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  • Gucci

    Good people of the Qoob, I'm running into storage issues on my long-in-the-tooth MacBook Pro. I've been using an external drive to offload stuff, but I'm paranoid it's just going to shit the bed.

    What are some good, reasonably priced online solutions for storage and/or for online backup.

  • oey0

    we had this discussion recently as far as I remember.
    one thing for sure is

    storage ≠ backup

    and if I understood correctly you should use two different services, one for each function.

    many people referred dropbox and spideroak for storage.
    as for backup if I remember correctly backblaze and carbonite.

    I use NextCloud on DreamObjects for online storage.
    I don't back up my system online, only in external drives.

    Hope it helps something.