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  • cannonball1978

    Alright I bought a Fitbit and it crapped the bed the second I started it up.

    What are your best fitness trackers out there? I'm looking for something that tracks data well, takes a beating, and doesn't ask me to do anything like respond to texts.

  • Continuity0

    General purpose? Fitness programme-specific?

    I'm using the Stronglifts 5x5 mobile app; tracks the five main lifts (squat, deadlift, OHP, bent-over rows, and bench press), and automatically increments them 2.5 kg every session. It's moved over to a subscription model, which lets you add a few assistance exercises to each workout (dips, pull-ups, etc ... mostly body weight exercises). However, the free version tracks the five core lifts, which is really all you need for this. And it connects to Apple Health.

    Not robust in terms of being able to create a whole workout from scratch (you can't), because it tracks this programme specifically, and it's not a watch gizmo thingy, but I really like it — both the app and the workout routine itself. Simple and does what it says on the tin.

    • there's also a 5x5 excel sheet you could use to plan out your workouts. it's easier than an app imo.dorf
  • mekk3

    Don't feed the asshole datamining industry any further. Speak to your gym guys and write your schedule down. Have them review your progress. Maybe use a little booklet. You'll have it in your head after a few workouts anyways.

    Fitness trackers are for clowns imo. Every new year the gyms get flooded with people wearing nothing but the newest stuff and have some stupid electronics track them blaming themsevels.

  • cannonball19780

    Good point with the notebook approach. Pen and paper always works.

    I bought a Fitbit and the piece of shit died after I tried updating it's firmware. Brought that digiturd back to Worst Buy pronto.

  • fooler0

    My friend is a total jock (volleyball coach, long distance runner, cyclist). She’s had 4 FitBits die on her. They replaced the first few under warranty but now refuse to give her a new one.
    She now just uses her Apple Watch. More expensive but better functionality.

    I use the Freeletics apps to track and coach my workoits.

    • Apple Watch is a smart watch. Not all Fitbits are smart watches. The battery life for Apple Watch is abysmal.Jaline