Freebie iMac 10.6.8

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  • Nairn

    First up - I'm a PC, I haven't used a mac productively in about 15 years.

    I've got an ostensibly OK iMac sitting in my studio here that someone was getting rid of it - is it any use? Worthwhile taking?

    it's a 2Ghz Core 2 Duo with 2Gb RAM and appears to be from about 2011.

    I wouldn't want to use Photoshop or anything on it, but would it be ok for doing webDev? ie. would it be enough for me to start farting around with all that fancy terminal stuff I've been envious about for a while now?

    Anyone? Bueller?


  • Nairn0

    It's a white plastic one, not one of the nice aluminium ones.

    This sort of thing:

  • BonSeff2

    I have the same one in my garage. Its only good as a jukebox. The OS is not supported by most modern browsers anymore. I have CS5 loaded on it and use photoshop on it all the time. That processor is a tank. It never crashes and restarts in under 15 seconds.

    I would nab it, you'll find some use for it.

    • Thanks - I'd just learnt about the browser restriction - I think that might put the kibosh on doing any useful web work on it unfortunately :(Nairn
    • i have to use 3 different browsers to check sites i like when i am working in the garage. But yea, if you load it up with tunes, you can stream it to apple tv.BonSeff
    • through itunesBonSeff