019 Honda CR-V is nice

    • Looks like a bloke's trainer.Nairn
    • My father is rooting for this; they're pricey is all, I guess. BUT fuel efficiency, resell-ability, etc. are all top tier...ideaist
    • can't go wrong with the crv, such a nice vehicle._niko
  • monospaced0

    The Mazda CX-5 is pretty cool. My brother has one and it feels like a much more expensive car than it is.

    • This or the Forrester, but i am Mazda bias.BabySnakes
    • My brother-in-law is actually rooting for these.

      I have no experience with Mazda...
    • zoomzoom all the way. i'm on my third mazda :Djaylarson
    • On my second Mazda car now and yes, luxury feel without the price.futurefood
    • I was surprised at the build quality and fit. Felt a lot more like a German vehicle than a Japanese one. Just tight over all with "solid UI."monospaced
    • UI has been one of the top reasons why I have continued with Mazda. Very well thought out.futurefood
    • Recently drove a Nissan sedan for two weeks, yeesh! Not sure when they gave up trying to work it out.futurefood
    • Oooh looking for a new car and this had been on my radar...sea_sea
    • check out Peugeot 3008 cockpit, i really liked the cockpid buttons and clean design. https://www.youtube.…api
    • We have a 2015 CX-5 and love it. It replaced an ‘09 Tiguan that gave us non stop problems. Mazda quality is the real deal.misterhow
  • _niko1

    I'd avoid the ford and the mitsubishi.

    the mazda cx-5 and cx-7 are nice and well reviewed.

    also look at the hyundai tucson

    • @_niko

      Why avoid Ford and Mitsubishi?

    • American cars are a turnoff, and Mitsubishi ... they still make cars?monospaced
    • I agree, other than TESLA American automotive companies feel archaic.

      Yeah, Never been in a Mitsubishi in my life, BUT features and price are right-ish.
    • mitsubishi's an applience company, other than the legendary Evo, their cars are shit.
      I'm just going on research and reviews for the outlander but test drive it
    • The ford also got so-so reviews, but in general I'm not a fan of American cars, again test drive and see what fits you guys best._niko
    • this is just one source but https://www.caranddr…
      also see "others to consider" half way down the page.
  • cannonball19781


    I have this. It's great and I love going on long road trips with it. Makes driving in LA ten times better.

  • ok_not_ok2

    Subaru Outback $26k

    • Yeah; my wife is overly concerned about the size of the vehicle...

      ...We are tall and have shit for a 4 year old and 6 month old, etc. etc. etc.
    • I love the idea of a Suburu with a Thule / Yakima top and bike rack AND a trailer hitch; powerful and capable but efficient and tight.ideaist
    • I'm 6'4" and my outback is totally fine. no issues at all. (son is 6'2, daughter 5'10")Gnash
    • and it's a beast in the snow.Gnash
    • @Gnash did you look at the Forrester as well?

      People around here (rural Ontario, Canada) loose their minds over Suburus.
    • we have the Impreza-really like it. lower and shorter than the outback, which I personally think looks better...but yeah not an SUV.lvl_13
    • I really want to get the WRX as my next personal vehicle_niko
    • I could not fit in the impreza, way too tight. the wrx is for the racing kids :)Gnash
    • I looked at the forrester, but at the time the outback checked more boxes for me. I haven't looked at the new though so can't commentGnash
    • But the first time I took the outback to the cottage in mid-winter i was soldGnash
    • 40 minutes on a hilly logging road up near bobcaygeon in 2' of snow and not one slip. it was awesomeGnash
    • (and i have the smaller engine, not the 3L)Gnash
    • @gnash-Nice!lvl_13
    • I have a Forester. It does the job.Gucci
  • monNom1

    I own an Outlander (the 2007 - 2017 gen). It's a great vehicle. Hasn't given me a single issue in 5 years. All wheel drive, peppy V6, Nice interior with lots of room for my 6'4" self and for two rear-facing car seats in the back seat (which adjusts 2 ways). Available 3rd row seats, but those are really small, only good for small kids. Great value used.

