Tumblr adult content alternatives?

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  • differenz

    So I bet you know by now that Tumblr will ban all adult content on December 17th. As a gentlemen of culture who frequents Tumblr for quality adult content, I'm wondering what will the alternatives be?

    Does anyone have any leads?

    Link to article about Tumblr adult content ban:

  • Gardener0
  • yuekit4

    You're asking for a place to find porn on the internet?

  • hans_glib-1

    more to the point can tumblr survive, given it's use of clunky mindless algorithms to auto-ban posts?

  • Projectile0

    "due to overwhelming pressure from three christian mothers on the internet, we have decided to completely change our policy and prevent all internet users from viewing disgusting adult content"

    • Nah, it was child pornography that got reported to Apple and they removed the app from the store. Tumblr thus wanted to make a decision.NBQ00
  • NBQ000

    Of course there are tons of porn sites out there. But what was really nice about tumblr is that you could follow many specific types of adult content or images and it would show up in your "stream". And not just video but images too. And it was convenient and curated within tumblr. Which also acted as a NSWF-safemode. Because the tumblr URL is neutral but when you go to "pornhub" or such sites it's not only stored in your browser history but also possibly seen by your ISP. And in countries where porn is banned you can't even access those sites. While tumblr is not filtered as they don't know if you're subscribed to innocent images/ videos or adult content.

    Anyway, I can understand tumblr too because of child pornography cases which is why the app was thrown out of the app store. But Google or any other service is being abused/ misused for such type of things too, then you would have to throw any Google storage or file/ image sharing app out of the app store too.

    I can imagine that at some point tumblr will be shut down completely because it was sold to Yahoo and it failed and now Verizon doesn't seem to make a lot of profit with tumblr. It was a prestige project for Yahoo back then when Marisa Mayer wanted it in their portfolio.

    Good one for Karp, he sold and made some good buck with it.

    • If you close your eyes, you can imagine all sorts of things and non of it gets registered by your ISP.shapesalad
    • For me it's less about the ISP but more convenience having a site where I'm subscribed to specific content that show up in my stream...NBQ00
    • ...where I can just scroll to see new posts and also see it on the tumblr app. On all other sites it's not convenient like this.NBQ00
    • Reddit is the only site I can think of that has pretty much all those features, and lots of porn.yuekit
    • Reddit is Aids for the eyes.PhanLo
    • The internets is Aids for the eyesyuekit