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  • indian_pole

    i'm supplying a developer some photoshop files for them to create a simple wordpress site.
    what's best practice nowadays? 72dpi or 144dpi or higher?

  • PonyBoy2

    if they're worth a shit just send them the files in their native state (as long as you've edited them for color etc on your end)... they'll take it from there

    • Created in illustrator - but they asked for photoshop. just wondering if i should export at 100% or 200%indian_pole
    • drop it in PS as a smartobject and send a PSD... let them scale it / adjust it from there (should be almost impossible for them to screw up)PonyBoy
    • good call, although would be more useful if illustrator exported smart objects! that way it could retain layersindian_pole
    • A smart object will can cause issues if complex artwork. Unless the illustration is super small export at 100 jpg in illustrator.hotroddy
  • zarkonite2

    DPI for web is irrelevant. The total pixel count is what matters, given that you don't seem to have a lot of experience with web production you should let them handle it.

    • I know, I just mean 100% or 200% (better for retina?). I'm supplying the finished full desktop size design, they will be creating the responsive site.indian_pole
    • Then supply the highest resolution, they'll downsample.zarkonite
    • They want psd as it's layered. The will want to isolate items and export them.shapesalad
    • It sounds like he designed the website in illustrator.zarkonite