    I tested a LOT of other vehicles prior to getting this one, so I'll let you know a bit of what I remember (these were 2010-2012's at the time.)

    Subaru Forester (2011) - automatic. Great car. Really hard/plasticy interior. Great visibility. Really hold their value. In the end I didn't buy it because the price premium for used was so high.

    Kia Sorrento (2012 ) - automatic - really really nice vehicle. V6 with lots of power, AWD, nice spacious interior. A the time, a very good value if you bought used, and reliability seems to be really good. Consumer Reports top pick last year, so the price premium might be creeping up.

    Honda CRV (base) - gutless. Exceptionally cheap interior. CVT transmissions are the worst. Hated everything about this one. Newer versions, or not base trim might be better.

    Toyota Rav4 - good handling, reasonable power. cramped interior. Dash banged my knee when driving. Headliner came too low on the windscreen, making it hard to see traffic lights.

    Mazda CX-5 - not enough headroom on the version with AWD (always had a sunroof which eats into headroom). Didn't drive it cause I didn't fit.

    Nissan Rogue - headliner too low on windscreen Low headroom.
    Didn't drive it cause I didn't fit.

    I also tested a base-model outlander with the 4cyl engine and CVT. It was still better than the Honda, but it felt sluggish and a bit disconnected.

    Didn't even consider a Ford. Family works for a dealer and has some stories...

    Didn't even consider a Jeep. Quality/reliability is terrible.

    I haven't heard much about the newer gen Outlanders either way, but I know that Mitsubishi isn't really a big player in Canada, and may be less so in the future. It does comes with a 10 year powertrain warranty though. Best in the biz.

    If I were buying used today, I'd probably get a Sorrento, Maybe another outlander (v6/auto) if the newer gen was as good a value as the old gen.

    If I were buying new, probably a Forester.

    As for longevity, here are some rules of thumb: Always a regular automatic transmission - no CVT/dual clutch BS. They are incredible problematic, and near unserviceable. Never a small turbo, which are in vogue right now. Fewer cylinders makes for more stress per cylinder, and turbos just compound that problem. Not to mention the spin really fast and hot, so they don't last long. Avoid high compression engines for peace of mind at the pump.

    If buying used, here's a great free resource that catalogs actual sale prices in the Canadian market. I've found that asking prices are usually way higher, but for our last two purchases it was spot on for what we ended up paying.


    • I guess the one thing to take from this would be to try them all yourself. Some that were top contenders going in weren't at all after we tried the competition.monNom
    • oh, and a handy rule of thumb: Most vehicles loose 50% of their value in 5 years/100k, Then 50% again the next 5 years/100kmonNom
    • Jeeps are garbagecannonball1978
  • imbecile0

    I don't know if you mean new to you or brand new but may I suggest the 2012-2013 Second Gen BMW X5? It's about your budget and in that year range you can still find low mileage examples in your price range.

    I concur on the Jeep thing, you have to be a fan or sell it after a couple years. You don't want their problems unless you're familiar.

    People are saying no to Ford and I don't claim to know your personal style but the F150 comes in a 4 door is as about as reliable and easy to maintain as a vehicle can be without being a japanese made passenger car.

    Just depends on what you want to do with the vehicle vs what you want it to look like on the truck point I guess.

  • ok_not_ok0

    • Toyota C-HRok_not_ok
    • hateful looking thing - all the charm of a screwed up paper baghans_glib
  • dorf0

    new toyota rav4 looks really nice.

  • ideaist0

    You dudes are very wise, knowledgeable AND evidentially quite tall!

    I thought I was one of the only 6’2”+ brogrammers in the house.



    Stay tuned for test drive feedback...

  • oey0

    I have one word for you: Vulva

    • sorry, Volvo...oey
    • I know it's not in the category you're asking but you know it's a Volvooey